b'Physical ScienceJust add Includes 24 items towater!experiment with!Float & Sink Activity Sunprint KitsGive children real items that sink (rock, penny, bolt.) orMake photographic-type prints using sunshine (light) float (cloth, shell, pumice.). This activity is so engrossingand water. First arrange items on the non-toxic, that it will be in constant use in your classroom. Thelight-sensitive paper. Then expose it to the sun for a depth and clear sides of the plastic tank allow a goodfew minutes and rinse the paper in water. As it dries, view of items as they sink (or float). Children will lovethe print emerges. Sunprint Kit has 12 sheets of 4" sq. experimenting with items such as clay, which can belight-sensitive paper. Super Sunprint Kit has 15 sheets molded to sink or float! Items may vary. Ages 3+.! of 12" x 8" light-sensitive paper. Instructions included. Ages 6+, younger with adult supervision.Set includes: Sunprint KitA82$ 6.998 Objects that FloatVinyl Mat (X608) 8 Objects that SinkWaterproof LabelsSuper Sunprint Kit (shown online)A8319.998 Objects that Float/SinkTank 4" Glass Bowl (G306)Cotton Cloth Plastic Serving Pitcher (G27)Sponge Large Plastic Tray (T550)Presentation Suggestions Wire Strainer/ScoopFloat or Sink Books SC237$45.00From a very young age, children can observe that a beach ball floats and a rock sinks. But why? Sink or Float? presents very basic concepts with simple text and photographs of recognizable things thatSorting Matter Activitysink or float. Paperback, 16 pages. Ages 3+. Will ItSolid/Liquid/Gas Sorting JarsFloat or Sink? provides more detailed explanationsHelp children recognize the characteristics about matter, density, and buoyancy and includesof forms of matter, then use their a glossary, and additional resources. Paperback, 24observations to identify other everyday pages. Ages 5+. objects. First, children lay out labels (solid, Sink or Float? SC372$7.75liquid, gas) and sort jars filled with the NEW! Will it Float or Sink?SC2356.95 different forms of matter under the labels. Later, extend the activity to sorting items from the environment. Wide-mouth glass jars (2" base x 2" high) have water-tight, screw-on, metal lids. Ages 38.!Set includes:3 Durable Waterproof LabelsYou choose "Solid" Items to Sort the liquids A greatLarge Plastic Tray (T550) Presentation Suggestions water, oil,introduction!9 Glass Jars & Lids juice, or ?SC880$34.00States of Matter Book SetFirst StepNonfictionIn this set children will see concrete examples of solids, liquids, and gases that they can touch, see, taste, or smell. Each book explores one of the states Acrylic Refracting Prism of matter with photos of things and situations Over three hundred years ago, Sir Isaacchildren are familiar with. A great jumping off point Newton concluded that a prism separatesfor further discoveries. These books reinforce the white light into colored light. With thisconcepts presented with the Sorting Matter Activity prism, children can see for themselves(left). Each book features Fun Facts, glossary, and what Newton was talking abouta beamindex. Paperback, 24 pages each. Ages 3-6.of light split into a multi-colored rainbow.3 TitlesSC867$20.954" x 1 "; " high. Ages 5+.SC481$5.99 ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. Our new book Rainbows (C382) is on p. 83. 80 Science - Physical ScienceMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'