b'AContinentBFlag SetsWe offer sets of flagsRoundfor each continentFlag Stands C(except Antarctica,These plastic stands holdwhich has no flag).one, two, or five flags.Africa, Asia, andA. 1-Hole 2" dia.C713$3.75Australia & OceaniaB. 2-Hole 2" dia.C7192.95sets include a selectionC. 5-Hole 2" dia.C7204.50of country flags, not every country in thoseFlags of the Worldregions. See country Individual Nation Flagslists online. i These 6" x 4" flags are made of brightly Africa 12 FlagsC710F$54.00 colored polyester, stapled securely to a plastic Asia 12 FlagsC712F54.00 staff topped with a gold spearhead. Designs Australia & Oceania 8 FlagsC709F36.00 and emblems are accurate in both detail and Europe - Eastern 14 FlagsC707F63.00 color. Flag stands are sold separately. Please Europe - Western 17 FlagsC705F76.50 note: Flags are not labeled by name; provide a North & Central America 14 FlagsC702F63.00 resource book, such as C119 or C723 (below). South America 12 FlagsC704F54.00 Each Specify CountryC714 $4.50Caution:Adult discretion and supervision are necessary when Limited stock. Check online for availability. children are using these flags. The spearhead tip is pointed.United States Flag Set Complete Flags of the World The Flag BookAnswer childrens questions about the symbolism ofThe Ultimate Pocket Guide The amazing stories behind the worlds flagsnational flags by sharing the origin and meaning of theOrganized by continent and indexed by countryPerfect for a budding vexillologist (person who U.S. flag. The American Flag (a Rookie Read-Aboutname, this guide details the origin, adoption date,studies flags), this fact-packed guide is the American Symbols book) has simple, engaging text.and symbols of each flag in a concise, appealingquintessential flag book. It covers the history and Paperback, 32 pages. The 3-Piece Set includes book,style. Accurate illustrations tell as much about thepurpose of flags as well as flag manners, vocabulary, flag, and flag stand. The polyester flag (6" x 4") isflags as the information-rich text. Includes a briefand design elements. Organized by continent, each stapled to a plastic staff. Plastic stand is 2" dia. history of flags, parts of the flag, and heraldic terms.country flag is highlighted and explained. This unique Ages 47. Also includes flag colors and their symbolic uses,reference also covers coats of arms, international flag 3-Piece SetC717$12.95SAVEtypes of flags, a section on international flags (suchsymbols, pirate, sports, and international flags, plus U.S. Flag onlyC714USA4.50 as the United Nations and European Union) as wellmore! Includes glossary and index. Hardcover, 184 1-Hole Flag Stand onlyC7133.75 as signaling flags. Includes flag directory and index.pages. Ages 5+.Updated December 2021. Paperback, 320 pages. C119$19.95 Hugg-A-Planet C723$22.00Earth ClassicGo ahead and hug Earth! ThisWorld Transportation Cardssoft, squeezable pillow providesThis intriguing set introduces a wide variety an impressionistic look at theof modes of transportation, from dugout boat big picture. Printed with overto container ship, pedicab to segway, and 600 countries, continents,ultralight to drone. These well-researched, seas, and more. It\'s aclassroom-tested card materials show children great way to introducethe many ways that people and goods travel. geography. Children canSort and match subjects by category: land, use it as a pillow in awater, and air. 24 labeled subject cards (8 for quiet corner. 12" dia.each category), 3 category label cards, and 3 Please note: Becauseadditional sorting cards (30 cards in all). Plastic of the structure ofcards (4" x 2") have rounded corners. From the pillow and theLaughing Star Montessori. (Use Box B106, p. 11.) way it is sewn, it isAges 36.not perfectly roundnor is every countryC211$44.00visible.More transportationC202$32.95materials on p. 59. MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Geography - Flags & More87'