b'All Vertebrates Parts of CardsLaminated Three-Part Photo Card Sets A Fish, Frog, Turtle, Bird, and Horse.SC761$94.75SAVEA. Parts of the FishFish. Laminated, 13 parts.SC742$19.95B. Parts of the Frog Amphibian. Laminated, 11 parts.B C SC746$19.95C. Parts of the Turtle Reptile. Laminated, 13 parts.SC750$19.95D. Parts of the Bird Bird. Laminated, 12 parts.D E SC754$19.95E. Parts of the Horse Mammal. Laminated, 13 parts.SC758$19.95Vertebrates Parts of CardsVertebrates Parts of Laminated Three-Part Photo Cards BookletsExternal AnatomyExtend classification work to include the externalThe perfect control for definition card work, these anatomy of individual animals. First, use the cardsspiral-bound books lay flat. Images isolate the to teach the names of the animals body parts. Thepart named in its natural color while the rest of photos isolate each part in its natural color while thethe animal fades into the background in muted rest of the animal recedes into the background inAll Vertebrates Parts ofshades of gray. Named part is highlighted red in text. From Maitri Learning. 5" x 4". Laminated; muted shades of gray. Includes lesson plans.Definition Cards2426 pages each. Ages 510.Control card with label measures 3" x 4". UseAll five sets of Laminated Definition Cards: Fish, with Three-Part Card Pockets (L536, p. 57). FromFrog, Turtle, Bird, and Horse. Go online for fullFishSC900| BirdSC903FrogSC901| HorseSC904Maitri Learning. Laminated to edge, not beyond.description. Ages 510. i TurtleSC902Ages 310. i SC763$99.95 Each$13.95Set of 5 BookletsSC905$69.75Animal KingdomQuestion and Answer BooksSet of 6 BooksChildren will delight in the captivating photographs and clear, engaging text as they meet a range of animalsfrom insects to mammalsin this informative series. A perfect complement to Montessori classification work, each book poses the same questions and answers. Do they have backbones? How do they care for their young? Where do they live? Includes glossary and index. Paperback, 24 pages each. Ages 4+. i6 TitlesSC239$41.50 Individual titles available online MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Science - Vertebrates83'