b'Three- Part Card PocketsThese beautiful A B C fabric pockets were designed to hold Maitri Learnings Three-Part Cards. Theyrehand sewn and lined. Each has three sectionsone for control cards, one for picture-only cards, and one Vocabulary/Reading Cards for labels. Folds for compact storage and fastens with Three-Part Photo Cards a plastic snap. From Handmade Montessori. 12" x 5" These versatile three-part cards engage children withunfolded; 4" x 5" folded; pockets are 4", 4", and captivating photos of things they might encounter everyD E 2" wide. Specify color: green, yellow, blue, ivory/beige day. Use the picture-only cards for vocabulary buildingor red. Cotton fabric color and pattern may vary.and sorting activities. Use all three parts with beginningEachL536$10.95 readers: children can read a word label, match it to the picture-only card, then use the control card to check their work. 12 subjects, 36 cards in each set. From Maitri Learning. Control card with label measures 3" x 4". Laminated to edge, not beyond. Ages 28. iF GA. TransportationL309B. Juvenile Farm AnimalsL424C. Adult Farm AnimalsL422D. Dog BreedsL420E.PetsL337F.Around TownL318 H I J K G. Around the HouseL303H. In the KitchenL307I.Child\'s ToolsV522J.Sports EquipmentL429K. Orchestral InstrumentsM33L.WildflowersL333M. Garden FlowersL335N. VegetablesL417O.FruitL413Popular Instruments (see p. 54) M35 Weather (see p. 87)L341L M N O Each$19.95Farm Animal Families SetFor Vocabulary Building, Sorting &Beginning ReadingThese 12 realistic Farm Animal Figures are instantly appealing and can be used in so many activities. Children will enjoy sorting the animals by family member (baby, mother, father) or by grouping (cattle, pig, sheep, horse). Young children will be interested in matching the animals to the photo cards, all the while learning new vocabulary. As children get older,they can use the animals and cards in beginning reading games. A truly versatile set. Ages 38.!CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. See p. 2.Farm Animal Figures are made of a high quality, sturdy plastic and are proportional to one another. Sizes range from 2" x 1" high (piglet) to 5" x 4" high (stallion). Farm Animal Family Cards includes three-part cards for each animal plus additional labels for sorting. 43 laminated cards in all. Control card is 3" x 4". Farm Animal Figures onlyL152 $72.25 Farm Animal Family Cards onlyL15320.95Complete Farm Animal Family Set (cards & figures) L15488.00SAVE Animals sold individually online MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Language Development - Vocabulary57'