b'Children of theHatching The Cosmic EggUniverse A master Montessori storyteller and a gifted illustrator 3rd Edition, take readers on a breathtaking journey across the entire Cosmic Education incosmos in this gorgeous picture book. Travel with them the Montessori as they encounter the Universe, life on Earth, the arrival of Elementary Classroom humans, and the discovery of language and mathematics. Ultimately readers will realize where we all come from and Lead children to a morewhere we all belong. Includes a captivating five song CD by peaceful future with thisAndrew Kutt that is sure to delight you and your children. comprehensive guide. ByBy Michael Dorer. Illustrated by Beth Wilson. Paperback,Montessorians Michael58 pages. Ages 6+. Bulk pricing online.and D\'Neil Duffy, thisBook & CDEM116$16.95book is used in many Montessori trainingThe Cosmic Eggprograms. Each chapter outlines a Great Lesson,Worthy of a special place in your classroom, Michael including stories of the Universe, Solar System, Earth,Dorer designed this Cosmic Egg in the style of a set of Life, Humans, and Civilizations. Concludes with aRussian nesting dolls. Five hand-painted, wooden eggs discussion of the implications for this curriculum. Theallow Montessori Elementary concepts to be presented appendix includes updated information about scope andin a concrete form. Follow the story of Hatching the sequence, classroom resources, a glossary, and references.Cosmic Egg (EM116, above) as you open each of the Paperback, 246 pages. Bulk pricing online. eggs. Each egg represents one of the Great Lessons. R01$24.95Eggs range from 1"4". Ages 312.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. See p. 2.5 Eggs (8 pieces)EM119 $60.00Cave Horse Poster included with EM814 & EM815.Universe BooksThese passionately told autobiographical Universe tales take children back in time. The artwork resembles the Montessori Geography Advanced History Set with Charts and science concepts are given context Timeline of Early Humansby a timeline of each text page. Includes A complete classroom-ready package containing theinformational pages, glossary, and resource list. resources you need to convey the incredible drama andPaperback, 48 pages each. Ages 6-12.Sample of companion cards. complexity of the human story. As children delve furtherIn From Lava to Life, the Universe weaves into these interrelated materials, they develop a stronger Timeline of Early Humanssense of humanitys place in the cosmos and kinship forits tale of how things began, the challenges This beautiful, hand-colored timeline shows thethose who came before. From Azoka Company. Pleaseit faced, and how it managed to survive and story of the human journey from the end of thenote: This item will be drop-shipped directly to you.emerge stronger and more capable. Mammals Pliocene (the advent of our hominid ancestors) to theWho Morph was written to stimulate a genuine beginning of the Holocene, ending at the Bronze Age.Set includes: appreciation for the grandeur and excitement Timeline of Early Humans (EM830 or EM832) of our amazing Universe. It carries children Key events, such as discovering the uses of fire andHand Chart (SC820)Cave Horse Batik Posterthe development of hand tools, are correlated withWith Mural-Style TimelineEM815$275.00from the dawn of the age of mammals to the physiological development, such as the emergenceWith Panel-Style TimelineEM814275.00 present day.of H. sapiens sapiens and the disappearance of H.From Lava to LifeEM07$9.95 neanderthalensis.Mammals Who MorphEM109.95The Timeline is just under 7 feet long and is available as a mural (86" x 20") in one continuous piece or as three (29" x 20") panels.Set includes two sets of early human companion cards (48 cards per set) for children to use for research. One set is the control card with label (5" sq.) and the other can be cut apart. The colorful illustrations andHand Chartinformative text of the cards are keyed to the Timeline. Maria Montessori developed the Hand Chart to give children Loose leaf teacher\'s booklet includes presentationa dramatic impression of the difference between pre-history methods and expanded Timeline references and their(before writing) and history. This woven black cloth signifies sources. From Azoka Company. the length of time humans have been on Earth. A machine- Learn About the First Peoples embroidered hand holding a rock represents when humansof North AmericaMural-Style shown aboveEM832$220.00Panel-Style (not shown)EM830220.00 first used tools. A narrow band of red at the end representsTribal Nations of Settler Colonialthe beginning of human history with the advent of symbolicUnited States 37 tribes across 10 regionsexpression (from cave paintings to computers). 100% cotton. From Azoka Company. 9 feet x 11". C275$175.00 See p. 99.SC820$45.00MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Elementary Resources89'