b'Explore & Discover!Dear Friends, Hands-On ScienceAs challenging as times are for so many in the 21st century,A satisfying hands-on experience life goes on. This realization has been particularlyusing the three primary colors to poignant since I welcomed my great-granddaughter,create secondary colors. Pre-fill Ruby, into the world in 2023. Ruby has captivated ourbottles with red, blue, and yellow food coloring/water solutions. entire family with her presence! Children place one dropperful of red and one dropperful of yellow in Becoming a great-grandparent has caused me toa small bowllike magic, orange reflect on the many Montessori principles I learnedappears! Repeat for green and during my training over 50 years ago: the boundlessviolet. Use the fourth bowl for experimenting. To finish, children capacity of a child\'s absorbent mind, the importanceempty small bowls into the larger of respecting the childs individual pace, the imperativebowl and then empty it into the sink. to support and celebrate the childs achievements.Ages 4+. Items may vary.Recently, witnessing Ruby take her first steps, I wasSet includes:3 Glass Droppers & Bottles (J88) filled with immense joy! Soon shell discover that mixingLarge Plastic Tray (T550) yellow and red makes orange! 4 Glass Bowls (G300) Glass Bowl (G304) Food Coloring A friend, who never experienced parenthood, recentlyTiny Salt Spoon (G53) shared a revelation with me. Upon visiting a newborn,SpongePresentation Suggestionsshe marveled that this tiny bundle was already aColor Mixing Activitycomplete, unique individual, brimming withY30$38.50personality. She expressed gratitude for this new understanding, recognizing that every infant possesses the inherent potential to evolve into a fully-formed human. With basic needs met (nourishment, shelter,Features 14 animals!love), a child thrives, unfolding into the complexities of human adulthood.Thank you for taking a look at our collection of good things for children. We appreciate your support.Jane Mills Campbell Founder LOOK FOR THESE SYMBOLSAward Specific independent awards are listed online.i More Information Additional content for this product isavailable online.Video See a product or instructional video online. Watch Them5 blocks, 9" high Drop-Ship Item This product is shipped from another location.Please allow extra time.Grow! tower. All 4 sides shown here.Bulk Pricing Look online for bulk pricing for this Parent Child Press book.Caution Adult discretion and supervision are necessary when childrenDocumented through stunning photography,A Metamorphosis the reader watches as 14 animals grow and are using items marked with this symbol; items may be breakable and/orchange from egg/baby to adult animal. Most have (or contain) functional sharp points and/or sharp edges. animal life cycles are illustrated with only 3 orTower!4 photographs and a simple text description of 1!WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDthe stages of development: Egg to hatchling toThis tiny tower shows five stages of the life cycle ofSmall parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.chick to bird. An excellent description of life cyclesa moth, a butterfly, a chicken, and a frog. Stacked 2! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDconcludes the book. Includes a list of breeds and atower is 9" tall. The five wooden blocks range in size Toy contains a small ball. Not for children under 3 yrs. 3!WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDglossary. Paperback, 38 pages. Ages 37.from 1" sq. 2" sq. Ages 1+.Toy contains a marble. Not for children under 3 yrs. Animals: Here We Grow!SC327$8.99 NEW! Life Cycle Blocks SC14$18.00WARNING: Cancer or birth defects 2www.P65Warnings.ca.gov MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'