b'ScienceThrough sensorial exploration, the young childs powerful absorbent mind soaks up information about everything in the environment. With the acquisition of language, the child begins to label the world with words. Hands-on experiences prepare the way for the child to internalize concepts. The Montessori classroom provides activities to guide the child in making connections. Maria Montessori believed the teacher should present the big picture first, in order to prepare a foundation for more detailed explorations later. Discovering relationships between things, not learning isolated details, guides the child to a thorough and thoughtful understanding of science and the world.Classifying the WorldNatural WorldClassification CardsLaminated Three-Part Photo Cards Working with these popular card packets helps children find order in their world. First introduce categories separately for naming, then mix for sorting. The three-part format is perfect for early reading activities, and superb photographs isolate the subject for classification work. These sets follow a simplified taxonomic tablekingdom to phylum to class to order. All packets include an overview of characteristics for the subject category. Control card with label measures 3" x 4". From Maitri Learning. Laminated to edge, not beyond. Ages 310.AZoology/Natural WorldClassification Set18 Sets of Laminated Three-Part Photo CardsThis comprehensive package provides easy access to the broad range of materials needed to move from categoriesof great contrast to those with finer distinctions. 198 B C D E different subjects in 18 categories. This collection and the 11" x 8" classification chart (included) will easily become central to your natural world lessons. Laminated to edge, not beyond. Ages 310. iSet Includes:Non-Living (SC75) CrustaceansA. Non-LivingSC75 Living (SC73) ArachnidsB. LivingSC73 Plants (SC83) InsectsC. PlantsSC8312 subjectsAnimals (SC85) FishD. AnimalsSC85 per pack Invertebrates (SC77) AmphibiansVertebrates (SC79) ReptilesE.InvertebratesSC77 Fungi BirdsF.VertebratesSC79 F Echinoderms Mammals (SC508) Each$20.95 Mollusks Unlaminated Classification ChartArthropodsSC88$319.9572 Science - Classifying the WorldMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'