b'Swiss Vegetable PeelerFeaturing an easy-grip handle and a carbon-steelAblade, this peeler is very easy to use. Suited for right- or left-handed use. Includes a potato-eye remover on the side. Hand wash. Color may vary. Ages 5+, with adult supervision.4" longD316 $6.50BFruit Wedger/Corer Apple Serving Activity This tool has always fascinated young children; it willMaking a snack of fresh apple slices is a fun way core and slice apples or pears in one motion. Thisto apply a new skill; serving the snack allows version features a push plate that pushes the cut fruit upchildren to use a new Grace and Courtesy lesson. and out, keeping the blades away from fingers. YoungCloth apron is sized for ages 35. Items may vary. children may need a little help cutting their way throughAges 4+.an apple, but the results are well worth it. Raised, comfySet includes: rubbery handles. Sturdy plastic frame with stainlessFruit Wedger/Corer (D312) Child-Size Knife (D417)steel blades. Ages 4+.Glass Lunch Plate (D485)Vinyl Mat (X608)A. 7" x 4"D312$8.95 3 Cotton Terry ClothsFast Food Tray (T180)Apple Apron (D379)SpongeBanana SlicerApple Serving ActivityPL71$49.95The youngest chef can safely help make snacks or fruitApple Apron onlyD37915.95salad with this clever plastic tool. It makes fast work of cutting firm bananas into perfect pieces. Easy-to-clean,Cherry/Olive Pitterdishwasher-safe. Ages 2+. Heres a food prep activity children B. 10" long D310$4.95 will be clamoring to try! Carefully place a cherry or olive on the platform, then push (whoosh!) Fruit & Vegetable Peeler Mini Colander Setthe plunger to quickly press Specially designed for children, this sturdy peeler withIrresistible to children (andthe pit out of the fruit. Pits stainless-steel blade has an ergonomic plastic handle withadults), these real enamelwarefall into the clear cup soft-touch button grips to prevent slipping. With practice,mini colanders will hold abelowno muss or children will peel apples, cucumbers, and carrots with ease.handful of berries forfuss. Use the alternate Dishwasher-safe. Ages 5+, with adult supervision.rinsing or olivescup with an open 7" long D313$4.95 for draining.bottom to direct pits into a Perfect forbowl. 5" long; 1" dia. cup. Ages 3+. snack-sizedD405$4.95portions of fruits Carrot Peeling Activityand vegetables. 1 Just add carrots! This complete set provides everythingcup,cup, andcup. Color may vary. needed to peel, cut, and serve. Ages 5+, with adult3 PiecesD350$13.50supervision. Items may vary.Set includes: Vinyl Mat (X608)Fruit & Vegetable Peeler (D313)Glass Snack Plate (D341) Fast Food Tray (T180)Vegetable Chopper (D325)SpongeSmall Bamboo Cutting Board (D349)PL23$27.95 Egg Slicing Activity Children love serving sliced eggs on round crackers to their friendssuccess is ensured with this set. The Egg Slicer has a non-slip plastic base; 4" dia. x 1" high. Items may vary. Ages 4+. Set includes: Bamboo Potato Basket (K27)Glass Lunch Plate (D485)Fast Food Tray (T180) Vinyl Mat (X608) Stackable Egg Slicer Glass Bowl (G302)SpongeSlicing hard-boiled eggs is just as fun as eating themDeluxe Egg Slicer (D335) with this trio of stackable tools. Simply place the eggEgg Slicing Activity PL40$20.00in the holder and gently push down to create uniformEgg Slicer only D335 4.95 slices, wedges, or halves. Extended handles and non-slip bottoms ensure stability; sturdy metal wires slice Add a yellow apron from page 22 Caution:Adult discretion and supervision are necessary whensmoothly and evenly. Great for prepping strawberries children are using items marked with this symbol; these items and mushrooms, too. Three-blade set nests for storage have (or contain) functional sharp points and/or sharp edges. inside base. Dishwasher-safe. 2" high. Ages 4+.4 PiecesD311$12.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Food Preparation33'