b'Hatching The Cosmic EggA master Montessori storyteller and a gifted illustrator take readers on a breathtaking journey across the entire cosmos in this gorgeous picture book. Travel with them as they encounter the Universe, life on Earth, the arrival of humans, and the discovery of language and mathematics. Ultimately readers will realize where we all come from and where we all belong. Includes a captivating five song CD by Andrew Kutt that is sure to delight you and your children. By Michael Dorer. Illustrated by Beth Wilson. Paperback, 58 pages. Ages 6+. Bulk pricing online.Book & CDEM116$16.95Children of the Universe3rd Edition The Cosmic EggCosmic Education in the Montessori Worthy of a special place in your classroom, Michael Elementary Classroom Dorer designed this Cosmic Egg in the style of a set of Lead children to a more peaceful future with thisRussian nesting dolls. Five hand-painted, wooden eggs comprehensive guide. By Montessorians Michael andallow Montessori Elementary concepts to be presented in D\'Neil Duffy, this book is used in many Montessoria concrete form. Follow the story of Hatching the Cosmic training programs. Each chapter outlines a GreatEgg (EM116, above) as you open each of the eggs. Each Lesson, including stories of the Universe, Solar System,egg represents one of the Great Lessons. Eggs range Earth, Life, Humans, and Civilizations. Concludes withfrom 1"4". Ages 312.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). a discussion of the implications for this curriculum. TheNot for under 3 yrs. See p. 2.appendix includes updated information about scope and5 Eggs (8 pieces)EM119$60.00 sequence, classroom resources, a glossary, and references. Paperback, 246 pages. Bulk pricing online.R01$24.95Advanced History Set withTimeline of Early Humans A complete classroom-ready package containing the resources you need to convey the incredible drama and complexity of the human story. As children delve further into these interrelated materials, they develop a stronger sense of humanitys place in the cosmos and kinship for those who came before. From Azoka Company. Please note: This item will be drop-shipped directly to you.The UniverseSet includes: TrilogyHand Chart (SC820) Timeline of Early Humans (EM830 or EM832)Give children a genuine Cave Horse Batik Poster (shown online) appreciation for the full With Mural-Style TimelineEM815$235.00grandeur and excitement With Panel-Style TimelineEM814235.00 of our amazing Universe. Timeline of Early HumansScience concepts are given This beautiful, hand-colored timeline shows thecontext by a timeline at the top of each text story of the human journey from the end of thepage, and distilled to their very essence at the Pliocene (the advent of our hominid ancestors) to thebottom. Exquisite artwork closely resembles beginning of the Holocene, ending at the Bronze Age.the Montessori Geography Charts. These Key events, such as discovering the uses of fire andbooks will become a permanent part of the development of hand tools, are correlated withyour functional geography lessons. Includes physiological development, such as the emergenceinformational pages, glossaries, and resource of H. sapiens sapiens and thelists. Paperback, 48 pages each. Ages 6+. idisappearance of H. neanderthalensis.Hand ChartThe Timeline is just under 7 feet long.Maria Montessori developed the Hand Chart to give childrenBorn with a Bang Like the Timeline of Life (EM824,a dramatic impression of the difference between pre-historyThe Universe Tells Our Cosmic StoryEM825, p. 88), it is available as a (before writing) and history. The length of this wovenThe chaos and creativity of the cosmos, from black cloth signifies the length of time humans have been mural (86" x 20") or as three on Earth. An embroidered hand holding a rock representsthe Big Bang to the formation of Earth.panels (29" x 20" each). when humans first used tools. A narrow band of red atEM05$12.95The companion cards are thethe end represents the beginning of human history with primary research material tothe advent of symbolic expression (from cave paintings toFrom Lava to Life support childrens exploration ofcomputers). 100% cotton, with machine embroidery. FromThe Universe Tells Our Earth Storyearly humans. Two sets of 48 cardsAzoka Company. 9 feet x 11". Earths story from the beginning of life to the each are included, one control setSC820$35.00 extinction of the dinosaurs.and one with labels. The colorfulEM07$9.95illustrations and informative text of the topic cards are keyed to theMammals Who Morph Timeline; cards with labels measureFind more Elementary booksThe Universe Tells Our Evolution Story5" sq. Loose leaf teachers bookletlike Early People (EM214) onFrom the dawn of the age of mammals toincludes presentation methods andour website. the present day.Sample ofexpanded Timeline references andcompanion cards. EM10$9.95their sources. From Azoka Company.Mural-Style shown aboveEM832$190.00 The Universe TrilogyPanel-Style (not shown)EM830190.00 All 3 TitlesEM12$32.75MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Elementary Resources89'