b'Measurement & TimeSand TimersSet of 3Time literally passes before the childs eyes as sand funnels through the hourglass. These three plastic sand timers have many uses and are approximately one, two, and three minutes. 3" high.3 PiecesSC442$6.95 Judy ClockThe most popular classroom clock ever to help children learn to tell time! The Judy Clock has movable hands and large, clear hour numbers on the face. Turn the minute hand to watch the visible, working gears simultaneously move the hour hand. Children clearly see that one complete revolution causes the hour hand to move forward one hour. Pressed wood with plastic gears. Removable metal stand Precision School and teaching guide included. 12" x 13". Ages 4+.Balance with Weights SC430$25.95Which weighs moremy apple or your pear? A cup of beans or a cup of rice? Children experience real hands-on science and measurement with this calibrated scale, perfect for exploring concepts like equalities, inequalities, mass, comparisons, and order. The large capacity, 2" deep removableClock Rubber Stamp Setbins hold solids or liquids up toliter. A calibratedThese analog stamps offer several possibilities for pointer shows when bins are balanced, and ahelping children learn to tell time. One stamp shows damping button prevents rocking. Comes with 10five-minute divisions (no numerals); the second brass weights (from 1g to 50g) and a built-in storageshows one-minute divisions (no numerals); and the box. Plastic. 11" x 3". Ages 8+; younger with adultthird shows five-minute divisions with hour numerals. assistance.! CHOKING HAZARD (1). Not for underTeachers can use these stamps to create flashcards 3 yrs. See page 2. or other lessons. Rubber SC209$44.95 stamps are mounted on wooden blocks. 3" x 2". Fits our Stamp Pad (3" x 2"), with raised bed and washable, non-toxic ink.Stamp SetSC433$11.95Stamp PadA055.50SimpleStopwatchEasy for children to operate independently, Wind-Up Tape Measure with one green go How long is the hallway? How far can I jump? Justbutton, one red stop pull on the tape to extend it, then use the metalbutton, and one yellow crank to wind it back up. Markings show inches onclear button. The big one side and centimeters on thedigital display ticks off hundredths of a second,Measuring Masters Seriesother. Tape is flexible coated- seconds, and minutes. Rugged, plastic housingIntroduce children to the variety of ways we measure fiberglass. 10-meter/33- (3" dia.) and a 17" nylon breakaway cord. Batteryall sorts of things with a series created especially for foot length. Plastic caseincluded. Assorted colors. Ages 4+. young audiences. Each book features images of children is 4" dia. Ages 4+.measuring something, with clear, simple text that explainsV69$13.95SC36$10.95 how different measurement tools are used at home, school, and work. Paperback, 25 pages each. Ages 4+. Measuring Young children can measure up to TimeMA133|DistanceMA13624" with the Wooden MeasuringWeightMA134| TemperatureMA137LengthMA135| VolumeMA138Tape (V07). Find it, and more,on our website.Each Title$6.95Measuring Masters SetSet of 6MA139$41.5068 Math ResourcesMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'