b'Child-Size MasterpiecesNow standard in Montessori classrooms nationwide, Aline Wolfs program, designed for children ages 312, makesHow to Useteaching art appreciation easy. Beginning with matchingChild-Sizeactivities, the exercises gradually increase in difficulty, progressing from sorting activities to laying out a timeline.Masterpieces for From Parent Child Press.Art AppreciationThe full program, outlined Art Collectionsin this book, explains the Postcard-Size Art Reproductions sequential presentations With artwork chosen to appeal to young children, theseof the postcard-size art books contain postcard-size images of paintings from allreproductions used to periods of art history, with a focus on European artists andintroduce children to the subjects. Each reproduction is color-coded and imprintedworld of art. Paperback,on the back with title/artist. To make cards, cut out the72 pages. 4" x 6" images. Laminate, if desired. Sets with SmallA108$15.00Plastic Pocket Folders (X630, p. 4) can be purchased online. Ages 3+.Steps 1, 2, 3 (Level 1) Steps 1, 2, 3 (Level 2) Steps 1, 2, 3 (Level 3) Step 4 Step 5 Steps 6 & 7 Step 8Steps 1, 2 & 3 Black Images Steps 6, 7 & 8Matching, Pairing & Sorting/Grouping For Steps 1, 2, 3 & 4 Learn about Impressionism, Cubism, and more Each of these books includes cards for matching identicalMerge these cards into(Step 6) with Modern Schools of Art (35 images). paintings (Step 1), pairing two similar paintings by the sameother sets or use onGroup paintings from the same school in Step 7. artist (Step 2), and grouping four paintings by the same artisttheir own. 28 imagesFor making a timeline (Step 8), use the art cards in (Step 3). Steps 1 and 2 each have 12 cards from six differentshow Black children andTransportation in America. These paintings show artists. Step 3 has 12 cards from three different artists.adults; 6 Black artists aremodes of transport from dugout canoes to the Differences and similarities are easiest to see in Level 1 represented. i space shuttle. Ages 6+. iand become increasingly challenging in successive levels. A116$16.00 Modern Schools of ArtA117$16.0036 images in each book. i Transportation in AmericaA11816.00Level 1-EasyA109$16.00Level 2-IntermediateA11016.00Level 3-AdvancedA11116.00 Steps 4 & 5Each card in Learning the Names of the Artists (Step 4, 32 images) has the artists biography on the back. Use alone or mix these cards in with other cards for Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4. Famous Paintings (Step 5, 32 images) introduces children to some of the worlds favorite paintings. iLearning the Names of the ArtistsA113$16.00 Famous PaintingsA11216.00From Modern Schools of Art (A117),before cutting the images apart.Matching activityPairing activity from from Level 1. Level 2. Child-Size MasterpiecesStarter SetIncludes How to Use . (A108) and the 4 art collection books for Steps 1, 2 & 3 (A109, A110,A111 & A116). iStarter SetA198$ 65.00SAVE Sorting/Grouping activity (Step 3)With 17 FoldersA198F110.00SAVEfrom Black Images.Child-Size MasterpiecesComplete SetIncludes How to Use(A108) and all 8art collection books. iSmall Plastic PocketComplete SetA149$125.00SAVE Folders (X630) areWith 35 FoldersA157230.00SAVEavailable in 12 colors.Folders for Complete Set only Find them on page 4.X637108.00SAVEMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Art Appreciation55'