b'ApronsCloth ApronsThese aprons work well to protect clothing during polishing activities. Using a cloth apron for water activities will allow the child to feel the control of error. Wrap-around, easy-fasten belt with Velcro closure. MachineWater-Resistant Aprons wash and dry theseThrough the simple ritual of putting on an apron, cotton/polyester aprons.children will be ready for any water, cooking, or art Specify color: blue, green,activity. The soft fabric has an impenetrable waterproof yellow, or red.backing. We offer a choice of two child-friendly styles. Toddler ApronsThe Easy-Fasten Apron with Velcro slips over a childs Fits up to age 3; 18" long in front, 10" inhead and closes in front with a Velcro tab belt thats easy back; 12" wide.enough for children to manage all by themselves. The Pullover Apron has elastic under the arms and slips over Each specify colorW51$14.50 the head. Machine wash cold; hang to dry. Specify color: Primary Apronsblue, yellow, green, or red.Fits ages 35; 19" long in front, 10" in back; Toddler Aprons 14" wide.Fits up to age 3; 17" long in front, 10" in back; 12" wide.Each specify colorW29$14.95Easy-Fasten Each specify colorW52$14.95Elementary ApronsPullover Each specify colorW54 13.95 Fits ages 69; 23" long in front, 12" in back; Primary Aprons 14" wide. Please allow additional time for Fits ages 35; 20" long in front, 10" in back; 12" wide. Elementary aprons. Each specify colorW57$15.95 Easy-Fasten Each specify colorW28$15.95 Pullover Each specify colorW58 14.95Washing & ScrubbingSmall Colorful Pop-UpPlastic BucketSponge Sheets A sturdy, child-sizeCut these compressed, bucket. Functional andnatural cellulose Sponge manageable in a waterUms into smaller pieces, activity or for clean-up.then soak them in water 5 quarts.to expand. Choose colors 7" base; 7" highto coordinate with yourQ83$3.95pouring, washing and scrubbing, or art activities. These absorbent sponges are just the right thickness for small hands. Includes four sheetsStainless Steel Pails(5" x 7"), one each of blue, Destined to become indispensable in the classroom,yellow, pink, and green. these stainless steel buckets are nearly indestructible.4 Pieces Table They wont rust, chip, or deteriorate, and their seamless Washing Activitydesign is leak-proof. With rolled edges and sturdy W326$12.00 Lay down a floor cloth. Set out supplies. Fetch the water.handles, use them indoors or out for carrying water Scrub, sponge, dryincludes every item needed for aor soil, collecting compost, table washing, storage, or successful experience. Items may vary.animal feedyou name it!Set includes:2 Quart Pail 4" dia. base; 6" highW72 $15.50Primary Cloth Apron (W29) Small Plastic Bucket (Q83) 1 Quart Pail 3" dia. base; 5" highW70 10.50 2 Acrylic Soap Dishes (W79)Covered Pitcher (W17) Non-Slip Scrub Brush (W88)Plastic Dishpan 6 Drying Cloths 3 Floor Cloths Bar of Soap Sponge PL15$59.95Non-Slip Scrub Brush The ergonomic, non-slip, child-size handle makes this brush perfect for scrubbing counters or tables. Can also be used for cleaning veggies and fruit. 3" x 2" overall; 2" highW88$3.95Shown with 1 Quart Stainless Steel Pail (W70)22 Practical Life - Washing & ScrubbingMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'