b'Citrus Squeezing ActivityTwo orange halves. One juicer. One happy child. Show children how to squeeze juice and carefully pour into a glass for themselves or a friend. The Glass Citrus Juicer also works for lemons and limes. 6" handle to spout; 4" base x 3" high. Ages 4+.Set includes: Fast Food Tray (T180)Glass Citrus Juicer (G150)Glass Bowl (G306)Vinyl Mat (X608)Plain Juice Glass SpongeCitrus Squeezing ActivityPL67$20.00Glass Citrus Juicer only G150 8.95Whats On Your Plate? Exploring the World of FoodJourney across the world and discover the most popular foods from 14 countries. From Mexico to Japan, each engaging spread introduces readers to the country\'s culture and cuisine. Includes descriptions of local dishes, an illustrated map, and an easy recipe. Hardcover, 40 pages. Ages 59.C793$16.95Spice Grinder Grind nutmeg (and other spices) with ease. The rotary handle turns smoothly. We ground rock salt, cinnamon sticks, cloves, Mini Loaf Pans cardamon, and coffee beans. Safe (no exposed Real bakeware scaled to a childs size, these small, non- blade). Spices exit the grinder through the stick pans allow children to bake individual loaves ofbottom. Ages 4+.ibread. Pans fit in a toaster oven. Dishwasher-safe. 6" x 3"2" base; 3" highD404$10.75overall; 2" high.4 PiecesD419$9.95 Mini Pie Pans Grinding Activity These petite non- Grind herbs for teas, nuts for cooking, and stick metal panseggshells for composting or artwork (weve will produce smallheard of some great dyed eggshell mosaic and desserts for yourcollage ideas!). Children are always surprised next special gathering.with the strong scents released from petals, Enhance the experienceleaves, seeds, and spices. Our porcelain Mortar & Pestle has a wide bowl to contain the ground by showing children how toDeluxe Hand Mixer bits and a pestle knob thats comfortable for roll out dough for the pie crust with a child-size RollingWith practice, children can safely whip cream, beatsmall hands; 4" dia. Use the brush to clean Pin (such as D326, p. 34). Hand wash and dry. 5" dia. x 1"eggs, and mix light batter using this standard-size,crumbs from the Mortar & Pestle. Ages 4+.deep. Ages 4+. classic egg beater. The gears are enclosed in the handle, 4 PiecesD391$13.50 safely away from little fingers. The non-slip grip andSet includes: Small Souffl Dish (G242) Mortar & Pestle (Y36)handle are easy for a right- or left-handed child to holdMedium Souffl Dish (G244) Dusting Brush (Q10) Mini Muffin Pan & Papersand turn, and the motion is easy and smooth. The twoMelamine Tray with Handles (T116) This non-stick pan holds twelve 1" muffins or cupcakes atstainless steel beaters remove for easy cleaning. HandlePresentation Suggestions a time and fits in most toaster ovens. Hand wash. is 1" dia. Ages 4+. Grinding ActivityPL65$20.50 Mortar & Pestle onlyY36 6.95 Muffin Pan 9" x 7" D355 $10.95 Deluxe Hand Mixer 12" high overallD470$20.95100 Gold Swirl Muffin PapersD3712.50 Glass Mixing Bowl 8" dia.; 3" deepG3085.95100 White Muffin Papers D353 2.50 WARNING: Cancer or birth defectswww.P65Warnings.ca.govMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Food Preparation35'