b'CreativitraysSmallMulti-purpose, lightweight, and durable. 1" deepCreativitray straight sides and extended lip for easy carrying.Ideal for holding a Made of flexible, polypropylene plastic. All sizesliquid or grain pouring stack and nest for storage. exercise or for art or sewing Creativitray Setactivities. 8" x 5" overall.Includes one large tray (16" x 11"), one MediumSpecify color: red, blue, yellow, or green. (T452), and 2 Small (T450). Assorted colors.Each specify colorT450$2.95 4 Pieces T150$15.95 Medium Creativitray A great size for a food preparation or science activity. 11" x 8" overall. Specify color: red, white, blue, yellow, or green. Each specify colorT452$3.95Multi-Purpose OrganizersThese sturdy racks are real workhorses heavy-duty coated steel, four wide slots, and the stable, flared base make them great for organizing, displaying, Carry On! or storing materials. Use the smaller size to group Everything in the childs environmentrelated folders or booklets. The larger can hold is part of the childs education. Thepicture books, paper by the ream, or art supplies, simplest task, like carrying a tray,among other things. is learned. Before giving a lesson,Small 6" x 10" overall; 3" highX208$5.95 Faux Wood Tray Large 8" x 10" overall; 6" highX2097.95 analyze all the motions involvedThis plastic tray looks just like woodright down to in carrying and quietly placing athe wood grain pattern. Unlike most wooden trays it tray on a table. When children cancan be used in exercises with water. successfully move across a room with10" x 6" overall; " deepT103$3.95a full tray, the control of movement they demonstrate enhances theirBasket/Trayindependence, self-esteem, andAffordable and socialization skills. all-purpose, these cheerful restaurant-quality containers have a high (1") rim to help reduce tipping and sliding. The quarter-inch lip is easy for small fingertips to grip and hold. Stable; not likely to bow while being carried. Food-grade polypropylene is Durable Clear Tray safe for microwave and dishwasher.Sure to become a classroom staple, this clearRedT600| YellowT601BlueT602| GreenT603acrylic tray is the perfect size for everything from Practical Life activities to language cards. HighEach 10" x 7" overall; 1" deep$1.95sides secure contents and an extended lip makes it easy for small hands to carry.Mini Utility Caddy 9" x 5"; " deepT518$8.50This convenient caddy can tote cleaning supplies, artToast Rack materials, garden tools, and more. Lightweight, sturdyThis classic English plastic; 9" sq. x 5" high. toast rack makes White W93W$5.50an excellent display Blue W93B 5.50stand. Its small size is Red W93R 5.50perfect for storing or displaying small folders, cards, or art Large Clear Tray with Handles paper. Items are easy to see, At nearly " thick, this durable acrylic tray is asretrieve, and return to their proper substantial as it is versatileperfect for a host ofplace. Stainless steel rack is sturdy, well-made, and classroom activities. Its space-saving, stackablewobble-free. The 6 slots are 1" wide. Shown with the design makes it ideal for the snack table. HighPollinator Set (SC172, p. 78) and the Cosmic Wonder sides contain spills, while easy-grip handlesSeries (R41, p. 69).enable secure transport.7" x 3" overall; 4" highX720$9.9512" x 7"; " deepT519$9.95 MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Preparing the Environment - Trays & Displays9'