b'Miniature Music Boxes Melody Harp Yoga Pretzels Card DeckSee inside and watch music in the making!Anyone can instantly play beautiful music with this50 Fun Yoga ActivitiesHolding the knob and turning the crank helpswooden lap harp (also known as a zither). Just slide afor Kids & Grownupschildren develop the pincer grip and refinesong sheet under the strings and pluck the string abovePick a card and discover imaginative ways to small motor movements. The clear acrylic caseeach noteits that easy! An excellent way to introducestart children bending, breathing, and stretching. covers all the moving parts of the instrumentchildren to the joys of music. Comes with 6 two-sidedYoga develops strength and flexibility, helps (except the handle). 3" x 2"; 1" high.song sheets (12 songs), tuner, pick, spare string, and aimprove concentration, and builds self-esteem. Base color may vary. Ages 3+, with carefullifetime string replacement guarantee. 15" x 8" overall.Step-by-step illustrations show a pose on one presentation. Ages 4+.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.side of the card, with instructions on the other. Everyday Tunes See p. 2. Try individual or partner poses, or group games, GreensleevesM24 Additional Music Packets, each with 12 songs (6 two-sidedsuch as Yoga Pretzels. Includes booklet and 50 Happy BirthdayM28 sheets), are also available. The sturdy Carrying Case has acards. Ages 4+.Its a Small WorldM20 handle, outside pocket, and an easy zipper closure. i E302$14.95Itsy Bitsy SpiderM30 Melody HarpM360$49.95Twinkle, Twinkle, Little StarM26 Childrens Songs #1M3636.00You Are My SunshineM31Lets Move!CD Zip A Dee-Doo-DahM22 Childrens Songs #2M3656.00 Music for Work on the LineFolk TunesM3676.00 Dr. Elisabeth Caspari, who devoted Each$7.95 Christmas SongsM3696.00Carrying Case (shown online)M38614.95 her life to Montessori education Holiday Selections and teacher-training, Frosty the SnowmanM29 said: For little children, Jingle BellsM36 Find more rhythm instrumentsthe feet are as important Rudolph The Red-Nosed ReindeerM21 like Jazzy Jingles (M02)as the hands. These We Wish You a Merry ChristmasM23 on our website. piano tunes from Each$7.95 Casparis collection move sequentially through heel-to-toe walking, rhythmic movements, and resting, closing with lively marching music. Liner notes include great suggestions for rhythmic movements; 27 selections. From MEC Materials. Ages 36.CDE38$19.95Movement and Singing GamesCDAnimal ShakersChildren will love it when you introduce them to classic movement games and songs such as Pipedream Give them a shake and hearThe Farmer in the Dell and A-Tisket, Precision-tuned to the pentatonic scale, this easy- these beautiful wood animalsA-Tasket. Each song is recorded to-play instrument is like a doodle pad for bothmake a lovely, soft rhythmtwicevocal pieces are followed handsevery note in the five-note pentatonicsound, much like aby piano-only scale (D, E, G, A, B) forms a pleasant chord whenmaraca. Smooth edgesversions. 15-page struck simultaneously with any other note. The onlyall around are easy forliner notes cover skill needed is a light touch! An ideal introductionpreschoolers to grasp.game instructions to musical expression for young children becauseUse the shakers as funand lyrics. Collected no matter which notes are played, the bright, truerhythm instruments. Madeand recorded by tones sound wonderful together. The set includes 2of rubberwood. Ages 1+.Sanford and Judy rubber-headed mallets, a wooden base, 8 aluminumElephant 4" x 3" x 1" M455 $8.95Jones. From Youth tubes, and a song sheet with 8 simple songs. 20" x 12"Dolphin 4" x 2" x 1"M454 8.95Opera International. overall. Ages 4+. Bird 4" x 2" x 1"M456 8.95 Ages 39.M155$86.95 Whale 4" x 2" x 1M4578.95 CDE34$20.00 Find items for walking on the line on p. 4. MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Music & Movement55'