b'Carnivore, Herbivore, OmnivoreAll living things need to eat. After learning the three terms and their definitions, children can sort these cards to reinforce their understanding. As they sort, children will be stimulated to ask all kinds of questions. Animals are shown in their natural environment, either eating or with a food they eat; picture clues help narrow the options. Text is color-coded to the labels as a control. 18 labeled photo cards (3"x 4") and 3 sorting labels (6" x 3"). (Use Box B703, page 11.) Laminated cardstock. From In-Print for Children. Ages 5+.SC379$16.95Exploring the WorldMicroBrite Terra Kids Beaker Magnifier Examine the natural world up close!Perfect for small specimens! This plastic jar Children marvel at what leaves, bark,with magnifier lid allows for all-around rocks, pinecones, and other materialsviewing of an insect, seed, or look like when they zoom in. This LED-litleaf. The lid has two plastic pocket microscope features a 20-40Xmagnifying lensesone built magnification and two focus knobs for ainto the lid and a hinged lens clear, bright image. Remove the scope fromthat folds down to increase the base and set it flush against the surface tomagnification. Lid is removable be examined. Includes two blank specimenand can be used as a hand slides, a stand, and batteries. Sturdy plasticmagnifier. 2" dia.; 3" high. Ages 3+.body. 2" x 4". Ages 5+.! CHOKINGSC211$4.95HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. See p. 2. BugLoupe Easy Hold MagnifierSC639$16.95 Bugs or leaves, fabrics or moneyeverything looks different magnified! This superior magnifying loupe isThis wood framed, acrylic magnifier is sturdy pre-focused so children dont get frustrated when theyreand shatter-resistant. Handles make it easy examining the world up close.for small hands to securely grasp and hold. 2X Simply place the loupe onmagnification with a 3X inset. 7" x 4"; " top of any level surfacethick. Ages 1+.for a 4.5X view of whatsSC826$14.95underneath. Thick, professional-gradeBug Catcheracrylic construction isLower the open viewing box over a small very durable. 4" base;creature, then slide the lever to close the base. 3" high. Ages 2+. The clear viewing box allows children to look SC909$11.95 at the specimen from different angles. A 5X magnifier on the top gives children an even closer look. Observe and then release the Two-Way Microscope specimen back into its habitat. 2" x 2" view Whether used at school or on a hike, the ingeniousbox; 8" plastic handle. Ages 5+.design of this plastic microscope allows top and bottomSC525$12.95magnified viewing. Observe the Explorer Binoculars object through the 6X magnifier. These real binoculars will give budding naturalists orThen, look at the underside astronomers a satisfying experience. Excellent for nature,through the 4X magnifier on the bird watching, and moon observation. 6X magnificationfront, which reflects the and 21mm aperture. Features large focus wheel, rubberobject in a mirror.Observe, enjoyeyecups, and textured gripping surface.7" x 5"; 4"& release!Comes with carrying case,high. Ages 5+.cleaning cloth, andSC956$12.95strap. 4" x 3".Ages 4+.SC768$23.95 80 Science - Classifying & Exploring the WorldMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'