b'Plants We Eat Learn more about the edible parts of plants and classify 18 plant foods into six groups: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds. The cards and spiral-bound booklets show plants in the growing stage with only the edible parts in color. Cut apart the laminated, labeled picture/definition cards for naming and two- or three-part reading activities. Definition cards can be used for the Who Am I? games. Photocopy cardstock replicards (5" x 4" after cutting) so children can make their own booklets. Teacher reference material included. From In-Print for Children. Booklets, Cards & ReplicardsD303$79.95Booklets & Cards only D303C74.00 Replicards onlyD303R 7.00Gardening Activity KitIdeal for digging and planting or weeding and clean-up! Sturdy garden fork (7") and trowel (7") have metal heads and wood handles. The thick foam kneeler (12" long) protects against sharp stones or gravel and the child-size cotton canvas gloves offer protection and a better grip when using garden tools.CompostingNatures Recyclers Assorted colors. Ages 3+. Did you know there can be 10 million soil-SC566$12.95building bacteria in a spoonful of compost? Packed with facts that will intrigue and delight, this How Does Your Garden Grow?simple, accurate explanation is a great starter resource for Whether indoors or outside in thechildren (and adults!). Clever, yard, gardening helps strengthenhands-on activities follow the young childs connection withinformation sections. Includes nature. Caring for living things offersglossary. Paperback, 24 a meaningful way to participate inpages. Ages 6+. the life of the classroom and home.SC538$8.95Children love to take part in planting,Plastic Compost Binwatering, weeding, raking, andComposting is a great hands-on harvestingand the rewards can way for children to understand our be bountiful!Whats the Weather? role as stewards of this amazing These oversized instruments let children observe andplanet. This small plastic measure rainfall and temperature trends. The sturdy plasticcountertop pail collects Thermometer shows Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. Easyfood scraps to take to to mount. 4" x 14". The Rain Gauge has a red float thatthe compost pile. It has makes it easy to read. Mounts on fence or in ground. 20"a convenient, removable (screws not included). Ages 4+. flip-top lid and a smooth Jumbo Thermometer SC662$ 7.95 interior with rounded corners EZ Read Rain GaugeSC44119.95 making it easy to clean. The sturdy handle makes it easy to lift and carry. Inside color may True Temper Wheelbarrowvary.The perfect size, weight, and balance plus reliable True7" wide overall; 7" high Temper quality. Young gardeners can corral a satisfying loadSC561$20.95The Fruits with this sturdy child-size wheelbarrow. Extra-deep molded & Vegetablesplastic barrow with sturdy steel bracing, rubber wheel, We Eatand wooden handles. Adult assembly Children will berequired. Barrow is 8" fascinated to learndeep. Color may vary. they eat flowers, roots, and seeds in addition to fruits!Ages 38. Enrich gardening and food preparation experiences33" x 17" overall; 15" high with these well organized overviews. Fruitsfocuses SC813$65.00on where 13 fruits grow (plant, bush, vine, tree), and their different growth climates. Vegetablescompares eight different kinds, introduces plantA real wheelbarrowgrowth cycles, and tells how vegetables are grown,for real work!processed, and distributed. Because the stories are told in pictures, these are also perfect to browse with young children. Paperback, 32 pages each. Ages 48.The Fruits We EatD33$7.95 The Vegetables We EatD327.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Yard & Garden29'