b'Education for PeaceA true citizen of the world, Dr. Maria Montessori told us, The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind. With an implicit emphasis on peace in her writings, Montessori provides us with a sense of vision as we direct our own work. Her vision was to create an obstacle-free environment within which children could fully realize their potentialsas individuals and members of communities. Montessori teachers are in a unique position to introduce practical tools for individual and community peacemaking and to help children incorporate the abstract concept of peace into their own lives.Classroom Peace Book SetThis special paperback set features two classroom favorites: The Peace Rose (R08) and Our Peaceful Classroom (R50). From Parent Child Press.R53$20.00SAVE The Peace Rose and they took turns talking. Lovely paintings and simple text show children modeling how to use a peace rose to share feelings and resolve conflicts. Not only is this A World of Kindness an outstanding read-aloud Created as a way to inspire children to talk aboutbook and an excellent the importance of kindness, this charming bookaddition to your peace illustrates the transformative power of even theshelf, youll also find ideas to help you develop a peaceful smallest acts. Thesimple text is illustrated byclassroom. By Alicia Olson. From Parent Child Press.nine celebrated artists. Royalties from sales of this36 pages. Ages 2+.book directly benefit thinkkindness.org. 32 pages. PaperbackEnglishR08$12.95Ages 35.NEW! PaperbackSpanishR08S12.95PaperbackR117$12.95HardcoverEnglishR2319.95HardcoverR17817.95 Our Peaceful ClassroomHow to Be a Friend Peace is an Offering Montessori children from around the world provided Set of 4 Books Peace is gratitude for simple things. Light throughartwork for this celebration of the calm, peaceful setting to Children will see how listening, taking turns, anda leaf, a dragonflys wings. Filled with poeticwhich Montessori schools aspire. The narrative highlights sharing are important ways to be a friend. Eachtext and beautiful illustrations, this comfortingeveryday happenings in a Montessori classroom and then book handles indispensable skills young childrenbook follows a diverse group of eight children toexplores the bigger lessonscooperative learning, respect can use and practice in the classroom and in theshow how peace can be found almost anywhere.for individuals and other cultures, and responsibility for world. Includes picture glossary and notes forThrough simple things, like a kiss or a hug, itour environment. All these principles, which are implicit in teachers and parents. For beginning readers.offers accessible ways to promote peace in ourMontessoris philosophy of education, challenge children to Paperback, 24 pages each. Ages 4-8. everyday lives. Hardcover, 36 pages. Ages 3+.create peaceful classrooms in and for the rest of their lives. Imagine such a world! By Aline D. Wolf. From Parent Child 4 TitlesR179$31.75 R409$17.95 Press. 64 pages. Ages 2+.PaperbackR50$12.95Bulk pricing online. HardcoverR5219.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Education for Peace95'