b'Continent Flag SetsWe offer sets of flags for each continent (except Antarctica, which has no flag). Africa, Asia, and The Flag Book Australia & Oceania sets include a selection The amazing storiesof country flags, not every behind the worlds flags country in those regions. Perfect for a budding vexillologist (person who studiesComplete your sets as needed flags), this fact-packed guide is the quintessential flagwith Individual Nation Flags (C714, book. It covers the history and purpose of flags as well asbelow right). See country lists online. iflag manners, vocabulary, and design elements. Organized SAVE when you order flags in sets!by continent, each country flag is highlighted and explained. This unique reference also covers coats of arms,Africa 12 FlagsC710F$42.00international flag symbols, pirate, sports, and internationalAsia 12 FlagsC712F42.00flags, plus more! Includes glossary and index. Hardcover,Australia & Oceania 8 FlagsC709F28.00 Flags of the World184 pages. Ages 5+. Europe - Eastern 14 FlagsC707F49.00 Individual Nation FlagsC119$19.95Europe - Western 17 FlagsC705F59.50 These 6" x 4" flags are made of brightly North & Central America 14 FlagsC702F49.00 colored polyester, stapled securely to a plastic South America 12 FlagsC704F42.00 staff topped with a gold spearhead. Designs and emblems are accurate in both detail A and color. Flag stands are sold separately. Round Please note: Flags are not labeled by name; Flag Stands we recommend using a good reference book These plastic stands hold B (such as C119 or C723, left). one, two, or five flags. Each specify countryC714$3.95A. 1-Hole 2" dia.C713$2.95 CB. 2-Hole 2" dia.C7192.95 Caution:Adult discretion and supervision are necessary when C. 5-Hole 2" dia.C7203.95 children are using these flags. The spearhead tip is pointed.Complete Flagsof the WorldThe Ultimate Pocket GuideOrganized by continent and indexed by country name, this guide details the origin, adoption date, and symbols of each flag in a concise, appealing style. Accurate illustrations tell as much about the flags as the information-rich text. Includes a brief history of flags, parts of the flag, and heraldic terms. Also includes flag colors and their symbolic uses, types of flags, a section on international flags (such as the United Nations and European Union) as well as signaling flags. Includes flag directory and index. Paperback, 320 pages.C723$22.00United States Flag Set Flags of SixContinentsAnswer childrens questions about the symbolism ofReplicardsnational flags by sharing the origin and meaning of theYoung children love U.S. flag. The American Flag (a Rookie Read-About American Symbols book) has simple, engaging text.making flags. This Paperback, 32 pages. The 3-Piece Set includes book,set reproduces 65 flag, and flag stand. The polyester flag (6" x 4") isworld flag designs on stapled to a plastic staff. Plastic stand is 2" dia. 12 cardstock replicardseight or more flags for each of six continents! Children can make Ages 47. their own paper flags or continent booklets by People & 3-Piece SetC717$12.00SAVE coloring the photocopied replicards (5" x 4" Clothing of the World The American Flag book onlyC7335.95 after cutting). Give them a resource book, such Take a trip around the globe to meet children,U.S. Flag onlyC714USA3.95 as Complete Flags of the World (C723, left), to mothers and fathers, and grandmas and grandpas1-Hole Flag Stand onlyC7132.95 research each flags official colors. Flags are from 31 countries. People around the world can seemshown with a flagpole to indicate the correct very different from one another, yet so many thingsorientation. From In-Print for Children. Ages 4+.are universal. The amazing photography enhancesC728$12.95discoveries of whats the same and whats different. Paperback, 32 pages each. Ages 37.PeopleC131$7.95ClothingC1327.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Geography - Flags73'