b'Watchthe birddrink!Drinking BirdChildren (and adults) will be mesmerized by this classic heat/ Magnetic Match Rings energy experiment. The glass Watch the magnets float (repel) or connect (attract).and plastic bird converts thermal After selecting one of 40 pattern challenges,energy into mechanical energy. children try to recreate it. As they experiment, theyWatch the liquid inside slowly develop visual matching skills and improve eye-handclimb to the bird\'s head and make 18 items to test! coordination. Includes stand (6" high), 10 magnets (1"it tip to drink, rock back, and do it again!dia.), and 20 double-sided challenge cards (2" x 6").No batteries. The process will continue indefinitely as long as the beak reaches water (glass Magnetic/Non-Magnetic Activity Ages 3+.! not included). Includes excellent guide with Exploring the world of magnets can be an excitingSC276$14.99 explanations & activities. Ages 6+, with adult adventure for children. By experimenting with aassistance. Assorted colors. 7" high with stand. magnet they will discover if 18 different items areEM254$9.99magnetic or non-magnetic. This set has everything to get them started. Items may vary. Ages 4+.!Set includes:9 Magnetic ItemsPlastic Box (B104) 9 Non-Magnetic ItemsDurable Waterproof Labels Horseshoe Magnet3" Glass Bowl (G304) Vinyl Mat (X608)Presentation Suggestions Melamine Tray (T116)SC285$38.00It lights up& makes sound!Rocks and Minerals Flash CardsThis captivating set highlights 50 different rocks Electricity & Magnetic and minerals. Cards are color-coded by type Energy Stick(sedimentary, igneous, metamorphic). Find Did you know your bodyCombination Kitconducts electricity?With snap-together pieces and step-by-step diagrams,interesting facts on the reverse of each 4" x 7" card. Experience science ineach activity in this innovative kit prepares childrenSet includes glossary, Mohs scale, and more. Ages 5+.action when you touchfor the next. Soon children will have the knowledge toSC186$12.99both ends of the tube at thebegin creating their own circuit designs that really work. same timethe flashingLots of room for trial and error! Includes all components colored lights and soundsrequired to create basic battery- or hand-powered let you know youve madeelectric circuitseven the batteries and hand-crankDiscover the beauty of a connection. One person can do this using twogenerator. 42-page booklet of instructions and theory. hands, or you can make a circle of friends holdingAges 8+, younger with adult assistance.!rocks in A Rainbow of hands. This is simple, hands-on science that makesEM502$39.99Rocks (SC185, online).abstract concepts concrete. Safe, durable plastic tube stays cool to the touch. Includes instructions and information. 7" long. Ages 4+.!EM503$10.99MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Science - Physical Science81'