b'ManipulativesA Classic with a Twist Opening & Closing Activity Young children can refine their fine motor skillsEight containers provide a variety of challenges; each with these screw-together stacking blocks. Theyhas a different closure, such as a drawstring, a zipper, or can also match the 8 wooden blocks by shape ora snap. Change out the items as you and the children color. 4 are fitted with sturdy plastic screws to joinfind new and interesting things to open and close. 5 hand-painted dolls to the others. Great for eye-hand coordination andItems and colors may vary. Ages 3+.! spatial relations. Cube is 1". Ages 2+. Set includes: V483$15.00 8 Different Containers Eco Felt Mat (X612) Small Willow Basket (K15)PL77$26.95 Busy HandsMaria Montessori called the hand the Matryoshkacompanion of the mind. With something Five Russian Nesting Dolls in their hands, she observed, the youngest Sure to delight, children will love opening andchildren often become engaged in lengthy closing these wooden dolls. They will find fourexplorations of an object. Periods of smaller dolls hidden inside the largest. Nestingconcentration and eye-hand coordination them together again is a challenge and providesdevelop. Over, under, stacking, matching, further intrigue. Handcrafted in Russia, eachturningso many ways to manipulate piece is unique. The dolls decrease in height from 4" to ". Ages 3+.! objects with their hands. As Montessori C311$28.95 Gear (Cog) Puzzleobserved, young children love and need to Take this puzzle for a spin! Simply turn the red knob andwork with their hands.watch the gears turn. Each of the wooden gear pieces can be removed. Children will enjoy experimenting with placement of each gear as only some are interchangeable. Wooden board is 8" sq. Ages 10 months+.V547$24.95NEW!Stacking Shape Sorter Sort blocks by color, learn names of shapes, match dowels to blocks, and stack the pieces! This compact wooden puzzle block offers unlimited creative opportunities. Includes 19 colored blocks and 9 colored dowels that fit cleverly into the wooden tray (6 sq.). Children will enjoy this fun manipulative toy. Ages 2+. Y782$29.95600 pegs +4 pegboards = endless fun!Small Pegs Activity SetChildren can use the design cards to make fun patterns or they can create their own!Fuzzy Stick Sculpture Set This hands-on peg board activity builds fineThis open-ended S.T.E.A.M. craft/sculpture kit is designed to motor skills and is ideal for pattern, symmetry,spark and celebrate the creative process, while developing sorting, and sequencing work. 600 sturdy pegsfine motor skills. Children can combine and manipulate the in 6 colors, 4 plastic 100-hole pegboards (6"materials to produce endless designs and patterns with sq.), and 15 double-sided, laminated cards (30this 200+ piece set. Includes a 10" sq. wooden peg board, patterns). Ages 3+.! 95 fuzzy sticks, 81 beads, and 30 paper straws. Items in set V162$39.95may vary. Ages 3+.!A349$22.00 38 Practical Life - ManipulativesMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'