b'Music & MovementSometimes called a universal language, music adds a sensory dimension to life like nothing else. Present in some form in all cultures, music reflects the character of a people by the style, melodies, tones, and instruments used. Children have an innate capacity to appreciate music of all types, and an uninhibited inclination to move, dance, and make music. Take advantage of young childrens openness to the world of music by singing every day, by using various instruments or movements, and by introducing the music of other cultures and times.Backpack BandThis handy backpack holds enough instruments for 10 children. Seven different wooden rhythm instruments (from claves and castanets to jingle sticks and a tambourine) produce wonderful tones when tapped, shaken, clicked, or rubbed. Conveniently packaged in a clear zippered backpack (9 x 13; 3 deep). Instruments may vary. Ages 3+.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not forA Pocketful of Music Classics Composed under 3 yrs. See p. 2. i for Children 1730-2002Set of 4 CDs DiatonicBackpack Band (everything shown below) Glockenspiel M228$49.95 A complete overview of Western music, this set featuresYou neednt be a musician to create a melody on this Tambourine (6" dia.) only58 composers and nearly 100 works, each capturing anelegant, easy-to-play percussion instrument. ChildrenM2259.95 essence of music that fascinates children. Short selectionswill quickly learn how a lightness of touch produces Jingle Stick (6") onlymake it easy to compare and contrast pieces. Its easyclear, accurate musical tones! Precision-tuned brassM2265.95 to focus on hearing the style because everything isbars span one octave of whole notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, performed on the piano.B, C) on the diatonic (Western) scale. 9" x 5"; includes CD1 includes contrasting pieces from all periods. CD22 mallets. Ages 3+. features works specific to a time or place. CD3 focuses onM307$65.95 individual composers. CD4 showcases specific forms, such as the Waltz and the March. Presentation ideas included. Compositions selected and performed by Montessorian Martha Braden. Ages 3+.4 CDsM402$75.00ABMusical Instruments Laminated Three-Part CardsWith bright and inviting photographs, these cards will help children build vocabulary and strengthen reading abilities. The traditional Montessori three-part card format will familiarize children with musical instruments. 12 Child-Size Conga Drum subjects, 36 cards total in each set. From Maitri Learning. Striking a real hand drum brings forth pleasing, resonantControl card with label measures 3" x 4". Use with tones that vary according to where on the drumhead theThree-Part Card Pockets (L536, p. 57). Laminated to edge, hand falls. This authentic instrument will inspire children to play along with a recording or create their own rhythms.not beyond. iWith a leather head (7" dia.) stretched over a hardwoodA. Orchestral InstrumentsM33$19.95body, it comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. Play itB. Popular Musical InstrumentsM3519.95Tambourine & Jingle Stickare also sold individually. standing or rest it on the floor. 15" high. Ages 3+. M135$69.9554 Music & MovementMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'