b'Rainforest Instruments Wonderful Houses These wooden instruments are sure to charmAround the Worldyou and your children. Handcrafted in Thailand,Explore a Chinese toulou, an each piece is a work of art. The Croaking Frogearthen castle in Togo, and a will make a croaking sound when you rubMongolian yurt. Striking photos of the outside of each home are the stick up and down its backit sounds justfollowed by detailed cross-section diagrams, with captions that like the call of a real frog! To hear the Chirpingcall out family composition, how space is used, environmental MatryoshkaFive Russian Nesting Dolls Crickets lovely chirp, gently stroke the sidesconditions that affect design, and how the inhabitants (people Sure to delight, children will love opening andof the crickets legs with the wooden stick.and animals) live. Ten homes in 10 countries are represented. closing these wooden dolls. They will find fourAges 3+. Paperback, 44 pages. Ages 3+. ismaller dolls hidden inside the largest. NestingCroaking Frog 3"M262$9.95 C400$12.95them together again is a challenge and providesChirping Cricket 4"M2598.95further intrigue. Handcrafted in Russia, each piece is unique. The dolls decrease in height from 4" to ". Ages 3+.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. See p. 2.C311$20.95Shades of PeopleA gorgeous assemblage of vibrant photos which together represent humanitys amazing Global Babies variety of skin tones. The Gorgeous photos of expressive baby facesphotos themselves tell the from 15 countries will fascinate young childrenunderlying story of respect for all; the gentle text is minimal. and turn this joyous little book into anFull of life and spirit, this is an outstanding addition to your instant favorite. Text is a sweet, simple versecultural library. Paperback, 32 pages. Ages 2+.embracing every baby in the world. A GlobalC548$7.95Fund for Children book. Board book, 16 pages. Ages 14.C40$6.95World Transportation CardsWhat We Wear This intriguing set introduces a wide variety Dressing Up Around the World of modes of transportation, from dugout Dressing up means celebrating who we are, andboat to container ship, tuk-tuk to segway, this colorful book celebrates children aroundand blimp to drone. These well-researched, the world in their robes, feathers, beads, faceclassroom-tested card materials show paint, and more. Vibrant photographs and simplechildren the many ways that people and text introduce certain cultural universals aboutgoods travel. Sort and match subjects by dressing for school, play, and celebrations.category: water, land, and air. 33 labeled Forty-five different countries are representedsubject cards (11 for each category) and 3 in the photographs; a map highlights thosecategory label cards. Plastic cards (4" x 2") countries. Includes ideas for how to learn morehave rounded corners. From Laughing Star about different cultures and your own heritage.Montessori. (Use Box B106, p. 11.) Ages 36.A Global Fund for Children book. Paperback, 32C211$44.00pages. Ages 2+.More transportation materials on p. 56. C117$7.9574 Geography - People & CelebrationsMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'