b'Early ReadingMovable Alphabets CursiveThese small alphabet cards provide the same bridge between the intellectual formation of words and pencil writing as the traditional cut-out alphabets do, at a fraction of the cost. Choose the style that matches your other language materials. Each set includes 20 each of the high frequency consonants (n, r, s, t) and 10 each of all other consonants in Language Object Starter Set pink, 20 of each vowel in blue, 20 of y (10 blue and For your convenience, we have assembled this setObjects may vary. 10 pink), and presentation suggestions. 1" x 2" of 101 objects. Have fun adding your own uniquelaminated cards. From Maitri finds to this starter collection. Most beginningLanguage Learning. Ages 3+.sounds are represented and most of the objectsObject Labels CursiveL505$34.95are phonetic or have a phonogram in them. TheyPrinted on durable,PrintL50634.95range from " to 2". Set includes presentationwaterproof, ready-to-cutPre-CursiveL50734.95suggestions, a list of all the objects, and a link tostrips; no need to laminate. a PDF of labels you can print yourself. Items mayLabels wipe clean and will vary. Ages 3+.! i match the Language Object L850$75.00SAVE Starter Set (L850). FinishedIndividual language objects available onlinesize is 2"3" x 1".L852$7.95 Print Pre-CursiveThe Red/Blue SetReinforce early reading and math concepts with a unique approach integrating touch, sight, and sound. The letters and numerals are made of greeting card felt (flocking) which invites children to touch. The Red Letter Alphabet Book showsInitial Consonantseach letter opposite drawings of everyday objects;This classroom-tested, systematic phonics activity comes with a phonetic pronunciation guide; 56helps children recognize 20 consonant sounds and pages. The Blue Number Counting Book shows thetheir letter symbols. Each of the six groupings were corresponding number of objects to count for eachcarefully selected so the sounds represented within numeral. 12 pages. Both books include suggestionseach group are easy to distinguish from one another. for use. Spiral-bound cardstock. Ages 26.Use the picture cards alone to play sound games The Red Letter Alphabet BookL710 $20.00 before matching the pictures with their letter. Next The Blue Number Counting BookL71215.00 sort the picture cards according to their initial Red Letter/Blue Number Setsound, repeating the names of each picture whileL71330.00SAVE emphasizing the initial sound. Finally introduce the letter symbols that correspond to the sounds. Children can then sort the picture cards by the appropriate letter card.The oral repetition of each initial sound reinforces the childs awareness of that sound in association with the written letter. Middle VowelsIncludes 150 picture cards, 20 consonant letter cards,Hearing middle sounds can be challenging for young 6 plastic boxes, adhesive labels, and presentationchildren. After naming the pictures, use this set of 40 suggestions. Laminated cardstock cards are 2" xpicture cards in oral language games, listening for the 2". From In-Print for Children. Ages 36.short vowel sound in the middle of the word. Later, use L18$48.00 with your Movable Alphabet. Sort the laminated cardstock picture cards (2" x 2") into the 5 clear plastic boxes. Adhesive labels (a, e, i, o, u) and presentation suggestions ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDincluded. From In-Print for Children. Ages 36.Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. L203$22.9560 Language Development - Early ReadingMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'