b'Flower ArrangingAdd gridsto yourvases!Easy Arranger SetMilk Bottle Vases & StandThese wire grids bring order and harmony to the art of flowerAdd a touch of charm to any environment with arranging. Simply place a grid over the top of your vase,this set. Showcase flowers or greenery in the three bowl, or dish. Bend the edges to fit, and insert flowers into theremovable glass vases (4" high). The stained openings. Its easy, with beautiful results. Hand woven fromwooden stand (8" x 2"; 4" high with vase) galvanized steel wire. Set of 3: 4", 5", and 6" dia.holds them securely. Color may vary. A B3 Pieces G303$14.99 G326$12.99Emerald MisterThis mister is easy for small children to use for leaf washingTiny Bud Vasesor mushroom spritzing. TheThese petite glass vases are perfect for a single small diameter (1") of theflower or an ittybitty bouquet. The Pineapple plastic bottle enables a childVase (each piece is molded to look like a small to hold it with one hand whilepineapple) has a generous (1" dia.) opening.pressing the pump-top with theThe Mini Milk Jug Vase is embossed with the other. 5" high. Ages 3+.! words "Lait en poudre". Ages 2+.NEW!Bottle Brush Set SC608$2.50 A. Pineapple Vase3" highG298B $2.50So many possibilities! These brushes reach whereB. Mini Milk Jug Vase 3" highG3112.50 others do not. The smallest brush (" dia.) is excellent for small vases. Children will find many uses for the medium (") and large (1"). All have soft micofiberFlower Arranging ActivityOur Small Glass Decanter tips. 10" long. Please note: The smallest brush does notChildren will love to beautify their surroundings by(G210) and Pinch Decanter fit in our Glass (eye dropper) Bottles (p. 26) or Pinchapplying their pouring, cutting, and sequencing skills(G236) make excellent small Decanter (G236, p. 13). to make small arrangements for the classroom. vases. Find them on p. 13.3 Pieces J52$11.99 Items may vary. Ages 4+.Set includes: 2 Cotton Doilies, assorted styles Glass PitcherJust add 4" Glass Bowl (G306)flowers!Stainless Steel Funnel (G239) Fast Food Tray Vinyl Mat (X608) Flowered Cloth ApronScissorsCut Flower Container4 Small Assorted Vases3 Cotton ClothsSpongePL21$70.99Jarware Flower FrogMake flower arranging easy by transforming a standard 16- or 32-oz. canning jar into a sturdy flower vase. Simply snap the plastic grid into your metal ring and screw it onto the jar. Place one stem in each opening and watch the bouquet take shape! 3" dia. (Canning jar/ring not included.)EachSC827 $3.99Set of 2SC8437.50SAVEMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Flower Arranging27'