b'Elementary BiologyPlant KingdomBotany Photo Card SetsCompiled especially for the Montessori Elementary classroom by Priscilla Spears, Ph.D., these sets of stunning, information-rich cards are an outstanding overview of the plant kingdom. This springboard for discovery invites children to bring blossoms from home or add photos to the collection, then pinpoint the specimens place in the classification system. Particularly useful when live specimens are not available! Each set includes vibrant photo cards on glossy cardstock, information, and activity suggestions. From Big Picture Science. Ages 5+. Plant Lessons 2nd Edition, IntroducingChildren to Plant Form and FunctionThis master resource from Priscilla Spears, Ph.D. will From the Biosphere to Atomsinspire you to teach botany with confidence and 2nd Edition, A Teachers Guide to the enthusiasm. Proceeding from an introductory Organization of the Living World overview of the whole plant to parts of the plant Teachers will find this resource invaluable forand even to parts of the parts of the plant, each reviewing and refining their understanding ofsubject is covered with such depth that youll lifes structures and levels of organization, fromnever lack ideas or information to share with the biosphere down to atoms. This frameworkyour Elementary class. Introductory material is for life sciences follows naturally from the Earthvaluable in the Primary classroom, too. Detailed, system concept, which views the outer part of oursequential botany lessons include over 200 planet as interacting atmosphere, hydrosphere,Major Branches exquisite photos, along with nomenclature lists, lithosphere, and biosphere. of the Plant Kingdom materials, stories, and suggestions for childrens Researched and written by Priscilla Spears,Illustrates the major branches of the plant kingdom.work. Index of terms. From Big Picture Science. Ph.D. for Elementary and Secondary Montessori40 photo cards and 40 text cards (5" x 4"). Spiral-bound paperback, 180 pages. Ages 612.classrooms, it includes important concepts, lessonEM401$29.95 EM400$46.95ideas, and extensive resources. From Big Picture Science. Spiral-bound paperback, 144 pages. EM404$31.95Learn about leaf types, veins, and margins with Leaf Characteristics (SC136). Find it, and more plant materials, online.Flower Cards for Study & SortingDesigned to supplement lessons with live specimens, this set allows students to see examples of plants not available because of locale or season. 48 photo cards and 48 text cards (5" x 4").EM412$31.95 Find more Botany Photo Cards online. NEW!Discovering Trees Explore the wonders of trees. This hands-on field guide is packed with information. Learn why leaves Leaf Shapes and Margins change color, the difference between coniferous Introduce students to the world of leaves withand deciduous trees, kinds of bark, and more. this masterfully photographed collection.Children are encouraged to look for and identify Students will learn about both exotic anddifferent trees in their yard, park, and beyond. This indigenous plants, as well as the five main leafguide also includes fun activities like building a fort shapes and how to classify them. 44 cards (8" xand making bark and leaf rubbings. Hardcover, 48 5"). From Big Picture Science. Includes lessonpages, plus 3 pages of stickers, and a small plastic suggestions for ages 36, 69, and 912. magnifier. Ages 48.EM106$31.95 SC331$12.9592 Elementary BiologyMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'