b'Trays & DisplaysMelamine TrayMedium-Size Traywith HandlesOur most asked-for plastic tray. Designed for utilitarian useThis lovely tray might become one of your in dental offices, its nearly indestructible and perfect forfavorites. Ideal for a variety of activities Practical Life set-ups. Raised edges contain spills and helpfrom Practical Life to Language. Children prevent pitchers and bowls from sliding off. Specify color:will love the extended handles and how medium blue, red, medium green, pink, purple, light green,easy it is to carry. Teachers will love the light blue, light yellow, white, gray, beige, or black. durability. Specify color: lime, purple, Each 9" x 6" overall; " deepT250$3.75 white, orange, black, yellow, red, and indigo (cobalt).Each 15" x 6" overall; " deepT116$7.95 Gold Metal TrayThe gold finish (the manufacturer calls the color brass) makes anything placed on thisFiberglass Trays metal tray look extra-special. It is the perfectHigh-impact fiberglass makes these trays virtually size for small Practical Life activities, as well asindestructible. Perfect for pouring and transferring science, or art. An extended lip makes it easyexercises. Specify color: yellow (gold), orange, blue, for children to hold and carry. forest green, gray (almond), black, or red. Fruit Melamine Trays with Handles9" x 6"; 1" deepT61$12.95Small 6" x 4" overall; " deep T750 $ 5.75Sure to be a favorite all year long, these durable trays Medium 9" x 8" overall; " deepT75212.50 are a whimsical edition to Practical Life work. A fun foundation for an apple slicing or lemon squeezing activity, these trays have all the same features as the T116 tray (above). 15" x 6" overall; " deep.NEW! Fresh Lemons T119 $8.50 Harvest Apple T1178.50Plastic Lacquer TrayPair the Harvest Apple Tray (T117, above)This sturdy tray looks like lacquered wood butwith the Fruit Wedger/Corer is made of plastic, making it a good choice for(D312, p. 33)for anall types of classroom work. Its an excellent size for pouring exercises or serving snacks.appealing food prep activity.Stamped design varies. 10" x 6" overall; " deepT104$3.95Fast Food Tray Large Plastic TrayThis sturdy, restaurant-quality plastic tray is just the right With deep sides, this specially molded tray willsize for food preparation, science experiments, or Metal hold spills and keep pitchers or vases whereInset work. Specify color: blue, almond (light peach), red, they belong. Perfect for so many Montessoriyellow, brown, orange, mauve, or dark green.activities. Trays stack nicely without slipping.Each 13" x 10" overall; " deepSpecify color: red, white, green, or blue. T180$4.95Each 15" x 9" overall; 1" deepT550$7.95 6 or more T1804.70SAVEPlastic Tray Assortment Perfect for new classrooms! 13 of our most popular plastic trays in a variety of sizesand colors.Set includes: 5 Medium-Size Trays (T250)4 Fast Food Trays (T180)4 Large Plastic Trays (T550)GC09$66.50SAVE8 Preparing the Environment - TraysMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'