b'Everyone Benefits Coming from InclusionSoon!Strategies for Inclusion SetThese books will help you learn strategies for creating and implementing an inclusive Montessori program. Purchase both Montessori Inclusion (R04) and Montessori Strategies for Children with EXPECT JUNE 2021 Learning Differences (R176) and save!Positive Discipline in the R26$39.95SAVE Montessori ClassroomIn 1981, Jane Nelsen wrote her first book, PositiveLauren has attended Elizabeth Academy, an inclusive Montessori Discipline. Since then she has authored many more onschool, since early childhood. Here, as an adolescent, she works with the Montessori Large Bead Frame.the same theme, from Positive Discipline for Toddlers to Positive Discipline for Adolescents. Co-authored with Montessorian Chip DeLorenzo, this latest title isMontessori Inclusionpertinent for all levels of Montessori, and will be used inStrategies and Stories of Supportthe workshops Jane and Chip give through the Positivefor Learners with ExceptionalitiesDiscipline training program. Offering a roadmap for true Montessori inclusion, Many years ago Jane recognized the compatibilitythis collaborative anthology describes basic special of Positive Discipline with the Montessori approach.education terminology and how it relates to Montessori, With emphasis on creating and maintaining respectfulas well as the details of inclusive and innovative model relationships, Positive Discipline is sure to provide supportschools. Edited by Ann Epstein, with a foreword by and guidance for Montessori teachers at every age level.Amira Mogaji and the voices of 20 distinguished Teachers will relate to the situations the authors describecontributors. Paperback, 180 pages.and feel empowered by the authors responses as theyR04$19.95 learn the techniques and skills the authors offer. A must-have for every teacher! Paperback.Montessori StrategiesR508$ Coming Soon. Check online.for Children with LearningDifferencesThe MACAR Model.like Montessori education,Joyce S. Pickering, Montessorian and Speech-Language Positive Discipline has been usedPathologist, interprets Maria Montessoris language and tested successfully for decades.and developmental theories using a modern, clinical, neurodevelopmental perspective. She shares strategies [Positive Discipline] tools areabout how teachers in Montessori environments can include practical, accessible, and effective,children with speech-language delays, dyslexia, attention-and they align with Montessorideficit/hyperactivity, and intellectual disabilities. Includes beliefs and practices. a special chapter on autism by K. Michelle Lane-Barmapov. Paperback, 255 pages. Jane Nelsen & Chip DeLorenzo R176$29.95 Positive Discipline in the Montessori ClassroomMore from Parent Child PressLooking for an in- Children of the Universe (R01)Awaken childrens depth description ofis the definitive book on sense of wonder and the amazing arraycosmic education in theawe with the Cosmic of Montessori mathMontessori ElementaryWonder Series. Learn materials? Check outClassroom. Find it on p. 89. more on p. 69.Math Works (MA104) on p. 66.A complete art appreciationDeliver the magic ofHatching the Cosmic curriculum for children withstorytelling to your classroomEgg (EM116) reveals the postcard-size reproductions.with this incredible resource!dramatic story of our Explore the Child-SizeFeatures over 40 storiesUniverse and includes Masterpieces Series onthat match the Montessoria 5-song CD. Find it on p. 51. curriculum. The Deep Well ofp. 89.Time (EM92) is on p. 65.MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Parent Child Press95'