b'Money Seasons & Weather This item isa favorite!The Coin Counting BookLets count our five pennies just one more time. If we add five more pennies well haveone dime. Bouncy rhymes lead children through basic coin equivalentsThe Four Seasons Setfrom the penny to the dollar. Photos of life-size coinsFirst Step Nonfictionare labeled with math equations, in numerals andThe story of the changing year opens each book: It is Fall. words. A great way to learn comparative values.It is getting colder. The days are getting shorter. Each book Paperback, 30 pages. Ages 58. describes the characteristics of one season. Images of children, MA122$7.95plants, and animals in all seasons combine with simple textChild-Size Snow Shovel to demonstrate how seasonal changes affect all life on Earth.Instantly visible results make shoveling snow a Includes a chart of the seasons, fact page, picture glossary, satisfying job for children and theyll appreciate and index. Paperback, 24 pages each. Ages 36. this properly scaled tool. Child-size and with a strong 4 TitlesSC713$27.95 handle, it holds a manageable load. Plastic scoop is 12" x 10"; 32" overall. Color and handle may vary. Ages 3+.Q40$9.99150 realistic pieces!NEW!Play Money Teach hands-on coin and bill recognition with this realistic set. Bills are actual-size and plastic coinsHello Seasons! Set have authentic details. An ideal way to learn addition,Through vivid photography and simple text this exceptional subtraction, and how to make change. 150 pieces: 30series highlights the quintessential aspects of each season. pennies; 20 nickels, dimes, quarters, $1 and $5 bills; 10Children will learn about the changes that occur in plants, $10 and $20 bills. Ages 3+ .! animals, and the landscape/weather in spring, summer, fall, MA162 $13.99 and winter. Iconic seasonal activities are also highlighted. Includes glossary. Paperback, 32 pages each. Ages 4-8.4 TitlesSC368$31.95 Individual titles available onlineWeather Wise SetThese books use riveting photos and simple language to describe various types of weather. Each title uses a question-and-answer format to show how different types of weather affect us. Picture glossary and index. Paperback, 24 pages each.6 TitlesSC697$47.50 Individual titlesWeatherLaminated available online Three-Part Photo CardsLearn vocabulary for different NEW!Lift-the-Flap Questions atmospheric weather phenomena such as fog andMeasure the weather and Answers About Moneywaterspout. Use the picture-only cards for vocabularywith our EZ Read "What did people do before money? Why do prices gobuilding and sorting activities. Use all three parts withRain Gauge (SC441) or up?" Packed with practical advice and fun facts, lift 60+beginning readers. Reviewed by a meteorologist.Jumbo Thermometer flaps to learn about everything from the story of money,12 subjects, 36 cards total. Control card with label(SC662) both found on to money manners, and how to earn and manage it.measures 3" x 4". From Maitri Learning. Laminatedpage 29.Hardcover, 14 pages. Ages 6+.to edge, not beyond. Ages 38. iMA129$14.99 L341$19.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Money, Seasons & Weather71'