b'BotanyBean Sprouting ActivityEnough basic supplies to repeat this favorite activity several times. Big bean seeds make it easy to identify thePollinator Setparts of the seed. Items may vary. Ages 3+.! Students will be captivated by the fascinating Set includes: process of pollination described in this engaging 25 Bean SeedsGlass Jarnonfiction set. Written for the emergent reader, Blotting Paper Presentation Suggestions the content of each book showcases connec-SC425$4.50 tions and interactions between plants and ani-mals as they depend on each other for survival. Stunning photographs, informative diagrams, and science-specific vocabulary make this set especially appealing. Includes glossary and index. Paperback, 24 pages each. Ages 48.4 TitlesSC172$27.95AIndividual titles available online B Flowers CardsPlant Life CyclesDesigned to help children recognize and name 20Book Seriescommon flowers, you\'ll be able to find examples of manyClose-up photos of tiny of these flowers throughout the year. The duplicate set ofdetails make these books picture cards can be used in simple matching exercises,about familiar plants or, if one set is cut apart, in a three-part reading activity.particularly captivating 40 labeled photo cards (3" x 4"); laminated cardstock.for early readers. Simple, C Teacher information covers pronunciation, taxonomy, andrepetitive text offers interesting facts for each flower. (Use Box B106, page 11.)vocabulary for what the From In-Print for Children. Ages 4+. i child will see in the garden SC736$24.00after seeds or bulbs are Botany Cabinet Leaf Shapes planted. Life cycle diagram, Laminated Three-Part Photo Cards, picture glossary, and index. Definition Cards & Booklet Paperback, 24 pages each. These materials provide a seamless connectionAges 47. ibetween real plants and the 18 leaf shapes inPumpkinsSC139the Montessori Botany Cabinet. After hands-onSunflowersSC142experience with real leaves, use the Three-PartApple TreesSC650Photo Cards for leaf shape vocabulary. ThenStrawberriesSC652children can match the real leaves to the cards.TomatoesSC651Next, introduce the Definition Cards, which includeDandelionsSC143a three-part card set, a two-part card set, and aEach$6.99control card, for each subject. The 36-page Booklet combines the photo cards with the definitions.Large LeafControl card with label is 3" x 4". From Maitri& Flower PressLearning. Laminated to edge, not beyond. This durable press is ideal for classroom use and will Ages 310. accommodate a variety of specimens. Arrange leaves A. Photo CardsSC771$25.95 and flowers between layers, then tighten the wing nuts. B. Definition CardsSC77325.95 Cut and add more layers of cardboard as needed. Sturdy C. BookletSC77518.95 " birch plywood at top and bottom, with four pieces of cardboard. Instructions included. 12" x 8" with 3" bolts. ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDAges 6+; younger with adult supervision.!Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. SC936$39.9974 Science - BotanyMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'