b'Magnetic/Non-Magnetic ActivityExploring the world of magnets can be an exciting adventure for children. By experimenting with a magnet they will discover if 18 different items are magnetic or non-magnetic. This set has everything to get them started. Items may vary. Ages 4+.!Set includes:9 Magnetic ItemsMelamine Tray (T116) 9 Non-Magnetic ItemsPlastic Box (B104) Horseshoe Magnet (SC951)Durable Waterproof LabelsVinyl Mat (X608)Small Bamboo BasketMagnetic Match RingsPresentation SuggestionsSC285$28.95 Watch the magnets float (repel) or connect (attract). After selecting one of 40 pattern challenges, children try to recreate it. As they experiment, they develop visual matching skills and improve eye-hand coordination. Includes stand (6" high), 10 magnets (1" dia.), and 20 double-sided challenge cards (2" x 6"). Ages 3+.!SC276$14.95Fun with Magnets To a child, magnets seem like magic. Delve into the mystery of magnets, how they work, and how to make things with them14 fun experiments in all. Youll learn to make a paperclip fly, find north and south poles, make a compass, float a boat, and more. Some activities require adult guidance and common household items. Kit contains 35 pieces, including a 7" magnet wand, 3" bar magnet, and 4" x 1" A horseshoe magnet. Ages 4+.!Horseshoe SC953$18.95& Bar Magnets BThese magnets create especially strong fields, with dramatic repulsion and attraction properties. The Horseshoe Magnet (1" x 2"; " thick) is perfect for a magnetic/non-magnetic fishing game. Choose the Bar Magnets (3" x "; " thick) for polarity experiments; poles are marked.! iA. Horseshoe MagnetSC951$ 9.95B. Bar Magnets Set of 2SC95014.95Magnet & Casewith Iron FilingsSee magnetic fields inEnergy Stickaction! Iron filings stay neatly housed inside theElectricity & Magnetic Did you know your body conducts electricity? Experience science in action when you touch both sealed plastic case andCombination Kit ends of the tubethe flashing colored lights and are easily manipulatedWith snap-together pieces and step-by-step diagrams,sounds let you know youve made a connection. with the Horseshoeeach activity in this innovative kit prepares childrenOne person can do this using two hands, or you Magnet (SC951, above).for the next. Soon children will have the knowledge tocan make a circle of friends holding hands. This Set includes iron filingsbegin creating their own circuit designs that really work.is simple, hands-on science that makes abstract in a durable case and magnet. 3" x 2"; " high. AgesLots of room for trial and error! Includes all componentsconcepts concrete. Safe, durable plastic tube 4+.! i required to create basic battery- or hand-poweredstays cool to the touch. Includes instructions and Magnet & Case with Iron FilingsSC246$11.25SAVEelectric circuitseven the batteries and hand-crankinformation. 7" long. Ages 4+.!Case with Iron Filings onlySC2122.00 generator. 42-page booklet of instructions and theory.EM503$8.95Ages 8+, younger with adult assistance.! EM502$35.95 MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Science - Physical Science85'