b'Small Round Basket Willow Basketwith Handles The proportions of this peeled willow basket areStrong handles and a tight weave make this sturdy basket a welcome additionWooden Sorting Boxperfect for card materials and other activities.to the classroom for storing, organizing, and toting. This all-wood, 8-section box will complement a 8" x 6" overall; 2" highK15$5.509" dia.; 3" deepK100$8.95variety of materials. Use for a sorting exercise, for holding and displaying science specimens, or for organizing craft or collage materials. (Contents A B not included.) Compartments are 3" x 3". 13" x 8"; 2" highB414$24.95Sea GrassBasketWillowWe love the rich Bamboo Basketsnatural texture of Loaf BasketInexpensive, all-purpose basketsthis sea grass basket, This deep basket is great for materials withwith gently sloping sides to corralC woven on a metal many piecesor for a loaf of bread! The rigidsmaller items.frame for strength. willow fiber holds its shape.A. Round 9" dia.; 3" high K11$2.95 Well-suited for storing 10" x 6" overall; 3" highK106$9.95 B. Elliptical 8" x 6" overall; 2" highK162.95blocks, napkins, or cloths.C. Potato Basket 6" x 4" overall; 2" highK271.95 7" sq.; 4" high overallK107$7.95Please note: Basket dimensions and weave patterns Plastic Baskets may vary slightly. Basic shapes and fibers do not. Basket dimensions are for exteriors (not including handles), unless otherwise stated.ASome colors availableindividually online B Colored Plastic Basket Assortment Youll find dozens of ways to use (and re-use) these Plastic Basketssturdy polypropylene baskets. The tight weave is perfect A tight weave makes these restaurant-quality, food- for keeping small items contained. Synthetic fibers wont safe, polypropylene baskets perfect for keeping smallsplit or develop gaps over time. These baskets will hold items contained. Durable and easy to wipe clean.their shape, even with vigorous use. Dishwasher-safe. A. Round 7" top dia.; 2" high K30$1.958" dia.; 3" high. B. Elliptical 5" x 7" overall; 2" highK26 1.95 5 PiecesK101$26.95C. Cracker 9" x 3"; 2" highK423.95D. Rectangular 6" x 4"; 2" highK403.75E. Round 9" top dia.; 3" highK444.50CSmall Square Plastic BasketsSet of 6 Plastic Laundry Basket Perfect for stowing collectibles, cotton balls, buttons,This elliptical basket looks like natural fiber but beads, or small language cards, these handy baskets areis actually moisture-resistant woven plastic with as versatile as they are durable. With a woven-rattan look,a coated-wire frame. A perfect place for dirty D they are actually washable polypropylene. 5" sq.; 2" high. cloths and towels. With sturdy handles, this 6 PiecesK81$16.95 perfectly child-sized basket is easy for children to carry and will maintain its nice look for years. 16" x 11" overall; 5" deepK105$13.95 E More Washing & Scrubbing on pp. 2223MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Preparing the Environment - Baskets7'