b'PolishingPolish Box with Liner Try this lightweight wooden box as an alternative to using a basket to hold a polishing activity. The removable Making a Cotton Cloth Liner is machine Applicator Activitywashable and matches Making a cotton swab for applying the polishthe fabric of our isolates just one step of a polishing exercise.Cloth Aprons Twisting tiny pieces of cotton around the end of(W29, p. 19). a wooden orange stick is a fascinating fine motorElastic holds challenge for young children. The wooden sticksthe custom-(4") have one tapered and one pointed end.! made liner Set includes:snugly in place. 3 Wooden Orange Sticks4" Glass Bowl (G306)Box is 9" x 7" overall; 2" deep. Cotton Balls Medium-Size Tray (T250)Specify liner color: red, blue,PL72$9.99 yellow, or green.Polish Box with LinerP42$35.00SAVEPolish Box only P44 25.00Cloth Liner onlyP46 12.50All Natural Metal Polish With a bit of gentle rubbing with a damp cloth, this non-toxic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable polish leaves brass, aluminum, copper, pewter, silver, and chrome gloriously shiny. One teacher told us her children relished the challenge of buffing a hub cap!8 oz.PM10$8.50 Metal Polishing ActivityOur non-toxic polish brings this rewarding activity within reach of the small child. All Natural Metal A BPolish handles all kinds of metals safely, and its biodegradable! From making a cotton polishSilver Polishing Activity applicator to cleaning up, this color-coordinated This polishing set includes the same items as Metal Non-toxicset has everything necessary for getting started. ItemsPolishing (PL17, left) except it is color-coded in red. polishes! may vary.Items may vary.Set includes:PL18$84.00All Natural Metal Polish (PM10)Glass Dropper & Bottle (J88)Elliptical Plastic Basket (K26)3 Orange Sticks C 2" Glass Bowl (G300) Cotton BallsCloth Apron (W29) 2 Round SpongesVinyl Mat (X608)Rectangular SpongePolish Box with Liner (P42)Presentation Suggestions6 Polish Cloths PL17 $84.00Wood Polishes Keep wood surfaces clean, polished, and protected with any of these safe, non-toxic choices. Made with food-safe, plant-derived oils, Wood Polish cleans, protects, and conditions classroom furniture and wooden trays. Wood & Bamboo Block Oil prevents drying, splitting, and cracking of cutting boards and wooden or bambooEconomy Silver Polishing dishes. All-natural, sweet-smelling Beeswax PolishJust the basics. Add your own apron and mat. conditions and brings out the lustrous beauty of wood,Economy Items may vary.bamboo, leather, and lots more. All are biodegradableMetal Polishing Set Includes: Glass Dropper & Bottle (J88)and environmentally friendly. Just the basics. Add your own apron and mat. All Natural Metal Polish (PM10) 3 Orange Sticksi Round Washable BasketA. Wood Polish 12 oz. PW12$8.50Set Includes: Elliptical Plastic Basket (K26)Cotton BallsB. Wood & Bamboo Block Oil 12 oz.PW138.50All Natural Metal Polish (PM10) 3 Orange Sticks 6 Polish ClothsRectangular SpongeC. Beeswax Polish 4 oz. P23 10.99 Round Washable Basket Cotton Balls 2" Glass Bowl (G300) Presentation Suggestions Elliptical Plastic Basket (K26)2 Round Sponges 2 Round Sponges6 Polish ClothsRectangular SpongePL58$33.502" Glass Bowl (G300) Presentation Suggestions Caution:As with all household chemicals, useGlass Dropper & Bottle (J88)carefully. Adult discretion is necessary whenPL59$33.50 Please note: Our Polishing Exercises are in transition allowing access to these products by youngand may vary from what is shown here. Check online children. Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request. ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDfor current contents & pricing.Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.24 Practical Life - PolishingMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'