b'Shown with a penny for scaleTeeny Tiny TrayHighlight a single language object, a beautiful stone, a stamp, the unit bead, or another tiny treasure! Children will be challenged to be oh-so careful when carrying.Stackable Sorting Tray SetTiny handles make it easy to grasp and hold. 3" x 2". This cleverly designed set of colorful plastic trays EachT62$1.25nests together neatly for storage. The perfect size for Set of 10T6310.00SAVE so many classroom activitiescard materials, pouring exercises, or art, to name a few. Trays (7" sq. x " deep) have rounded corners and one lid that will fiton any of the trays. Assorted colors.CreativitraysSet of 6 T228 $22.99Multi-purpose, lightweight, and durable. 1" deep straight sides and extended lip for easyAvailable Multi-Purpose Organizerscarrying. Made of flexible, polypropylenein 4 colors! These sturdy racks are real workhorses. Withplastic. All sizes stack and nest for storage. heavy-duty coated steel, four wide slots, and astable, flared base, they are great for organizing, displaying, or storing materials. Use the smaller sizeto group related folders or booklets. The larger can hold picture books, paper by the ream, or art supplies, among other things. Small 6" x 10" overall; 3" highX208$7.99 Large 8" x 10" overall; 6" highX2099.99 Small CreativitrayEconomy TraysIdeal for holding liquid or grain pouring or for art,Shelf-friendly proportions and affordability sewing, or other small activities. 8" x 5" overall. make this plastic tray ideal for the classroom. Specify color: red, blue, yellow, or green.Slightly tapered, extended handles encourage Each specify colorT450$4.25children to grasp at the center, where the handle is widest. This tray is a little less rigid than some of our other trays. 13" x 7" overall; " deep.Sage Green T204 PinkT202Blue T203BlackT200Each$3.99Medium Creativitray A great size for a food preparation or science activity. 11" x 8" overall. Specify color: red, blue, yellow, or green. Eachspecify colorT452$5.25 NEW!Small Oval TrayA "clear" choice for a variety of Practical Life Creativitray Setactivities including pouring, transferring, or serving.Toast Rack Includes one large tray (16" x 11"), one MediumThis acrylic tray has rounded sides that are easy toThis classic English (T452), and 2 Small (T450). Assorted colors.grasp and carry. 10" x 5"; " deep. toast rack makes T505$8.99 an excellent display 4 Pieces T150$22.00stand. Its small size is perfect for storing or displaying small folders, cards, or art Useful as a basketpaper. Items are easy to see, or a tray. Findretrieve, and return to their proper plastic Basketplace. Stainless steel rack is sturdy, well-made, and Trays (T600- wobble-free. The 6 slots are 1" wide. Shown with the T603) online. Pollinator Set (SC172, p. 74) and I Know What Gravity Does (R33, p. 83).7" x 3" overall; 4" highX720$9.99MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Preparing the Environment - Trays & Displays9'