b'Flatware for Children The perfect size andAweight, these place settings have the look and feel of real flatwarebecause they are! The Child-Size Set includes a fork (5"), knife (6") and spoon (5") for children ages 36. The Toddler Set includes a spoon and fork to help the youngest child manage the tricky new challenge of eating with tools. Blunt tines; bothB Table Setting Activity are 5" overall. AgesThe lovely, lacquered wooden tray holds everything 13. Dishwasher-safe,needed for a basic table setting activity. Comes with hammered stainless steel. a two-sided replicard for photocopying. One side A. Child-Size Flatware SetD415$14.95SAVE shows a labeled place setting, the other is unlabeled. Fork only D416 5.00Placemat measures 13" x 9". Napkin is 8" sq. Knife only D417 6.00Assorted colors and patterns. Spoon only D418 5.00Set includes:B. Toddler Flatware Set D410 9.95 Large Wooden Tray (T610) Cloth PlacematGlass Lunch Plate (D485) Cloth NapkinChild-Size Flatware Set (D415) Plain Juice GlassReplicard PL62$65.00Grace and CourtesyA Picture Guide for Children and AdultsGlass Snack Club PlatesSet of 6 Lovely artwork and simple, one-sentence messages reinforce A clear and simple alternative for children! Thesethe Montessori lessons of Grace and Courtesy. Reminders such small plates from Durolex are just the right sizeas I walk with careful feet. and I treat materials gently. help for small snacks. Made of tempered glass, theyrecreate a harmonious and peaceful classroom. The convenient, specifically designed for children and are virtuallyeasel-style format makes it easy to change the pictures and indestructible2 times stronger than any other glass,Place Setting Puzzledisplay them on a table or shelf as a visual reminder. By according to the manufacturer. 5" dia. overall; 4"Introduce table setting to the youngest child withMontessorian Alicia Olson. Spiral-bound; 16 double-sided inside dia. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe. Ages 2+. this puzzle. Children will become familiar with whatpages. 10" x 8". 6 PiecesD240$19.95 is in a place setting before they set a real table.R159$14.00Children say the names while manipulating the six knobbed pieces. Laminated hardwood. From Hello Wood Products. Ages 3+.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs. A 11" x 8"D374$39.95BChildrens Cloth Napkins 4-Piece Coordinated Napkin SetDesigned specifically for children, these soft, highly-absorbent, 100% cotton, hand-woven napkins are Glass Platesideal for snack or lunch. At 12" sq., theyre perfect for Just the right size for snack or lunch, these glass platessmall hands and just the right size for a childs lap. are durable enough to be used every day, while addingMachine washable. Made in India by artisans through a touch of elegance to the lunchtime routine. Glassa Fair Trade Company. Spring TeaA Celebration of GraceSnack Plate is 6" dia. Glass Lunch Plate is 7" dia.A. Forest green shadesD399$17.95 and Courtesy for Children Three to Six A. Glass Snack Plate Each D341$ 5.75B. Sunrise red/orange shadesD39817.95 Visualize a group of five-year-olds hosting a tea party for Glass Snack Plates DozenD343 65.50SAVE Carved Wooden Napkin Ringtheir parents. All year they perfect numerous Practical Life B. Glass Lunch Plate Each D485 3.50 (see p. 5)X6202.95 and Grace and Courtesy skills. The big day comesImagine Glass Lunch Plates DozenD486 39.50SAVE each childs sense of accomplishment when the afternoon is over! Written by Montessorian Linda Seeley, who has been B hosting spring teas with her kindergarten classes for many A years, this how-to manual is a wealth of tips and step-by-step instructions. Each section describes what the adult needs to do and what the child needs to practice. Includes a planning timeline, task checklist, schedule, and recipes. From Master Class Materials. Paperback, 52 pages.D64$16.95 !See page 2.MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Practical Life - Table Setting | Grace & Courtesy15'