b'More TransferringStrawberry-Shaped Huller Fancy TongsAThe short, wide shape of these stainless steel tongsThese uniquely shaped make them easy to use in transferring work.tongs add challenge to A. 2" longG192$3.50 transferring activities they pick up large itemsBwhile small ones fall through Sugar Tongsthe open sides. Children will Our most popular tongs look particularly pleasingsoon discover which items on a small tray with two Souffl Dishes (G242, p. 19).can be transferred without Stainless steel.dropping. Stainless steel.B. 3" longG258$2.75D. 4" longG198$4.50Tension Tongs SetIce TongsCThese stiffer-than-average stainless steel tongs helpWith pointed (but strengthen the pincer grip. Sort large items (opens tonot sharp) teeth, 1"), then try smaller items.these tongs are ideal for C. 2 Pieces 4" longG195$5.95transferring pom poms or for serving food. Flexible and easy for small hands Tongs Assortmentto use. Stainless steel, withDThis collection includes five of our mostsmooth edges. popular tongs. Useful for transferring, serving,E. 6" longD479$4.75 or snack prep. Ages 2+. Assorted colors.Set includes: Strawbery-Shaped Huller (G192) Bamboo Toast Tongs (G262) Sugar Tongs (G258)Ice Tongs (D479) EMini Silicone Tongs (D478) Large Tongs ActivitiesD39$17.00SAVEHelp children refine their fine motor skills anddevelop their pincer grip by transferring items from one dish to another with tongs. Here are just two ways to mix and match these items; add variety with other combinations. Ages 3+.!Set includes:A B Using Chopsticks Activity 2 Medium Souffl Dishes (G244) Bamboo Toast Tongs (G262) Add a unique challenge 2 Colorful Bowls (G118) Ice Tongs (G479) to transferring activities! 2 Medium-Size Trays (T250) Items to Transfer After becoming PL38$28.00 proficient withWARNING: Cancer or birth defectstransferring pom poms,www.P65Warnings.ca.gov children may want to C try more challenging Small Tongs ActivitiesD items, such as First use pom poms, Oyster Cups, and thedried beans or Strawberry-Shaped Hullernext time use beans,Small Porcelain Dishes pasta. Eventually they can use Lotus Dishes, and Tension Tongs. Youll think ofEnliven Practical Life (transferring, cooking,chopsticks at a meal. Ages 5+.!more variations! Ages 3+.! snacks), sorting, or art activities. All these dishesSet includes: Set includes:are tip-resistant, durable, and dishwasher-safe.2 White Lotus Dishes (G246)The Hexagon Dish is also oven-safe. Childrens Bamboo Chopsticks (G268)Tension Tongs 2 White Lotus Dishes (G246)Peace Crane Chopstick Rest (C272)2 Oyster Cups (G240) Items to Transfer A. Hexagon Dish 3" dia.; 1" deepMedium-Size Tray (T250)2 Medium-Size Trays (T250)G72$2.50 Pom PomsStrawberry-Shaped Huller (G192) B. Green Lotus Dish 3" dia.; 1" deepUsing Chopsticks Activity PL55$16.00PL37$28.00 G247 3.95 Peace Crane Chopstick Rest porcelain; 2" sq.C. White Lotus Dish 3" dia.; 1" deep EachC272 1.95G2463.956 or moreC2721.75SAVE D. Leaf Dish 3" x 3" overall; " deepLotus Dish G246 3.95G852.75 Childrens Bamboo Chopsticks 6" long G268 1.95! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.18 Practical Life - TransferringMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'