b'Weather & SeasonsAnimal X-RaysChildren can explore the bone structures of 14 animals with these fascinating x-rays. Each of the five vertebrate classes are represented. After examining the transparent plastic x-rays, children can match them to 14 color photographs. Compare individual animals, identify common traits and differences, or sort into vertebrate classes. IncludesThe Four Seasonsresource pages with activitySet of 4 Bookssuggestions. Ages 5+. i The story of the changing year opens each book: It is 28 piecesSC03$25.50 Fall. It is getting colder. The days are getting shorter. It isChild-Size Snow Shovel Spring. It is getting warmer. The days are getting longer.Instantly visible results make shoveling snow a 14 animal x-rays +Each book describes the characteristics of one season.satisfying job for childrenand theyll appreciate highly detailed Images of children, plants, and animals in all seasonsthis properly scaled tool. Child-size and with a strong photographs! combine with simple text to demonstrate how seasonalhandle, it holds a manageable load. Plastic scoop is 12" changes affect all life on Earth. Includes a chart of thex 10"; 32" overall. Color and handle may vary. Ages 3+ seasons, fact page, picture glossary, and index. Paperback,Q40$8.95True-to-Life Human X-Rays 24 pages each. Ages 36.Children can feel their bones from the outside, through4 TitlesSC713$26.00their skin and muscle. This x-ray set shows children what their bones actually look like. Assemble a skeleton or guessWatchingwhich body parts belong tothe Seasonswhich bones. Includes 18 imagesA perfect way to printed on heavy, transparentintroduce the cycle of plastic and a resource page withthe year as a whole, activity suggestions.before moving on Ages 5+. to details of the 18 Pieces individual seasons. SC09$33.95 Beginning with winter, basic environmental changes of each season are described. Simple text for beginning readers. Includes glossary and further resources. Paperback, 24 pages. Ages 46.SC711$4.95Weather WiseSet of 6 BooksThese books use riveting photos and simple language to describe various types of weather. Each title uses a question-and-answer format to show how different types of weather affect us. Picture glossary and index. Paperback, 24 Weather pages each.Three-Part Photo Cards 6 TitlesSC697$35.50Make a 5\' 6" From fog to waterspout, children skeleton! will learn vocabulary for twelve different atmospheric Individual titlesweather phenomena. Reviewed by a meteorologist, available online this versatile packet will intrigue your children. Use the picture-only cards for vocabulary building and sorting activities. Use all three parts with beginning readers: children can read a word label, match it to the picture-only card, then use the control card to check their work. 12 subjects, 36 cards total. Control card with label measures 3" x 4". Use with Three-Part Card Pockets (L536, p. 57). From Maitri Learning. Laminated to edge, not beyond. Ages 38. iL341$19.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Science - Weather & Seasons87'