b'AnatomyNEW!First HumanBody Encyclopedia Learn what happens inside and outside the body! This engaging encyclopedia provides bite-sized facts, fascinating photography, and detailed illustrations to reveal how the body works. Includes glossary, index, and activities for children to test their A knowledge. Hardcover, 128 pages. Ages 5+.SC180$16.95 Bite-sized facts and B detailed photography!Face & Exterior Body LabelsUse these two sets to teach the basic parts of the face or the exterior body. Each set includes durable labels,Hear Your Hearta labeled control card, and a cardstock replicard.Let\'s-Read-and-Find-Out Science - Stage 2Children can match labels (3" x " after cutting)While you are awake while you are asleep your heart is to the replicard (8" x 11"), then check against thealways beatingbut just how does your heart work? This book control card (8" x 11"). (For the labels, use Box B105,introduces human anatomy with a clear, accessible look at the page 11.) From In-Print for Children. Ages 36. circulatory system. Includes activities and resources. Paperback, Face Labels includes 9 labels to teach the names and33 pages. Ages 5 - 9.features of the face (hair, forehead, eyebrow, cheek,SC32$5.95etc.). Use the 11 labels in Exterior Body Labels to name the exterior parts of the human body (neck, torso, arm, hand, etc.). iA. Face LabelsSC469$8.95B. Exterior Body LabelsSC4688.95Bones Bones of the Childs SkeletonThere are 27 bones in a human hand and 200 pairsUse this set to teach the scientific names of 23 key of ribs in a pythoncount them! Side-by-sidebones from head (skull) to toe (phalanges). Bones are comparisons and riveting text draw attention tolabeled and highlighted on a skeleton proportioned Front similarities and differences between the bones oflike a six-year-old child. The 23 coated cardstock cards humans and other animals. Fold-out pages showmeasure 2" x 6". (Use Box B703, page 11.) Children Back the whole skeleton of a human and a python.can make and label their own Parts of a Skeleton Hardcover, 44 pages. Ages 5+.booklets using blank skeleton outlines photocopied SC491$23.95 from the replicard (8" x 11"). From In-Print for Children. Ages 4+.SC489$20.95Front (backlit)Whats Inside Animals Reveal the connection between 16 animals and their bones with this exciting tool for vertebrate comparisons. First view the animal photo; then shine a light through the card to reveal a silhouette of the skeleton; next turn the card over to see the skeleton in detail. Sorting, matching, and classification possibilities are endless. Big, durable plastic cards with images sealed under a scratch-resistant coating. 16 subject cards have all classes of vertebratesincluding a human. 8" x 10". Ages 4+.SC118$32.95!See p. 2.86 Science - AnatomyMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'