b'Art MaterialsUsing Leaf Rubbing PlatesScissors Activity4 Reproducible Templates Reveal the image of a leaf by placing paper over one Basic, sequential cutting exercises for the child whoof the plastic plates and gently rubbing with crayons is developing scissors skills. The teacher preparesor pastels. Beeswax Crayon Blocks (A172, A173, cutting strips after photocopying four custombelow) work splendidly. These rubbing plates feature templates. The child snips over the smaller basketleaf shapes from 16 tree varieties. The finished artwork and collects the pieces foris perfect for cards, decorations, stationary, or gift art projects. Add a pair ofwrap. Set comes with ideas and activities. Each plate B is 4" x 5". Ages 5+. Left-Handed Kinder Scissors (A159, left), if needed. Basic18 pieces A185$11.95A Cutting Templates are two C double-sided cardstock cards with reproducible cutting strips Childrens Scissors children can use to develop andImage shows bothSupport creativity and the development of finerefine their cutting skills. Itemssides of templatesmotor skills by providing the right pair of scissorsmay vary. Ages 3+. ifor the childs skill level and for the task at hand.Set includes:Both of these styles have stainless steel blades,Kinder Scissors (A158)Basic Cutting Templates (A35)plastic handles, and rounded tips. Small Willow Basket (K15)Small Round Bamboo Basket Organic BeeswaxColored Strips AssortmentAcrylic Card/Napkin Holder (X22) Kinder Scissors from Germany are ideal for the5 Vinyl EnvelopesPresentation SuggestionsCrayon Blocksfirst attempts at cutting. They feature blades thatUsing Scissors ActivityPL10$27.95 Smooth, brilliant, and incredibly long-lasting, will cut through paper but not into skin. AvailableBasic Cutting Templates onlyA352.95 these block-shaped crayons are ideal for young in right- and left-handed versions. 4" overall. children who have not yet mastered a proper pencil Up to age 4. i grip. Children can also use them to make texture Fiskars for Kids increasesrubbings. Theyre hand-poured and free of petroleum the accuracy of cutting.and paraffin. Made from non-toxic soybean wax (25%) This style has handlesAdvanced Cutting Templatesand organic beeswax (75%). 1" x 1" long.! ithat are comfortable for12 Reproducible Templates 8 Pieces (shown online)A172$14.95a36_envelopeTemp.pdf 6/24/10 12:21:42 PMFold Line Glue dotsright- or left-handedChinese lanterns, tetrahedrons,A36_Envelope Template Prep Line Cut Line Fold Line Glue dots 12 PiecesA17319.95a36_Cone.pdf 6/24/10 12:23:02 PM Cut LineA36_Cone Template Prep Line a36_Cube.pdf 6/24/10 12:16:13 PMuse. 5" overall. spirals, and pin wheels! OnceA36_Cube Template Prep Line Cut LineFold LineGlue dotsAssorted colors. Alsochildren have mastered basic fold 2available as a 12-pieceskills with scissors, thesefold 4 Paste & Glue AccessoriesClassroom Pack (3 each of 4extensions offer paper craftMore control over where the sticky fold 1fold 3colors). Ages 4+. projects that call on and refinestuff goes increases the likelihood A. Left-Handed Kinder ScissorsD those basic skills. i of a positive art experience.A159 $4.95 A36$8.95 Children invert the bottle B. Right-Handed Kinder Scissorsand press the Tap-n-GlueA1584.95 6 double-sided sheets Cap on the right spot C. Fiskars for Kids Eachto dispense a preciseA A483.50 Samples of finished projects made fromamount of glue. Screw the capD. Fiskars Classroom Pack 12 PiecesAdvanced Cutting Templates. on your glue bottle or use ours, B A5838.95SAVE which holds 4 oz. and is 5" high.(Glue not included.)!Neatly distribute paste (or glue) with flexible, plastic Paste & GlueCSpreaders. Set of 10, assorted colors. 4" long.A. Tap-n-Glue Cap onlyA42C$1.95B. Tap-n-Glue Cap & BottleA422.95C. Paste & Glue Spreader SetA436.5052 Art MaterialsMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'