b'Preparing the EnvironmentMaria Montessoris Casa dei Bambini showed that the forgotten street children of Rome in the early 1900s were capable of learning much more than was thought possible. Their absorbent minds were ready for the structured, self-guided learning Montessori came to pioneer. Part of her success with these children came from providing a predictable classroom environment. She saw that they felt secure and independent in the order surrounding them. Everything in the classroom is part of the curriculum! Child-size, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing furniture, mats, containers, and materials should be selected with great care to meet the needs of the young, developing child.Brass Bell from India The role of the bell in the Montessori classroom is well-known. Ring it just once for silence, or children can walk on the line carrying the bell carefully without letting it ring. The bell is made of shiny brass and has a soothing tone. Keep the bell shining as part of a polishing exercise. Age 3+.! Walking onCHOKING HAZARD (1). Not forthe Line Activity under 3 yrs. See p. 2. Developed by Montessorians Sanford and 5" highC693$8.50 Judy Jones, this CD provides 50 minutes of piano music performed by Sanford Jones. The walking music is followed by tracks that isolate the essence of each locomotor movement in sequence: marching, running, galloping, skipping, and processional walking. 12 tracks in all. From Youth Opera International. The Activity includes Nesting Floor Tables CD (E32) and blue Cloth Tape (X618).During her stay in India, Montessori used lowActivity CD & Cloth Tape E30$28.75 stools (chowkis) as tables for the children afterWalking on the Line CD onlyE3220.00realizing that child-size classroom furniture would enhance learning. These two sturdy wooden tablesSmall Plastic Cloth Tape offer similar benefits. Tables expand classroomYoull find many workspace and help keep the work out of harmsPocket Foldersuses for this way; both sizes offer presentation surfaces at theHalf the size of a standard pocket folder, these durable,strong, water-childs level. From LORD Company. Please note:two-pocket folders are ideal for organizing your cardresistant tape Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.materials! Folders arrive flat (unfolded). Foldingin the Montessori Small 17" x 13"; 9" highLC07$175.00instructions available online. 6" x 8". Specify color:classroom: mark the ellipse or Large 24" x 18"; 13" highLC08 205.00black, gray, orange, tan, yellow, brown, azure, blue,circle on the floor for Walking on the Line,Nesting Table Setgreen, red, purple, and white. color-code parts of an exercise, repair or color- 1 each sizeLC09 355.00SAVE EachX630$2.25code books. " x 15 yards. Specify color: red,blue, or black. EachX618$8.75Just Like Home FurnitureMore movement activities on p. 55Create a warm and inviting area in your classroom for reading and relaxing. Designed for the early childhood school environment, this cozy furniture will provide years of comfortable service. Sturdy wood framing is covered with durable upholstery fabric that is easy to sanitize. 12" high seats. Ages 26. Please note: Allow 48 weeks for delivery. Cannot be shipped outside the contiguous U.S. Sofa 38" x 18"; 24" high X500 $240.00Armchair 26" x 18"; 24" high X502210.00Wipe-clean and stain-resistant!4 Preparing the EnvironmentMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'