b'Skin Tones Around the WorldTribal Nations of Settler Colonial United States These quality art materials provide an opportunity for children to become conscious of humanity\'s amazingLaminated Three-Part Picture & Text Cardsvariety of skin colors. Each set includes 12 skin tones. TheThis set was created by Indigenous educators to raise the colors of We Are Colorful Colored Pencils can be layeredawareness about the contemporary existence of Tribal to create even more tones. Triangular-shaped GlobalNations. The creators of this set, Trisha Moquino (Cochiti, Skin Tones Markers are washable and won\'t dry out withKewa, Ohkay Ohwingeh) and Marcus Trujillo (Laguna the cap off for at least 7 days. Ages 5+. Pueblo), believe the names of Tribal Nations should beWe Are Colorful Colored Pencils A46$9.95in the American national consciousness. NEW! Global Skin Tones Markers ! A2625.95 This set highlights 37 Tribal Nations spread across 10 regions10 Regions, 37 Tribes, 158 Cards in All!of settler colonial United States (4 tribes from each region except Hawaii, which has 1). Complete list online. After reviewing the text card accompanying each tribe, teachers can facilitate naming, matching, and sortingactivities leading to children eventually reading the names of the tribes. Primary children will pore over the detailedillustrations and Elementary children can use the text cards as a starting point for doing further research. Cards are laminated to the edge, not beyond.Control card with label is 4" x 5". Ages 3-12.Set includes: Three-Part Cards for 37 Tribes Informative Text Cards for Each TribeShades of PeopleTeachers GuideGorgeous photos of exuberant children represent Vocabulary Listhumanitys amazing variety of skin tones. The photosC275$175.00themselves tell the underlying story of respect for all; the gentle text is minimal. Full of life and spirit, this is an outstanding addition to your cultural library. Paperback, 32 pages. Ages 2+. C548$8.95Fry Bread We Are Still Here!Native American A Native American Family Story Truths Everyone Should KnowThis beautifully written and illustrated book tells theWritten by a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, this Teatime Around the Worldstory of a native family and the role fry bread hasbook presents truths about the past, present, and Tea is a drink that\'s enjoyed all over the worldwithplayed in their life and culture. Fry bread is food andfuture of Native Americans. Twelve Indigenous mint in Morocco, spices in India, and even yak-milkalso shape, sound, color, flavor, time, art, history, nation,children present historical and contemporary butter in Tibet! Featuring simple, poetic text, funeverything. It is a celebration, and a remembrance.laws, policies, struggles, and victories in Native facts, and vibrant illustrations, this fascinatingIncludes recipe and 8 pages of notes from the authorlife. This lyrical picture book presents an honest nonfiction book takes readers on a global adventure(a Mekusukey Seminole) detailing the history andhistory in ways that Elementary children can of more than 17 countries, stopping for a sip of tea atcontroversy of this popular food. Hardcover, 48 pages.understand. Includes a timeline and glossary. each destination. Hardcover, 48 pages. Ages 5+.Ages 2-7.Hardcover, 40 pages. Ages 7-10. C16$17.95 C541$18.95 C276$17.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Cultural Awareness99'