b'Hands-On ScienceA Natural Choice Bowled OverYou can never have too many spoons! These littleThis delightful set of 2 oz. white bowls will be at bamboo spoons are excellent for refining movementhome in many areas of the classroom. Food-safe, and the shallow bowls will require children to use extrathey are ideal for use in the kitchen, in transferring, care when transferring. Food-safe. Hand wash. 3" long.and for art and science activities. Dishwasher safe. 1" base; 3" dia. top. NEW! Mini Bamboo Spoon Set 6 pcs.G122$5.95 NEW! Stoneware Pinch Bowls 6 pcs. G318$18.00Learn About the First Peoples of North AmericaTribal Nations of Settler ColonialUnited States 37 tribes across 10 regionsC275$175.00 See p. 99.Table of ContentsPreparing the Environment4 Practical Life 12Pouring 12Serving & Table Setting14Transferring16 Washing (Table, Hand, Dish, Cloth)19Cleaning Up 22Polishing2 4Flower Arranging 2 7Yard & Garden28Food Preparation 30 Freedom ofLacing, Sewing & Weaving34 Tools & Woodworking36 Movement Manipulatives38 Activity Sets 3 9 Children cant help but be inspired to dance, leap, andParent Child Press40 twirl with this irresistible set. Soft tulle ribbons in rainbow colors cascade gracefully off of these clearResources, Information, Order Form42acrylic hoops (4" dia.). The colorful strips (24") are sewn together at the top and wont fray. Ages 3+. Selections from For Small Hands 44NEW! Rainbow Hoop Streamer SetSensorial Resources48 2 piecesE418$14.99Art Resources5 26 piecesE41944.00Music & Movement 56Find Your Balance! Language Development 58 Balancing with a twist! Children are instantly drawnThe Mathematical Mind68to the challenge of this balance board. Each boardScience7 2comes with three 1" colored wooden balls. Children must balance carefully to keep them within theGeography/Culture83circular maze. Made from sustainably sourced wood.Elementary & Cosmic Education88 17" x 11". Ages 3+.!(1, 2). NEW! Wobble Board E234$29.99 Education for Peace95MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 3'