b'Practical Life The exercises of Practical Life provide the foundation for all other activities in the Montessori classroom, fulfilling the childs plea: Help me to do it myself! Through exercises in daily living, such as pouring and scrubbing, sewing and gardening, or practicing grace and courtesy, the child gains confidence and mastery of the environment. After individual skills are refined, children apply them in purposeful work, such as serving juice or polishing. Specifically, these activities contribute to the control and coordination of movement, development of concentration, and the self-esteemthat comes with making a real contribution to the group.PouringBasic Activities These pouring sets were developed by an experienced Montessori teacher for the basic pouring exercises. With simple, aesthetically pleasing components, these complete sets enable children to focus on the task at hand. Presentation suggestions included. Items may vary.Pouring Water Exercise 1Set includes: Small Glass Decanter (G210) Medium-Size Tray (T250)Small Glass Creamer 4 oz. Porcelain Pitcher (G228)Our most popular small pitcher! Thick, Sponge restaurant-quality glass for durability. 2 oz. PL68$10.952" base; 2" highG214$6.50Pouring Rice Activity! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for under 3 yrs.See p. 2. Set includes: 2 Small Glass Creamers (G214) Medium-Size Tray (T250)Rice PL01$17.95 Pouring Water Exercise 2 Set includes: Large Plastic Tray (T550) 3 Small Glasses8 oz. Italian Bistro Pitcher (G607)SpongePL04$22.95Pouring Water ActivitySet includes: 2 Small Glass Creamers (G214) Medium-Size Tray (T250)Sponge PL02$16.95 They Can Handle It Grasping a handle and pouring water or grainsPouring Water Exercise 3Recycled Glass Mini Pitcherhelps children develop fine motor control.Set includes:Crafted from recycled glass, this eco-friendly pitcher One principle behind the activities MontessoriLarge Plastic Tray (T550)is compact and especially appealing to children. The Stainless Steel Funnel (G239) designed was that control of error be evident.8 oz. Italian Bistro Pitcher (G607)drip-free spout and curved handle are ideal for a Children learn to correct themselves in theirOyster Cup (G240) successful pouring experience. Holds 4 oz.Small Glass Decanter (G210)work, eliminating the need for adults to pointPinch Decanter (G236)Each 1" dia.; 3" highG115$9.50 out mistakes. In this spirit, most of the pitchersSpongeand dishes we offer are breakable. PL05$31.50Caution: Adult discretion and supervision are necessary when children are using breakable items.12 Practical Life - PouringMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'