b'Tools & WoodworkingBoards of EducationDesigned by a Montessori teacher to aid the development of eye-hand coordination while teaching a practical skill. Separate compartments hold the driver and the bolts (after the child has removed them). The bolts screw into durable metal sleeves that prevent stripping. Boards measure 10" x 4"; 1" high. Sets include one board, one driver, and bolts. Ages 3+. Tap & TackHammering ShapesA favorite with young children! Hammering real " nails through pre-drilled wooden tiles into a corkboard encourages children to hone fine motorHex Bolt BoardAll 3 Boards of Education skills as they create. An open-ended activitytilesThis is the easiest of the three boards because theSave when you order all three: Hex, Slotted, and can be removed, then repositioned to create andriver covers the nut and will not slip. 4 hexagonal- Graded.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under infinite variety of patterns and pictures. Includesheaded bolts and a 7" Hex Nut Driver.! CHOKING3 yrs. See page 2.wooden mallet (6" long), nails, 100 tiles,HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. See page 2. Set of 3 V12$115.00 SAVE corkboard (11" x 8"), and design suggestions.Hex Bolt Board V06$42.00 All 3 Extra Bolt SetsV12A 3.00 SAVEAges 4+.! 4 Extra Bolts only V06A .75WARNING: Cancer or birth defects V546 $25.95Hex Nut Driver onlyV06D 8.50www.P65Warnings.ca.gov WARNING: Cancer or birth defects Bolt Blockwww.P65Warnings.ca.govYoung children can turn the 6 big, chunky wooden bolts with fingers or use the jumbo wooden screwdriver. Each bolt turns smoothly in any threaded hole. Children will notice they can also match bolts to holes by color. The driver stores securely in its own unthreaded hole. Ages 25. Graded Bolt Board 6" x 1"V92$15.00 Slotted Bolt BoardThe bolts are graded in diameter to create a more 4 slotted bolts of equal diameter and a 3" Stubbychallenging exercise. 5 slotted bolts and a 3" Stubby Great preparationScrewdriver. ! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not forScrewdriver. Extra Bolts includes 2 each of 5 sizes.for using a realunder 3 yrs. See page 2. ! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.screwdriver! Slotted Bolt Board V08 $42.00 See page 2.4 Extra Bolts only V08A .95Graded Bolt Board V10$42.00Stubby Screwdriver onlyV08D 2.50 10 Extra Bolts only V10A 1.95Stubby Screwdriver onlyV08D2.50 WARNING: Cancer or birth defectswww.P65Warnings.ca.govWARNING: Cancer or birth defectswww.P65Warnings.ca.govWoodshop for Kids Stanley Jr. Tool Sets 52 Woodworking Projects Kids Can Build Here\'s everything young builders need Everything you need to know to get children usingto master basic skills or turn out finished real tools to build real projects. A process-orientedprojects. These tools were specifically perspective and step-by-step organization makedesigned for children ages 5+, with adult this a refreshing guide for working safely andsupervision.See p. 2.successfully with children. Written by a masterSets include:woodworker, this guide presents the skills needed Safety goggles to complete projects, Hammer (6" long) along with tool and Phillips-head screwdriver (7" long) shop vocabulary, Flat-head screwdriver (7" long) safety, and skill Retractable measuring tapepresentation tips. Simple to quiteThe sturdy plastic Tool complex projects.Box is roomy enough for Paperback, 201 pages.all of the tools (plus other Ages 412.i tools like the Drill and V490$21.95 the Level, p. 31).Stanley Jr. Tool Set & ToolboxV222$44.95 Stanley Jr. Tool Set onlyV22337.95 For more information about CaliforniaProp 65 warnings, please visit our website.30 Practical Life - Tools & WoodworkingMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'