b'Art ResourcesArt, like language or music, has been a means of expression for every culture on Earth throughout history. Young children have a natural tendency to use art to express themselves; seeing and appreciating the art of others enhances childrens experiences. If opportunities for art are always available, not a special event, children will feel satisfied with their efforts. When they can choose materials and activities freely, children will create spontaneously. As Montessori said, the adults role is to encourage without judgment, nurturing the development of a sensitive soul, an eye that sees, and a hand that obeys.B Using Scissors Activity Basic, sequential cutting exercises for the child who is developing scissors skills. The teacher A prepares cutting strips after photocopying C four custom templates. The child snips over the bowl and collects the pieces for art projects. Childrens Scissors Add a pair of Left-Handed KinderSupport creativity and the development of fineScissors (A159, left), if needed.motor skills by providing the right pair of scissorsItems may vary.for the childs skill level and for the task at hand.Set includes:Both of these styles have stainless steel blades,Right-Handed Kinder Scissors (A158)plastic handles, and rounded tips. Basic Cutting Templates (A35)Colored Paper Strip AssortmentKinder Scissors from Germany are ideal for the first5 Vinyl Pocket/Envelopesattempts at cutting. They feature blades that willMelamine Tray with Handles (T116)3" Glass Bowl (G304) cut through paper but not into skin. Available inAcrylic Stand/Holderright- and left-handed versions. 4" overall. Presentation SuggestionsUp to age 4. i PL10 $35.95 2 sheets,4 templatesFiskars for Kids increases the accuracy of cutting. ThisAstyle has handles thatCutting Templatesa36_ChineseLantern.pdf 6/24/10 12:06:58 PM Cut Line Fold Line Glue dots a36_door.pdf 6/24/10 12:15:20 PM a36_Cube.pdf 6/24/10 12:16:13 PM Cut Line Fold Line Glue dotsA36_Chinese Lantern Template Prep Line A36_Cube Template Prep Lineare comfortable forA36_Door Template Prep Line Cut Line Fold Line Glue dots a36_pinwheel.pdf 6/24/10 12:18:28 PM Cut Line Fold Line Glue dotsThese double-sided cardstock templates haveA36_Pinwheel Template Prep Lineright- or left-handedreproducible designs that teachers can photocopy and use. 5" overall.children can use to develop and refine their cutting Assorted colors. Alsoa36_Lspiral.pdf 6/24/10 12:13:29 PMskills. Ages 3+. A36_Left Spiral Template Prep Line Cut Line Fold Line Glue dotsavailable as a 12-piecea36_envelopeTemp.pdf 6/24/10 12:21:42 PM Cut Line Fold Line Glue dotsThe Basic Cutting Templates cover the basics anda36_HeartTemp.pdf 6/24/10 12:11:36 PM Cut Line Fold Line Glue dots A36_Envelope Template Prep Line a36_Cone.pdf 6/24/10 12:23:02 PMD Classroom Pack (3 eachA36_Heart Template Prep Line A36_Cone Template Prep Line Cut Line Fold Line Glue dotsof 4 colors). Ages 4+. consist of 2 double-sided sheets (4 designs). This set is included with the Using Scissors Activity (PL10, above).fold 2A. Left-Handed Kinder ScissorsThe Advanced Cutting Templates consist of 6 double- a36_tetrahedron.pdf 6/24/10 12:10:02 PM Cut Line Fold Line Glue dots fold 4 A159 $5.95 sided sheets (12 designs). These extensions offer paperA36_Tetrahedron Template Prep Line a36_Rspiral.pdf 6/24/10 12:23:52 PM Cut Line Fold Line Glue dotscraft projects including Chinese lanterns, tetrahedrons,A36_Right Spiral Template Prep LineB. Right-Handed Kinder Scissorsa36_Tangram.pdf 6/24/10 12:07:56 PM Cut Line Fold Line Glue dots a36_Circles.pdf 6/24/10 12:20:07 PM fold 1spirals, pin wheels, and more. Finished projects areA36_Tangram Template Prep Line A36_Circles Template Prep Line Cut Line Fold Line Glue dotsfold 3 A1585.95 shown below. Template sheets are shown online.C. Fiskars for Kids EachA. Basic Cutting TemplatesA35 $3.95 A483.50 B. Advanced Cutting TemplatesA36 8.95D. Fiskars Classroom Pack 12 PiecesA5839.75SAVEB Finished36 printed sheets ready for cuttingprojects (A36, above) Preprinted AdvancedCutting Activities No time to copy templates? These project designs are preprinted from our Advanced Cutting Templates (A36, left) and ready to be cut! 36 printed sheets (8" x 11") in 12 colors (3 each of 12 designs). Colors may vary.A37 $10.9552 Art MaterialsMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'