b'Geography CardsCards withIntroduce children to the wondrous variety offinished folder.people and places on Earth through these beautiful Geography Cards. With 10 parallel images for each of the 7 continents, these photo cards broadly represent A life, landscape, and culture on Earth. Parallel images are intended to create an equitable and balanced view of life around the world and allow children to compare and contrast clothing, food, transportation, etc. These Examples of cardsinspiring photos will awaken childrens interest and from various themes. effortlessly support the development of expressive and receptive vocabulary. From Maitri Learning.Each continent packet contains one image for 10 clearly defined concepts/themes: An iconic buildingA school sceneAn iconic animalA street sceneAn iconic vistaA paradeA beachFood vendorsA marketPeople fishingThe back of each card shows an image of the continent (color-coded to the Montessori continent map), the photo location, and additional information as needed. Laminated cards are 8" x 5". Ages 312. Three cards fromA set of 7 Display/Storage Folders is sold separately the same theme. and comes with a sheet of printed images of theBcontinents. Cut out the continent images and affix one to each 12" x 9" folder.A. Geography Cards onlyC860$99.95 B. Display/Storage Folders onlyC86112.95 Includes 70oversize cards(8" x 5"). World Animals CardsWorking with these well-researched, classroom-tested card materials demonstrates the beauty and diversity in our natural world.All cards include a photo of the subject, its name, a simple sentence, and a continent symbol to indicate where it lives. All sets include 7 continent cards. Plastic cards have rounded corners. 2" x 4". From Laughing Star Montessori. Ages 36. (Use Box B106 or B702, p. 11.) iA.Fish4 from each of 7 continents (28 subject cards)AC339$44.00B.AmphibiansAnimals of the 4 from each of 6 continents (24 subject cards) Seven Continents C341$40.00After learning the names of theC.Reptilesanimals and where they live, children4 from each of 6 continents (24 subject cards)Bcan sort these animal picture cardsC353$40.00under the seven continent labels,D.Birds Cor under the appropriate pieces of4 from each of 7 continents (28 subject cards) the Montessori World Puzzle Map.C356$44.00Children can use photocopied replicards (5" x 4", afterE.Mammalscutting) to make booklets; each sheet shows one continent4 from each of 7 continents (28 subject cards) and five animals indigenous to it. Set includes 35 animalC357$44.00cards (3" x 3"), 7 label cards, and 7 cardstock replicards. (Use Box B106, p. 11). Laminated cardstock. From In-Print More Animal materials in Science, pp. 8183 for Children. Ages 47.Cards, Labels & ReplicardsSC296$24.95SAVE D ECards with Labels onlySC296C19.95Replicards only SC296R6.95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Geography - The World71'