b'Cleaning UpWindow Washing Activities AJust add water! Young children need no coaxing toclean windows. Show children how to use eachpiece from the trigger-style Spray Bottle tothe rubber-bladed Squeegee (6" x 6").Items may vary. Ages 4+.!Sets includes: Squeegee (W302)Spray Bottle (W91)Mini-Utility Caddy (W93)Check Dishcloth SetA. Bright Window Washing ActivityPL452$19.50Lemon Check Dishcloth Set (3 pcs.) onlyW3906.00 B. Blue Window Washing ActivityPL45019.50B Indigo Check Dishcloth Set (3 pcs.) onlyW3916.00 Clear Acrylic Sqeegee only W3023.99Spray Bottle only! W912.99Mini-Utility Caddy specify color red, white, or blueW936.75Extends to 29"Lambswool Duster Children will love cleaning in corners, around windows, or underneath shelves with this handy duster. Lambswool, with its natural lanolin content, attracts dust and holds onto it. 9" overall.Ages 3+.Q70$4.99Extendable Duster Tidy Up! Remove dust from even the most hard-to-reachTake a glimpse at children around the world doing their Dusting Brush places with this unique tool. The telescoping handledaily tasks. Photographs from different cultures, paired When baskets or boxes with lots ofextends from 10" to 29". The bendable head (5")with simple, rhyming text, illustrate the value of caring compartments accumulate dust, childrenaccommodates everything from crown moldingfor oneself and the environment. An appendix identifies can use this handy brush for fast cleaning.to baseboards. The removable microfiber cover isthe photo location. Paperback, 24 pages. For beginning Natural, non-scratch bristles are firm butmachine washable. Assorted colors. Ages 4+, withreaders. Ages 3-6. soft. Wooden handle. 6" overall. adult supervision.C629$6.95Q10 $2.75 EachQ85$4.99Natural SweepCarpet SweeperSure to delight, this dual-brush sweeper is a real toolnot a toy! Three-section handle adjusts from 26" to 41" for growing children (add sections as children grow). Works on hardwood, carpet, and other floor types. Four corner brushes clean along edgesand into hard-to-reach places. Folds flat to reach under furniture. Bottom flaps flip open for easy emptying.Quiet Polish/Dust Mitts & Cloths No power cord, bags, or noise!cleaning!Ideal for dusting or polishing, these light cotton flannelNEW!Cellulose Sponge Cloths Parts made of 100% recycled Mitts and Cloths are perfect for classrooms. Two orPerfect for all types of clean up, these sponge clothsplastic. Ages 3+.three of a childs fingers fit perfectly in each small Mittare super absorbent and long lasting. Safe for a varietyQ86$42.00(1" x 2"). Excellent for dusting classroom items likeof surfaces, each of the three 6" x 8" cloths can be maps, Metal Insets, or other knobbed materials. Sergedeasily cut into smaller pieces. Sterilize in boiling water edges prevent fraying on the Cloths (4" sq.).or dishwasher (top rack).Please note: We have limited quantities of these items3 pieces W204$4.75available for sale until we find a new supplier. Check online for current availability and pricing. ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.22 Practical Life - Cleaning UpMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'