b'The Mathematical MindAll of their work with the Practical Life and Sensorial materials bringsorder to childrens experiences, important indirect preparation for themathematical mind. The developing child yearns to organize, classify, and abstract. Fortunately the whole world obliges with money to count,temperatures to read, distances to measure, and clocks to check. TheMontessori math lessons lead the child through progressive hands-on activities, emphasizing concepts while preparing the child for abstractions. The resources we offer here complement and support work withMontessoris legendary math materials. The Blue Number Counting BookFive ducklings are on the pondSix flowerpots sit on the stepsSeven candles shine on the birthday cake.Storytelling Math SetThis unique book helps children learn basic mathematicalJoin Manny, Olivia, and Mei as they use real-life concepts by using a tactile approach. By seeing, touching,lessons to learn about measurement, spatial and counting the flocked pictures for each number, childrenreasoning, three-dimensional shapes, division, associate numbers with their quantities and learn theirand more. Featuring diverse characters, sequence. Tracing the number shapes with the fingers issimple prose, and engaging illustrations, these a valuable preparation for writing numbers. Spiral-boundcharming books include simple activities for cardstock, 12 pages. Find the companion book, The Redexploring related math concepts. Board book, Letter Alphabet Book (L710) on page 62. It uses the same16 pages each. Ages 14.tactile approach to help children in the first stages of reading. Ages 26. 4 TitlesMA144$31.75The Blue Number Counting BookL712$16.95Individual titles available online The Red Letter Alphabet BookL71022.00Red Letter & Blue Number SetL71335.00SAVEDeci-PocketsAfter children have demonstrated the ability to lay out the numeral cards correctly, use these pockets for Bank Game activities. The numbers are clearly visible through the clear pockets and stay neatly in rows. Sized for Nienhuis and Gonzagarredi numeral cards. Several sets of paper cards will fit in the pockets. Children can bring the Small Deci-Pockets, filled with a set of small numeral cards, to their work area. The Large Deci-Pockets, filled with the large numeral cards, can hang on a wall or be brought to Shut the Box the work area.Roll the dice and start flipping! What a fun andSmall 15" x 19"MA200$50.00simple way to master addition! Make numberLarge 26" x 34"MA20275.00combinations while trying to turn over all the tiles. Vary or simplify the game for younger children by presenting it as a counting or symbol-matchingNumeral cards not included.activity (one die or two); a single player may play alone to better their lowest score. Includes 2 dice, felt-lined wooden box (10" x 6"), and basic instructions. Ages 4+.! ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD MA35$16.99 Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.68 Math ResourcesMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'