b'Dishwashing Folding & WashingFolding Cloths These cloths give children a chance to practice folding, gain confidence, and then apply folding skills to putting away towels and napkins. Cloths are stitched in white along the folding lines. The Folding Cloths Set includes four red cloths, each with a different stitched folding pattern. To Dishwashing Activityencourage creative folding, offer a Blank Cloth, For those who dont have a sink in the classroom, without stitching. The crease-resistant Folding this set-up allows children to clean up after snack Cloths are 10" sq. with serged edges.or lunch. Items may vary.! Ready for your shelf, the Folding Activity Set includes: combines the stitched Folding Cloths Set with Dish Drainer & Mat One-Drop Squeeze Bottle (J30) the perfectly sized Folding Cloth Tray. TheHardwood Clothesline Stand Small Plastic Bucket (Q83)Mini Dish Brush (W16) lightweight, lacquered hardwood tray measures 2 Dishpans Plastic Pitcher (G25) 11" sq. outside; 10" sq. inside.Hanging laundry on a clothesline is an irresistible activity. This Easy-Fasten Apron (W28)Sponge small stand is convenient for towels, cloths, or wet artwork. It 3 Dish Towels 3 Drying ClothsFolding ActivityPL13$39.95 provides 72" of drying line overall. This stable, well-made stand Dish SoapFolding Cloths SetV0212.00 folds flat to save space. Minor assembly required; assembly PL29$79.95 Blank Cloth Each V04 2.50 instructions included. Ages 36. Folding Cloth Tray onlyV36 27.95 15" x 23"; 23" high W42$34.95 MiniDish BrushOur Plastic Cloth Washing Activity An ideal brush for your Laundry Basket (K105) With or without the Cloth Washing Stand (LC10, sold dishwashing activity! The woodencan be found on p. 7. separately), this set enables children to care for the handle is correctly proportioned for the younglaundry needs of the classroom. Items may vary.!childs hand, and stiff, natural bristles really get theSet includes: job done. Also good for vegetable scrubbing.Easy-Fasten Apron (W28) Scrub Board (W37)6" longW16$6.25Cloth Washing Stand3 Cotton Terry Cloths Plastic Pitcher (G25)Shown with our Cloth Washing Activity (PL22,One-Drop Squeeze Bottle (J30) Laundry Basket (K105)sold separately), this specially designed table2 Dishpans Liquid Soapholds two Dishpans for scrubbing and rinsing.Small Plastic Bucket (Q83)SpongeA shelf below holds extra towels and supplies.PL22$89.95Sturdy wood construction with a waterproof finish ensures a long life. (The manufacturer recommends removing the dishpans each day to let the wood dry thoroughly.) From LORD Company. 31" x 14" overall. Please note: Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Cannot be shipped outside the contiguous U.S. Toddler 18" high LC10T$352.00Primary 22" high LC10352.00Scrub Board Many scrub boards today are Glassware Washing Brush used for decorationnot this This pom pomshaped brush is designedone! Children will use large specifically for glassware. Its soft foammuscle movements to scrub bristles leave glasses squeaky clean withoutitems on the metal surface of scratching. The plastic handle is molded forthis perfectly proportioned a comfortable grip.wood-framed scrub board. 9" longW34$7.50This board can also double as a percussion rhythm instrument.8" x 18"W37$26.95 24 Practical Life - Washing & ScrubbingMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'