b'Color & ShapeSide 1: Individual shapesCreate andre-create!ColorMixing ActivityA satisfying hands-on experience using the three primary colors to create secondary colors. Pre-fill bottles with red, blue, and yellow food coloring/water solutions. Children place one dropperful of red and one dropperful of yellow in a small bowllike Side 2: Simple puzzle magic, orange appears! Repeat for green and violet. Use the fourth bowl for experimenting. To finish, Geometry Puzzle children empty small bowls into the larger bowl and Introduce children to shapes and colors with thisthen empty it into the sink. Ages 4+.two-sided wooden puzzle. One side featuresMagnetic GeoformSet includes: Children will enjoy designing pictures and patterns cutouts for individual shapes, while the other3 Glass Droppers & Bottles (J88)Large Plastic Tray (T550) encourages children to combine pieces in simple4 Glass Bowls (G300)Glass Bowl (G304)with this open-ended activity. Strong magnets cover puzzles. 6 wooden pieces and double-sided boardFood ColoringTiny Salt Spoon (G53)the back of the colorful, wooden pieces. The magnetic, (11" x 4"). Ages 13. Sponge Presentation Suggestions dry-erase design boards are part of the hinged storage Y664$9.95 Y30$26.95 case (11" sq.). Includes 42 shapes, case with handle, and 24 coated design cards (3" sq.). Ages 4+.!Y132$35.95ColorsSet of 8 BooksAfter children can name colors, these books will help them apply their new color vocabulary to the world. Bright, unambiguous photographs of children, familiar objects, and foods introduce one color per Stack & Sort Boardbook. A good choice for emergent readers, this set Reinforce concepts of shapes,has success built right in. Using predictable sentence colors, and numbers. At first, young children willpatterns and word repetition, the very simple text is focus on stacking the pieces on the posts. Soonwell matched to clear photos showing appropriately theyll be counting as they stack! All wood. 13" long;colored items. Paperback, 8 pages each. Ages 36.4" high overall. Ages 24.NEW!Color Mixing PaddlesCan you make orange, green, or purple? Childrens eyes8 TitlesY112$36.00Y411$14.50will light up as they overlap the individual primary-colored paddles, hold them up to a light source, and create secondary colors. This hands-on tool includes 6 transparent, plastic, color paddles (5" long), and activities for introducing color theory. Ages 4+. 6 PiecesY35$9.95The award winning title Seven Blind Mice (Y44, online) explores a variety Wooden Rainbow of sensorial concepts.Architect BlocksThese shapes can be combined and recombined for endless creative fun. Each seven-piece set has a solid center and is sequenced in rainbow order. The natural grain of the beech wood shows through the colored finish on these precision-cut pieces. Ages 1+.Triangles 1"11" longY853$41.95Arches 1"5" baseY85238.95 48 Sensorial ResourcesMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'