b'Polish Box with Liner Try this lightweight wooden box as an alternative to using a basket to hold a polishing activity. The removable Cloth Liner is machine washable and matches the fabric of our Cloth Aprons (W29, p. 22). Elastic holds the custom-made liner snugly in Wood Polishing Activityplace. Box is 9" x 7" overall; 2" On your mark, get set, start polishing! Ready to usedeep. Specify liner color: red, blue,in your classroom, this activity comes with the Woodyellow, or green.Polishing Cloths Set (one dozen each of three kinds):Polish Box with LinerP42$39.95SAVEterry cloth for applying polish, flannel for rubbing in, andPolish Box only P44 32.00smooth poplin cloth for producing a sheen. All cloths areCloth Liner onlyP46 10.954" sq.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. Set includes:AB Wood Polish (PW12) 2" Glass Bowl (G300)Polish Box with Liner (P42) Lever-Top Bottle (J11) Elliptical Bamboo Basket (K16)Cloth Apron (W29) Wood Polishing Cloths Set (PW3)Sponge Brown Vinyl Mat is currently not available in PL54.Vinyl Mat (X608)Presentation Suggestions Shoe/Leather Polishing Activity Wood Polishing Activity PL16 $95.00 Wood Polishing Cloths Set onlyPW3 25.00 Shoe Conditioner & Applicators Why spend hours shopping for supplies? Everything (but Wood Polish only (p. 25)PW12 8.25 Environmentally friendly, biodegradable Natural Shoethe shoes!) is right here, even non-toxic Natural Shoe Conditioner polishes leather and leaves a soft, suppleConditioner. Also includes recipes for making your own finish. non-toxic, environmentally safe shoe polish from natural Use the Foam Polish Applicators to gently applyingredients. Items may vary. polish with no mess. Applicators fit perfectly in theSet includes: polish jar (press gently and rotate to coat). Set of 2.Natural Shoe Conditioner (P28) 1 Dozen Polish ClothsColor may vary. Stiff-Bristle Shoe Dauber (P30) Foam Polish Applicators (P32) Soft-Bristle Shoe Dauber (P43) Bamboo Potato Basket (K27)A. Natural Shoe Conditioner 2 oz. P28$8.95 Polish Box (P44) Shoe Buffer (P40) B. Foam Polish Applicators 1" dia.P32 4.50Polish Box LinerEasy-Fasten ApronPresentation SuggestionsNewsprintStiff-Bristle Shoe DauberPL54 $94.00The hourglass shape makes this brush easy to grasp. Stiff bristles can clean mud off shoes before polishing, Economy Wood Polishingor use the dauber to apply Just the basics. Add your own apron and mat. and rub in polish. ! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.2" longP30$4.50 Set includes: Wood Polish (PW12) 2" Glass Bowl (G300)Round Washable Basket Lever-Top Bottle (J11) Soft-Bristle Shoe Dauber Elliptical Plastic Basket (K26)Sponge The long, wooden handle is contoured Wood Polishing Cloth Set (PW3) Presentation Suggestions for easy grasping. Soft horsehair PL60$46.00 bristles are good for dusting off shoes before polishing or forEconomy Shoe/Leather Polishing applying polish and Carved Wooden then rubbing it in.Just the basics. Add your own apron and mat.Animals from KenyaStyle may vary.Items may vary.Children will be attracted to theseSet includes: 5" longP43$4.50Natural Shoe Conditioner (P28) Foam Polish Applicators (P32)handcrafted animals which will motivateRound Plastic Basket (K44)1 Dozen Polish Clothsthem to keep the animals polished.Stiff-Bristle Shoe Dauber (P30)NewsprintCan be used for matchingShoe BufferSoft-Bristle Shoe Dauber (P43)Presentation Suggestionsand naming games. TheOur very own child- Small Square Plastic Basketset includes 2 each of 6size buffer will enableShoe Buffer (P40)African animals. Expectchildren to easily shine their shoes. PL56$49.95slight variations in thisSoft fleece covers a block of wood.handmade set. Selections may vary. 2"3". Ages 3+. 3" x 1"P40$7.95! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.Shoe Shine 12 PiecesC677$13.95 BrushClean and buff shoes or boots with this high-quality brush. Wood handle and natural 100% horsehair bristles (" long). Color may vary.5" x 1"P26$5.50 !See p. 2.MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Polishing27'