b'One-PieceBamboo Tongs BWith just the right amountSold individuallyof tension to provideby color & style.challenge, these are great tongsAfor those just starting to develop the pincer grip. Made of a continuous piece of bent bamboo, the inside tips of the tongs are notched for a sure grip. C A4" longG259$2.00 Small Stainless Steel BowlThis unbreakable bowl is suitable for numerous activities.A A. 3" dia.; 1" deepG105$3.95Souffl Dishes These fluted, oven-safe dishes are useful in a varietyToastB of activities from transferring to baking. Dishwasher-BTongssafe porcelain.Manipulating theseB. Small 2" dia.; 1" deepG242$2.50tongs will strengthen small hands. Available in twoC. Medium 3" dia.; 2" deepG244 2.95 Colorful Porcelain Dishesdifferent natural materials; use for a variety of Whether used for food preparation, transferring, transferring or food preparation activities. Ages 3+.or to hold a dab of polish, these attractive bowls A. Olivewood 6" longD484$5.95 are as beautiful as they are useful. The Bowls B. Bamboo 6" longG2622.50 have a white interior and the Dishes look like a flower. Sold individually. Specify color: red, orange, yellow, lime green, or blue. A. Bowl 3" dia.; 1" highEachG118$2.50B. Dish 2" dia.; 1" highEachG1161.75A B CWARNING: Cancer or birth defects Sauce Cupswww.P65Warnings.ca.govUse these cups for transferring, sorting, or in food preparation. A long time favorite, the glass Oyster Cup Mini is durable and stable. The 1 Oz. and 2 Oz. stainless steel Silicone Tongscups are ideal when glass is not desired.The silicone tip gives these tongs a good grip on whateverA. Oyster Cup 2" dia.G240 $2.75they grab. Made of one continuous piece of stainless steelB. 1 Oz. 2" dia.G522.95for durability. Silicone tip is 2" long.Assorted colors .C. 2 Oz. 2" dia.EachG5241.25 Each 6" longD478$4.50 4 or moreG5241.00SAVEEDAB CGlass Bowls The pleasing tink of a transferred bean is its own reward! The three smallest bowls are perfect for transferring: 2" (1" deep), 3" (1" deep) and 3" (1" deep). The 2" bowl is perfect for a small dab of polish. The two largest sizesOperating aare great for food preparation: 4" (2" deep) is just rightDropper Activity for beating one egg and 8" (3" deep) is ideal for mixing.Before children tackle more complex activities, Smaller bowls nest for compact storage. they must first master the basics. This A. 2" Bowlpreliminary exercise is a chance to perfect an isolated skill. Later, children will use droppers Pickle Picker EachG300$1.75for polishing and color mixing. The thick, stable A fascinating hand-eye coordination gadget! Use it for 6 or moreG300 1.50SAVE plucking pickles or olives out of a bottle or jar at the snackB. 3" Bowl G302 1.95 oz. Glass Jigger (1" base; 2" high) has a table or in a transferring activity. Stainless steel. 8" long.C. 3" Bowl G304 2.25weighted bottom. Ages 4+. See p. 2. D. 4" Bowl G306 2.95Set includes: E. 8" Mixing Bowl G308 5.952 Small Glass Jiggers (G310)Food ColoringG201$7.50Medium-Size Tray (T250)Glass Dropper (J72)Sponge Operating a Dropper ActivityPL08$17.95Small Glass Jigger onlyG3103.75 MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Transferring19'