b'Poetry with apositive message!I Like Being Me Poems aboutkindness, friendship, and making good choicesFrom start to finish, this sweet read-aloud book inspires children to be their best selves. Twenty-five rhyming, melodic poems with child-friendly subjects reflect a childs world perfectly. Suggested activities and a discussion guide included. Paperback, 58 pages. Ages 48. R265$11.95 AJapanese Brush PaintingDip your brush into water and paint a stroke on this magical painting surface. Brush strokes become black as ink and then Ten Amazingdisappear within a few minutes, leaving the canvas clear PeopleAnd How Theyfor the next creation. Create an unlimited number of brush Changed the World paintingsno messy paints, no paper to replace. Properly Black Elk, Dorothy Day,cared for, this specially-coated paper will last for years. Comes B Malcolm X, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr.,with a sheet of Japanese Kanji symbols, bamboo-handled Janusz Korczak, Mother Teresa, Albert Schweitzer,calligraphy brush (style may vary), a display stand, and Thich Nhat Hanh, and Desmond Tutuinspirepresentation suggestions. 13" x 11". Ages 4+, with careful Zenergy Chimes your Elementary children with the stories of thesepresentation; younger children with supervision. iWith the lightest touch of the mallet, a pureten courageous individuals who used words andA352$38.95 musical tone will linger in the air to summonactions to change the world in important ways. ears (and eyes, perhaps) to the source. ResonantThemes complement Montessori philosophy and sounds like this, often used in meditation, help usinclude peace among nations, protecting the focus and redirect our attention within. Chimes areenvironment, helping the poor and disadvantaged, suspended above a hardwood base. Comes with aracial equality, and simply making the world a better mallet and care instructions. Ages 4+. place. Suggested resources and timeline included.Calligraphy BrushChinese children use brushes similar to this one when A. Solo 7" x 2"; 1" highR160$11.95 Hardcover, 50 pages. Ages 6+. they learn to write characters. Natural bristles and a B. Trio 7" x 3"; 1" highR16224.95 R209$18.95 bamboo handle. " dia.; 8" long. A303$3.95 Honoring the Light of the ChildActivities to Nurture Peaceful Living Skills in Young ChildrenThe children especially relate to the concept of the love lighta simple yellow felt circle The love light gives them a concrete symbol to express who they arebeings filled with love and light. Offer these 22 concrete activities and you will laugh and play together, while creating a nurturing classroom environment where children can successfully develop cooperation, self-confidence, and conflict-resolution skills. Includes lyrics and downloadable audio files for the 14 songs described in the book. Montessorian Sonnie McFarland considers honoring the light of the child to be one of the most compelling actions we can take at this time in human history. From Shining Mountains Press.Peace & Love Egg ShakersMusic is now Paperback, 121 pages. i Give Peace and Love a chance to shake things up. These downloadable! R200$30.00 hand-painted wooden egg shakers are designed to fit perfectly in a childs hand. From Jamtown Rhythm, a Fair Trade vendor. 2" long. Color may vary. Ages 3+.PeaceM341$9.95LoveM3439.95 MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Education for Peace99'