b'Vertebrates ClassificationStarter Set 5 Laminated Setsof Three-PartPhoto CardsOnce children grasp the core concepts of classification by characteristic, theyAboutVertebrates are eager to applySet of 5 Bookstheir new knowledgeOffer children these rich zoology resources, to all the creatures inwith pertinent information and exquisite their world. By working with multiple categories andillustrations. A great complement to subjects, the child begins to build an understanding ofclassification work, each book covers the the scientific system of taxonomic organization. unique characteristics of one vertebrate class: Introduce packets separately for naming, then combinefood, habitat, locomotion, self-defense, life for sorting, comparing, and contrasting. These startercycle, and importance. Simple sentences face sets include 6 subjects per packet. Includes a simplifiedillustrations: Most amphibians eat insects. classification chart (11" x 8"). Control card with labelThe afterword explains more. Paperback,measures 3" x 4".From Maitri Learning. Laminated30 subjects in all! 38 44 pages each. Ages 38. ito edge, not beyond. Ages 38. Set includes: 5 TitlesSC835$42.95SC635$59.95 Fish Amphibians ReptilesBirds Individual titles available online MammalsUnlaminated Classification ChartMatch a Pair of Birds (SC815, online)challenges children to match 50pairs of male and female birds.Some look alike, some dont!Classification of VertebratesAfter children understand the characteristics of vertebrates, they can sort 25 labeled animal photo cards under five classification cards. Laminated cardstock cards are 2" x 3". (Use Box B702, page 11.) From In-Print for Children. Ages 410.SC126$17.50Animal X-RaysChildren can explore the bone structures of 14 animals with these fascinating x-rays. Each of the five vertebrate classes are represented. After examining the transparent plastic x-rays, children can matchBody CoveringsSet of 5 Booksthem to 14 color photographs.We recommend these books for Compare individual animals, identifyearly classification work because the common traits and differences, ortopicbody coveringsis something 14 animal x-rays + highlysort into vertebrate classes. Includeschildren can see and touch. These titles detailed photographs! resource pages with activitycombine excellent full-color photographs suggestions. Ages 5+. i of animals in their natural habitat with 28 piecesSC03$27.99 simple early reading text. A good springboard for discussion, each book includes a picture glossary, index, and fact pages. Paperback, 24 pages each. Ages 37.5 TitlesSC202$34.7578 Science - VertebratesMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'