b'AMiss Rhondas Mini Books B5 Incredibly Short Stories for Beginning ReadersThese small but impactful books empower beginning readers by enabling them to read an entire book byMiss Rhondas Readersthemselves. As a bridge between word reading and storyYou can tell these charming books were written by a Montessori teacher. The simple text is geared reading, each book includes 6 to 25 mostly phonetic words,toward childrens humor and was tested over time in the authors classroom. Short, mostly phonetic with sweet illustrations and child-friendly subjects. Bookssentences provide plenty of opportunities for sounding out words and experiencing the joy of measure 4" x 4". From Miss Rhondas Readers. Paperback,reading a real story! Delightful illustrations and mild suspense will capture young readers. Ages 48.6 pages each. Ages 3+. Set 1 and Set 2 (8 titles each) have mostly phonetic words but include some consonant blends and 5 TitlesL559$9.95 some sight words. Paperback, 8 pages each. iChildren look forward to reading their first chapter book and are so proud of their accomplishment once they do. Each of these chapter books has six stories. Around Town with Miss Rhonda (74 pages) features long vowel sounds; the adventures take place in the neighborhood. On the Farm (76 pages) features more fun stories to engage the early reader, and features the family dog.A. Set 1 8 TitlesL600$19.95B. Set 2 8 TitlesL60119.95Chapter Books Around Town with Miss RhondaL60611.95 On the FarmL60711.95Key phonogram soundsPhonogram Word CardsWorking with this comprehensive set of word cards will excite young readers by giving them yet another readingBob Bookstool! Reinforce childrens understanding of the keyDeveloped by an early childhood teacher who phonograms presented in the Montessori language schemeknew the value of successful experiences in the and introduce them to the spelling variations. Childrenearly stages of reading, Bob Books have been a will enjoy reading the words and placing them under thefavorite in classrooms for years. Known for their phonogram card (highlighted in green). Children can mixsubtle humor, simple line drawing illustrations, and sort the cards or use them as flashcards with a friend.and appealing small size (5" x 4"), these The 350 coated cardstock cards (3" x 2") come ready tostories provide a fun challenge for the new be sorted. Makes 41 different sets or booklets. (Use Displayreader. Simplicity and consistency make these books a dependable way of perfecting B711, p. 10. Not all 41 sets need to be displayed at one time.)mechanical reading skills and increasingBeginning & Advancing ReadersFrom Miss Rhondas Readers. Ages 4+.Short vowels and short phonetic words up toL604$44.95 comprehension. Each set includes a teachingthree letters. 12 titles, 12 pages each.guide. Ages 48. iSet 1 Beginning ReadersL752$17.95All 5 Sets of Bob Books Set 2 Advancing BeginnersL75317.95 The complete collection48 titles in all!Word Families & Complex WordsBeginning Readers (L752), AdvancingGradual progression beyond short vowels; easy Beginners (L753), Word Families (L754),consonant blends begin to expand word concepts. Complex Words (L755), and Long 8 titles, 18 pages each.Vowels (L756). Set 3 Word FamiliesL754$17.95L757$89.75 Set 4 Complex WordsL75517.95Long VowelsShort vowels, consonant blends, and compound words, progressing to long vowel sounds and silent e.8 titles, 16-24 pages each.Sample of key sounds with word cards Set 5 Long Vowels L756$17.9562 Language Development - Early ReadingMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'