b'Trays & DisplaysCarry On!Everything in the childs environment is part of the childs education. The simplest task, like carrying a tray, is learned. Before giving a lesson, analyze all the motions involved in carrying andMelamine Trayquietly placing a tray on a table. Whenwith Handleschildren can successfully move acrossThis lovely tray might become one of your a room with a full tray, the control offavorites. Ideal for a variety of activities movement they demonstrate enhancesfrom Practical Life to Language. Children their independence, self-esteem, andwill love the extended handles and how socialization skills. easy it is to carry. Teachers will love the durability. 15" x 6" overall; " deep. Specify color: lime, purple, white, orange,black, yellow, red, or indigo (cobalt).EachT116$7.99Medium-Size Tray Our most asked-for plastic tray. Designed for utilitarian use in dental offices, its nearly indestructible andFiberglass Trays perfect for Practical Life set-ups. Raised edges containHigh-impact fiberglass makes these trays virtually spills and help prevent pitchers and bowls fromindestructible. Perfect for pouring and transferring sliding off. 9" x 6" overall; " deep. Specify color:exercises. Specify color: yellow (gold), orange, blue, orange, white, medium blue, light green, red, pink,forest green, gray (almond), black, or red. Fruit Melamine Trays with Handlespurple (lilac), light blue, gray, light yellow, beige, black,Small 6" x 4" overall; " deep T750 $ 7.50Sure to be a favorite all year long, these durable trays or medium green. Medium 9" x 8" overall; " deepT75216.00 are a charming addition to Practical Life work. A fun EachT250$3.99foundation for an apple slicing or lemon squeezing activity, these trays have all the same features as the T116 tray (above). 15" x 6" overall; " deep.Harvest Apple T117A$8.50 Fresh Lemons T119 8.50 Pair the Harvest Apple Tray (T117A, above)with the Fruit Wedger/Corer (D312, p. 31)for anPlastic "Lacquer" Tray appealing food prep activity.This plastic tray is in disguise. It looks just like black lacquered wood and has a gold stamped design (design varies). Ideal for activities with water. 10" x 6" overall; " deep.T104 $3.99 Fast Food Tray This sturdy, restaurant-quality plastic tray is just the Large Plastic Trayright size for food preparation, science experiments, With deep sides, this specially molded tray will holdor Metal Inset work. 14" x 10" overall; " deep. spills and keep pitchers or vases where they belong.Specify color: beige (light yellow), blue, red/orange, Perfect for so many Montessori activities. Traysgreen, gray, or orange.stack nicely without slipping. 15" x 9" overall; 1"EachT185 $4.99deep. Specify color: red, white, green, or blue.EachT550$8.99Plastic Tray Assortment Perfect for new classrooms! 13 of ourpopular plastic trays in a variety of sizesand colors.Set includes: 5 Medium-Size Trays (T250)4 Fast Food Trays (T185)4 Large Plastic Trays (T550)GC01$65.00SAVE8 Preparing the Environment - TraysMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'