b'Cleaning UpTidy Up! Take a glimpse at children around the world doing their daily tasks. Multicultural photographs, paired with simple, rhyming text, illustrate the value of caring for oneself and the environment. An appendix identifies the photo location. Paperback, 24 pages. For beginning readers. Ages 3-6. C629$6.95Mop & Broom Organizers As shown in the photo below, slip a handle into the rubberized ring and let gothe handle stays put. Lift the ring with a finger Sweeping Activityand the handle slips out. So easy to use! Keeps wet mop heads Corn Broom (Q20), Sweeping Guide (Q75), andoff the floor. Holds our brooms or mop (and adult sizes, too!). Traditional Sweeping Set (Q16, p. 21).Sturdy plastic. Mounting hardware included. PL20$52.75 A. 2-Ring Organizer 11" x 3"Q50$7.50 B. 1-Ring Holder 2" x 3" Q51 2.95Sweeping Guide Place this semi-circular wooden form on the floorA B and direct the sweepingsWet & Dry Mopinto it, providing anDouble-Sided Microfibereffective point of interest. Modern Brush & Dustpan Get the job done quickly with this extra-wide, 11" x 6"Q75$26.00This full-size plastic set is ideal for big jobs indoors and out.swivel-head mop. Safe for all surfaces. Use wet The soft rubber lip on the dustpan sits flat on theor dry. Adjustable (three-piece metal handle), floor for maximum pickup. The high back will catchgoes from 31" to 45". Removable microfiber enthusiastic sweepings. Soft grip brushcover is machine washable. Ages 3+, with Corn Broomhas a pointed head and angledadult supervision. A sturdy classic! Wooden bristles to get into corners.Q84$11.95 handle and stiff broomcorn. Brush nestles snugly into 7" wide head; 38" long overall.dustpan for storage. Brush Ages 37. is 10" overall. Dustpan Q20$8.95 is 9" wide. Ages 4+. Yarn Mop 2 PiecesQ69$8.95A 100% cotton, child-size Yarn Mop with fully Push Broomreplaceable head and attached, non-abrasive Sidewalks, driveways, patiosscrubbing pad. Extra thick, absorbent yarn;Help children tackle theSweeping Steps or Pathseasy screw-in handle. 29" long overall. big jobs! Easy screw-inActivityChildren may need adult assistance wringing handle. 9" wood headPush Broom (Q32) and Modern Brushout the mop. Ages 48.with stiff plastic bristles;& Dustpan Set (Q69, above).Yarn Mop Q21$11.95 33" long overall. PL28$23.95 Extra Mop HeadQ23 8.50Ages 37. Q32$15.50Whisk Broom & Dustpan SetDesigned for small cleanups, the sturdy, stiff-bristled brush snaps into the plastic dustpan when not in use. Polypropyline bristles. 6" x 8"; ". Ages 3+.2 PiecesQ56$3.95 20 Practical Life - Cleaning UpMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'