b'From Miss RhondaRocks, Fossils & Shellswith Matching CardsThese intriguing sets provide various activities so children can progress through the activities (naming, matching, reading, and sorting) at their own pace. Detailed information about each rock, fossil, or shell is included on the reverse of each card and will provide a jumping off point for further research. Coated cardstock cards are 4" x 5". Color, size, and type of specimens vary. From Miss Rhondas Readers. For Primary and Early Elementary children, ages 39.Rocks with Matching CardsTwelve rocks give children a dozen reasons to get excited about geology. Specimens come with matching photo cards, labels, and category cards (sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous). Teach the names of the rocks: obsidian, marble, quartzitethen match each specimen to its photo card. Read the names and then match the labels to each rock. Finally, Basket & rugsort each rock by its category. Information about the sold separately. specimen is on the back of each card, along with a photo of where each can be found (e.g., the White Cliffs of Dover). 12 double-sided photos cards and labels, 3 category cards. Rocks range from 1"5".!Back of photo card EM203$45.00 (shown left)Category cardBack of photo cardSimple Science BooksDid you know that without dirt there would be no plants, animals, or people? Or that the Earth\'s crustCategory cardsis made entirely of rock? With these beautifully photographed books, you\'ll discover what makes ordinary dirt or rocks so extraordinary. Includes discussion questions, index, glossary, and more resources. Paperback, 32 pages each. Ages 58. DirtEM222$7.95 RocksEM2207.95Back of photo cardsFossils with Matching CardsShells with Matching Cards A beautiful set of 8 fossils with matching Children will be instantly drawn to this beautifulphoto cards! Ranging in size from 1"4", set. Matching photo cards accompany the 16 shells.these fossils were chosen to give children First teach the names of the shells: knobbed whelk,specimens as large as practical to examine. green limpet, calico scallopThen proceed throughFirst teach the names of the fossils: turritella the activities one at a time: match each specimenagate, orthoceras, ammoniteThen, match to its photo card, read the names, and match theeach fossil to its photo card. The next labels to each shell. Next, shells can be sorted intoactivity is matching the name labels to the categories: gastropods and bivalves. 16 double-sidedspecimens. On the reverse of each card is an cards and labels; 2 category cards. On the reverse ofillustration of what the living fossil looked like each photo card is a photo taken in the wild and textso many years ago and information about the about the live animal. Ecologically harvested shellsfossil. 8 cards and 8 labels. Fossils can also ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDrange from 1"6".! be used with the Timeline of Life (EM824, Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. SC920$45.00 EM825, p. 88).!SC957$45.00MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Elementary - Geology91'