b'More Transferring6 piecesOperating a Dropper Activity Before children tackle more complex activities, they must Butterfly- first master the basics. This preliminary exercise is a chance to perfect an isolated skill. Later, children will use droppers Shaped Pinchfor polishing and color mixing. The thick, stable 1 oz. Glass Bowl Set Jigger (1" base; 2" high) has a weighted bottom. With gorgeous artisticSet includes:Pickle Pickerstyling and bright, vibrant2 Small Glass Jiggers (G310)Food Coloring A fascinating hand-eye coordination gadget! Use it for colors these ceramic dishes are ideal for holdingMedium-Size Tray (T250)Glass Dropper (J72) plucking pickles or olives out of a bottle or jar at the just a pinch of salt, a dab of polish/glue, or anSpongesnack table or in a transferring activity. Stainless steel. individual snack portion. Safe for dishwasher andPL08$15.00 Ages 4+. See p. 2.microwave, these 2 oz. dishes (4" x 2") nest8" long G201$7.95for easy storage. Set color is assorted.6 PiecesD491 $20.95A EDA B BGlass Oyster Cup & JiggerEach of these items is made of thick, durable glass. The Oyster Cup sauce dish has a flared top and holds just over 2 oz. The Small Glass Jigger holds 1 oz. and Souffl Dishes & Ramekinhas a weighted bottom. Neither item tips easily. CThese oven-safe dishes are useful in a variety ofA. Oyster Cup 2" dia. base; 1" highD Cactivities from transferring to baking. Dishwasher- G240 $2.25safe porcelain. B. Small Glass Jigger 1" base; 2" highSmall Glass BowlsWavy Ramekin 3" dia.; 1" deepG33 $3.50 G3102.95 The pleasing tink of a transferred bean is its own Small Souffl 2" dia.; 1" deepG2422.50 reward! A clear choice for transferring or food Medium Souffl3" dia.; 1" deepG244 3.00 preparation activities. Use the smallest size to hold Using Chopsticks Activitypolish. Bowls nest for compact storage.Add a unique challenge to transferring activities!A. 4" Bowl (2" deep)G306 $5.50 A B After becoming proficient with transferring pomB. 3" Bowl (1" deep)G304 3.95 poms, children may want to try more challengingC. 3" Bowl (1" deep)G302 3.50 items, such as dried beans or pasta. Eventually theyD. 2" Bowl (1" deep)G3003.25can use chopsticks at a meal. Ages 5+.! Items may vary.Set includes: 2 White Lotus Dishes (G246)Childrens Bamboo Chopsticks (G268)Peace Crane Chopstick Rest (C272)D C Medium-Size Tray (T250)Pom PomsUsing Chopsticks Activity PL55$18.00 A BSmall Porcelain Dishes Peace Crane Chopstick Rest porcelain; 2" sq.Multi-functional dishes for Practical Life EachC272 1.95 Stainless Steel Sauce Cups(transferring, cooking, snacks), sorting, or art 6 or moreC2721.75SAVE activities. All these dishes are tip-resistant,Childrens Bamboo Chopsticks only Suitable for numerous activities (transferring, food durable, and dishwasher-safe. The Hexagon Dish 6" long G268 1.95 prep, sorting, etc.) these pieces are unbreakable is also oven-safe. and are ideal when glass is not desired.A. Hexagon Dish 3" dia.; 1" deepA. 1.5 oz. Sauce Cup. 2" dia. (1" deep) G72$2.75 G522$ .95B. Green Lotus Dish 3" dia.; 1" deepB. 2.5 oz. Sauce Cup 2" dia. (1" deep)G247 4.50Each G5241.25 C. White Lotus Dish 3" dia.; 1" deep 4 or more G5241.00SAVEG2464.50D. Leaf Dish 3" x 3" overall; " deep G852.7518 Practical Life - TransferringMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'