b'Crayon RocksMade from16 piecesrenewable soybean waxNo One Sawtinted with natural mineral powders, these crayons canOrdinary Things Through the Eyes of an Artist help children develop and strengthen the pincer grip24 colors!"No one saw mothers like Mary Cassatt. No one needed to control a pencil. The soft soy wax blends well,saw Sunday like Georges Seurat." This accessible much like oil pastels. Crayons are approximately 1". 1NEW!Magic Stix introduction to 16 modern artists and their signature each of 16 colors in a velvety drawstring bag, or 4 of eachpaintings shows children how every person\'s artwork color in a cardboard box. Ages 3+.! i Triangular-Shaped Markers (including the child\'s own!) expresses a unique way of 16 PiecesA275$11.95 These brilliant collections of washable markers wereseeing the world. Biographical endnotes reveal how 64 Pieces (shown online)A27828.95 specifically designed for young children. Markerthe artists\' ways of expressing themselves changed the shape encourages a proper gripplus, they wontworld of art. Paperback, 32 pages. Ages 4-7. roll off the table. Markers last seven days with the cap offguaranteed! Each set comes in a reusableA130$10.95storage case. Ages 3+.!Bright ColorsA263$9.95Global Skin Tones (see p. 99) A262 5.95Add water to blend like watercolors.I SpyAn Alphabet in ArtCalling all sleuths! Carefully search for the hidden items in these 26 famous works of art, one for each Craft & Art Brush Assortment letter of the alphabet. This book builds vocabulary as An economy set of 25 wood-handled brusheswell as an appreciation for art. A wide range of works useful for a variety of art and/or craft purposes.from 1415-1967 are represented in the luminous Includes flat, round, and foam brushes in aimages from artists like Henri Rousseau, William Hogarth, Jan Van Eyck, David Hockney, and others. variety of sizes. Ages 3+. Smooth Stix Paperback, 60 pages. Ages 4+. 25 Pieces A248$10.95 Watercolor Gel Crayons A255$11.95Transform drawings into dreamy watercolors with these gel-based crayons. Simply sketch, dip the included brush in water, and stroke across the page. These washable, water-soluble crayons will not dry out and require no sharpening thanks to a clever twist mechanism. Ages 3+.!Basic Set 6 pcs. A190$ 6.95 Deluxe Set 24 pcs. (shown online)A19123.95 All-In-One EaselDrawing, painting, writingthis versatile, wooden easel has plenty of space for creative expression.13 Artists ChildrenAdjust the height from 37" to 43". Should KnowFeatures include: From da Vinci to Warhol, this fabulous book introducesChalkboard13 important artists in a fresh, human, and engaging wayMagnetic whiteboard that draws young readers into the subject. Every artistStarter paper roll (enough for 2-3 paintings)is presented with a simple theme that distinguishes thatPaper tear stripartist and is easy to remember. Also includes a historicalFixed tray with three paint cupstimeline for each artist and a glossary. A handful ofChalk ledge quizzes are scattered throughout, with answers in the Adult assembly required. Ages 3+.! back. Hardcover, 48 pages. Ages 6+. ii A153$14.95All-in-One EaselA75$89.95Replacement Paper Roll 15" x 64 feet (shown online)A768.95 ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.54 Art ResourcesMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'