b'Wooden Trays & Natural BasketsHardwood Trays Designed for the Montessori classroom, these durable hardwood trays will give you years of service. A " deep rim keeps activities safely contained. Clear lacquer finish shows wood grain; do not use with liquids. A CBFolding Cloth Tray A versatile size for a variety of activities, thisDtray exactly fits our Folding Cloths (V02, p. 24).Even our Large Wooden Tray (T610, left) is easy to manage 11" sq. outside; 10" sq. inside.A. Folding Cloth TrayV36$27.95 Carved Wooden Trays Individually hand carved from a naturally water-resistant Large Wooden Trayhardwood, these sturdy trays invite many uses in the An attractive surface for presentation ofclassroom: pouring, transferring, storage, serving snack, activities like the Bank Game, table setting, or sorting. Rub lightly with Wood & Bamboo Block Oil or language games. 15" x 10" outside; (PW13, p. 25) to refresh the smooth, food-safe finish. Hand 14" x 9" inside.wash. Fast-growing acacia trees are ecologically forested B. Large Wooden TrayT610$28.95 Three-Part TraysE to allow continued tree growth.Metal Inset TrayA perfect fit for Maitri Learning cards. Available with Custom-designed to transport Metal Inset workthe control section on the right or on the left. Each from shelf to table. Other Metal Inset supplies,section has plenty of room for fingers to remove cards. such as paper, pencils, and pencil trays, are in9" x 6" outside; compartments (inside) are 4" x the Writing section (pp. 5859). 12" x 6"3"; 4" x 1"; 4" x 5".outside; 11" x 6" inside.D. Right Control TrayT631$27.95 C. Metal Inset TrayA16$26.95E. Left Control TrayT63027.95 Rectangular TraysThick extended edges make both these trays easy to carry. Small 9" x 4" overall; 1" deep T782$ 7.95Natural Fiber Basket AssortmentMedium 10" x 7" overall; " deepT78415.95 Baskets allow children easy access to materials. Styles and colors may vary. Set includes:Small Willow Basket (K15)2 Round Two-Tone Baskets 2 Round Bamboo Baskets (K11) Elliptical2 Bamboo Potato Baskets (K27)Stained Wooden TrayWillow Loaf Basket (K106) Square Basket with Liner (K109) This sturdy, lightweight tray is a beautiful way to present 2 Elliptical Bamboo Baskets (K16)simple activities. Lightly stained to show the wood grain, Round Basket with Handles (K100)with a rim to help contain items while children carry the GC08$54.95 tray. A perfect size and weight for toddlers.Square Trays 9" x 7" overall; " deepT510$24.95 Small is easily managed by toddlers. Medium is a good choice for oversize card materials. Small 7" sq.; " deep T785$12.95 Medium 10" sq.; " deepT78016.95 Square Basketwith Liner A liner extends a basket\'s usefulness. This split-willow basket can now hold small items like beads or foods like crackers or fruit. The natural muslin liner with elastic casing is easy to remove and clean. 9" sq.; 3" highK109$8.506 Preparing the Environment - Trays & BasketsMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'