b'PolishingAB C D Making a CottonApplicator Activity Making a cotton swab for applying the polish isolates just one step of a polishing exercise. Twisting tiny pieces of cotton around the end of an orange stick is a fascinating fine motor challenge for young children. The wooden sticks (4") have one All Natural Metal Polishtapered and one pointed end.!With a bit of gentle rubbing with a damp cloth, thisSet includes: non-toxic, environmentally friendly, biodegradable3 Orange Sticks4" Glass Bowl (G306) Cotton Balls Medium-Size Tray (T250) polish leaves brass, aluminum, copper, pewter, silver,PL72$6.25and chrome gloriously shiny. One teacher told us herA B Cchildren relished the challenge of buffing a hub cap!A. 8 oz.PM10$7.95DWood Polishes Keep wood surfaces clean, polished, and protected withEany of these safe, non-toxic choices. Made with food- A safe, plant-derived oils, Wood Polish cleans, protects, and conditions classroom furniture and wooden trays.Polish DishesFWood & Bamboo Block Oil prevents drying, splitting,These little dishes are idealB and cracking of cutting boards and wooden or bamboofor holding just enough polish, paint, or glue. AlsoEye Droppersdishes. All-natural, sweet-smelling Beeswax Polishuseful in food preparation and transferring activities. conditions and brings out the lustrous beauty of wood,The 2" Glass Bowl (1" deep) has infinite uses in the& Glass Bottles bamboo, leather, and lots more. All are biodegradableclassroom, and the Small Porcelain Dish (2" sq.)The Clear Glass Dropper & Bottle is sold as a unit and environmentally friendly. has slightly sloping edges, perfect for just a dab (J88), or you can mix and match individual pieces. B. Wood Polish 12 oz. PW12$8.25of polish.Use the Clear Glass Bottle for color mixing and the C. Wood & Bamboo Block Oil 12 oz.PW138.25A. 2" Glass Bowl Amber Glass Bottle for tasting exercises. Either bottle D. Beeswax Polish 4 oz. P23 8.95EachG300$1.75works for holding polish. Bottles are 1 oz.; droppers 6 or more G3001.50SAVE are 3" long. When ordered as pairs, droppers will Glass Polishing TabletB. Small Porcelain Dish P20 1.95be screwed into bottles. Bottles clean easily with the Simply rub a damp sponge across theTiny Bottle Brush (7" long).tablet and apply a thin coating to a mirrorAB A. Clear Glass Dropper & BottleJ88$1.25or window. Let the polish dry to a film, thenB. Clear Bottle onlyJ82.75wipe clean with a dry cloth. This all-natural,C. Amber Bottle onlyJ80 .75biodegradable tablet was developed by a MontessoriD. Glass Dropper onlyJ72 .50teacher. Includes one polish cake in a plastic containerE. Plastic Dropper onlyJ70 .50and instructions for a mirror polishing activity. F.Tiny Bottle BrushJ543.252" dia.; 1" highP22$3.95Caution:As with all household chemicals, use carefully. Adult discretion is necessary when allowing access to these products by young children. Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request. Plastic Bottles Available in three sizes for a variety of uses. Choose from the tight-sealing Lever-Top design suitable for One-Drop Squeeze Bottle polish or paint. For glue, use the Dispensing TopOperating aOne drop at a time means more controlwhich is easy to unclog with a paperclip.! Dropper Activity and fewer spills! Use in a simple polishingA. Lever-Top B. Dispensing Top Before children tackle more complex activities, activity before the child has mastered an1 Oz.J11J21$1.25 they must first master the basics. This eye dropper. Three-part plastic bottle has4 Oz.J14J24 1.50 preliminary exercise is a chance to perfect an screw top and removable dropper insert8 Oz.J18J28 1.95 isolated skill. Later, children will use droppers for easy refilling.! for polishing and color mixing. The thick, stable 3" high; 1 oz.J30$1.25oz. Glass Jigger (1" base; 2" high) has a ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDweighted bottom. Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. Set includes: 2 Small Glass Jiggers (G310)Food ColoringMedium-Size Tray (T250)Glass Dropper (J72)Sponge Operating a Dropper ActivityPL08$17.95Small Glass Jigger onlyG3103.75 MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Polishing25'