b'Art ResourcesArt, like language or music, has been a means of expression for every culture on Earth throughout history. Young children have a natural tendency to use art to express themselves; seeing and appreciating the art of others enhances childrens experiences. If opportunities for art are always available, not a special event, children will feel satisfied with their efforts. When they can choose materials and activities freely, children will create spontaneously. As Montessori said, the adults role is to encourage without judgment, nurturing the development ofa sensitive soul, an eye that sees, and a hand that obeys.Let Outthe SunshineA Montessori Approach to Creative Art ActivitiesBefore we can run, we learn to walk. Practical skills become the tools for creative work. This guide will help adults help children develop the practical skills needed to unleash theirGetting to Knowcreativity. With a Montessori- the Worldsstyle approach (one child at a time), author ReginaGreatest Artists Barnett shows how to present five basic skills:Famous Paintings Cardscutting, gluing, modeling, crayoning, and painting.Discover where Dalis inspiration came from, howRevised EditionsEach activity includes step-by-step procedures, listsmany dots are in a Seurat painting, and more.This series introduces well-of materials, and extension projects. Spiral-boundThis collection includes thirty of the world\'s mostknown artists in a fun and paperback, 170 pages. Activities for ages 26. beloved paintings, each from a different famousinteresting way. If children can think of artists as real artist. Study each painting, then turn over thepeople, then the world of art will open up to them. A105$25.00 card to learn about the artist and their work.Humorous, cartoon-style illustrations and a clever story Young children will enjoy the pictures; olderline complement reproductions of the artists works. ones will love the stories of the paintings and theIncludes a timeline, map highlighting important places artists. 30 cards (3" x 6"). Ages 3+.in the artists life, glossary, and index. Paperback, 40 pages each. Ages 6+; interest level ages 4+.A162$9.95 Claude MonetA204 Mary CassattA206Diego RiveraA226 MichelangeloA201Edgar DegasA223 Pablo PicassoA205El GrecoA233 Paul GauguinA213Francisco GoyaA209 RembrandtA210Frida KahloA235 Salvador DaliA215Georgia OKeeffeA216 Sandro BotticelliA202Leonardo da VinciA203 Vincent van GoghA21113 Artists Each$7.95Children Should KnowMore Artist titles available online. From da Vinci to Warhol, this fabulous bookI Spyintroduces 13 important artists in a fresh, human,An Alphabet in Artand engaging way that draws young readers into theCalling all sleuths! subject. Every artist is presented with a simple themeCarefully search for the that distinguishes that artist and is easy to remember.hidden items in these 26 Also includes a historical timeline for each artistfamous works of art, one for each letter of the and a glossary. A handful of quizzes are scatteredalphabet. This is a wonderful activity for adults throughout, with answers in the back. Hardcover,and children to enjoy together, as it helps build 48 pages. Ages 6+. i vocabulary as well as an appreciation for art. A153$14.95 Represented in the luminous images are a wide range of works from artists like Henri Rousseau, William Hogarth, Jan Van Eyck, David Hockney, No One Saw (A130) and otherand others spanning the years 1415-1967. books about artists and their artPaperback, 60 pages. Ages 4+. are available on our website.A255$11.9550 Art ResourcesMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'