b'Thumb Piano Miniature Music BoxesGet in touch with your musical side with this beautifulSee inside and watch music in the making! Holding the Thumb Piano. Tuned to the pentatonic scale (D, E, G, A, B,knob and turning the crank helps children develop the D, E, G), it allows for pleasing improvisation. Or, use thepincer grip and refine small motor movements. The clear enclosed booklet to learn to play 20 different tunes byacrylic case covers all the moving parts of the instrument Jamtown Rhythm Instruments plucking the numbers on the tines as indicated. Lovingly(except the handle). 3" x 2"; 1" high. Base color may Offer children a world of rhythm! These are realhandcrafted of hardwood with steel tines in the USA. vary. Ages 3+, with careful presentation.folk percussion instruments (not toys), sized to fit2" x 5". Ages 12+, younger with adult supervision. Everyday Tunescomfortably in a childs hand. Each instrument isM114$35.00 GreensleevesM24an individual work of art handcrafted from naturalHappy BirthdayM28materials and imported by Jamtown, a Fair TradeIts a Small WorldM20organization. Itsy Bitsy SpiderM30Twinkle, Twinkle, Little StarM26Finger DjembeYou Are My SunshineM31 Drum Zip A Dee-Doo-DahM22This handcraftedEach$9.99African-style djembe (gem-bay) drum evokesNEW!Wrist Bells Holiday Selectionsthe wonderful spirit ofThese old-fashioned harness bells are a classicFrosty the SnowmanM29drumming. The perfect sizepercussion instrument great for movement as well asJingle BellsM36for children, a simple fingermusic. Very study construction, with bells firmly fixedRudolph The Red-Nosed ReindeerM21tap produces a wonderfulto the nylon webbing wristband with an adjustableWe Wish You a Merry ChristmasM23sound. Imported from Indonesia,velcro closure. 8" long. Ages 1+. Each$9.99it features a hollowed, handBlue EachM115$4.99 carved mahogany base and aRed EachM1164.99stretched skin drum head. 4" top dia.; 7" high. Ages 3+. Everyone can play! M316$23.99 NEW!Wooden Instrument SetFive wooden instruments!Shake, clap, jingle, tap! This inviting set of Egg Shaker five wooden instruments begs to be played. An intriguing swishingEach quality piece makes a distinct sound sound, smooth finish, andthat children will love. Packaged in a reusable, comfortable size (slightlydrawstring, jute bag. Ages 3+.bigger than a hens egg)Set includes:make this woodenPair of clappers (5\' x 2")instrument very accessible Guiro shaker with striker (6")to young children. From Pair of rhythm sticks (8")Indonesia. 2" long.Jingle stick (6")More WorldCastanet clapper (5")M337$9.99 Instruments online.M111$35.00Rainforest InstrumentsHandcrafted of wood in Thailand, each piece is a work of art. The Croaking Frog will make a croaking sound when you rub the stick up and down its backit sounds just like the call of a real frog! To hear the Chirping Crickets lovely chirp, gently stroke the sides of the crickets legs with the wooden stick. Color may vary. Ages 3+.Croaking Frog 3"M262$9.99Chirping Cricket 4"M2598.99MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Music & Movement57'