b'12" World Globe Beginners World Atlas Geography PlacematsTake a closer look at the world, thanks to theLarge, easy-to-read maps introduce youngsters to theHmmI wonder where spaghetti gyromatic mounting that swings up or down toworld and each of its continents. Stunning photographs,comes from? You might point to bring any area into closer view. Vivid colors help tocarefully selected for their appeal, supplement the maps.China where the noodle originated, easily distinguish political boundaries. Shows moreChildren will learn about the physical world (land regions,or to Italy, where Marco PoloUnlabeled map than 4,000 place names and distinctive politicalwater, climate, plants, and animals) and the political worldpopularized pasta brought fromon reverseboundary markings. With raised-relief, a numbered(countries, cities, people, and languages). Large formatChina. These laminated placemats full-meridian, and sturdy construction, this globe(10" x 13") makes the photos and artwork come to life.have a labeled map on one side and a blank map will endure the inquisitiveness of geographers of allFeatures 8 illustrated physical maps, 9 political maps, andon the other. Children can label states and countries ages. Made with reclaimed paper fiber and mountedover 130 full-color images. Glossary and index included.or chart a road trip using water-based markers (not on a die-cast metal base. A beautiful addition to theFrom National Geographic Kids. Hardcover, 64 pages.included). Use these easy-to-clean placemats at lunch classroom. 12" dia.; 15" wide overall. 17" high. Ages 58. or snack time or as a fun learning activity any time. C208$86.95C100$17.95 17" x 12". Ages 3+.WorldC241$3.95United StatesC2403.95World People CardsAs children work with these cards, theyll discover fascinating details about the lives and histories of people around the world. Designed for the Primary Montessori Classroom (ages 36) children can match the photo cards with the continent/flag control cards. The two collections we offer are at the same skill level but include different countries. Go online for the list of countries in each set. Printed on plastic with rounded corners (2" x 4"). 31 cards in all. From Laughing Star Montessori. (Use Box B106 or B702, p. 11.) iHugg-A-PlanetEarth Classic A. Collection 1C787$40.00Go ahead and hug Earth! This soft, squeezableB. Collection 2C78840.00 Apillow provides an impressionistic look at the big picture. Printed with over 600 countries, continents, seas, and more. It is a great way to introduce geography. Children can toss and catch it like a ball, or use it as a pillow in a quiet corner. 12" dia.C202$27.95 BWorld of Colors BeeswaxCrayons (A194) has 6blendable skin tone colors.Find them on p. 3.72 Geography - People & PlacesMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'