b'Peace is anOfferingPeace is gratitude for simple things. Light through a leaf, a dragonflys wings. Filled with poetic text and beautiful illustrations, this comforting book follows a diverse group of eight children to show how peace can be found almost anywhere. Through simple things, like a kiss or a hug, it offers accessible ways to promote peace in our everyday lives. Hardcover, 36 pages. Ages 3+. R409$17.95A World of KindnessCreated as a way to inspire children to talkMost Peopleabout the importance of kindness, thisSometimes the world can seem scary, it\'s true. But most charming book illustrates the transformativepeople are good people, just like you. Illustrated with power of even the smallest acts. Thesimpledelightful drawings of young and old, from all walks of text is illustrated by nine celebrated artists.life, this book sends a simple, important message that Royalties from sales of this book directlyeven in turbulent times, most people are good. A great benefit thinkkindness.org. 32 pages. catalyst for discussions about helping and being kind. Ages 35.Hardcover, 36 pages. Ages 48. NEW! PaperbackR117$12.95R177$16.95 HardcoverR17817.95Peace Crane Chopstick Rest Good People Though this lovely porcelain origami crane isEverywhere intended to be a chopstick rest, placed upon a tableThis sweet and gentle or shelf it becomes a simple messenger of peace.book celebrates the Perfect for a peace table or as a gift for staff. 2" sq. good work of all kinds EachC272$1.95of peoplemothers 6 or moreC2721.75SAVEwho cook meals for their family, musicians who create beautiful Peacemaker Messages music, children who Peacemakers share with others. Peacemakerscomfort each other, respect all living things. Each of these picture cardsand many more. Through lovely language and luminous has a simple pledge from the United Nations 2000illustrations, this book encourages children to think about Manifesto for Peace and an illustration showing anall the ways we can support each other. Hardcover, 32 example of an everyday peacefulpages. Ages 26. action young children canR164$15.95 understand. Use pledge cards as a springboard for classroom peace activities. Children can illustrate the pledges, match pledges to illustrations from favorite peace books that show the idea in action, or use them to draw attention to peaceful actions that occur in the classroom. From Montessori Images. 6 picture cards (4" x 5"); 6 pledge cards (4" x 1"); coated cardstock. (Use Box B107, page 11.) Ages 3+.R166$16.00How to Be a FriendSet of 4 Books Giving Thanks Children will see how listening, taking turns,Who would you like to say thank you to? Fifteen mini and sharing are important ways to be a friend.narratives fill every spread of this thought-provoking book.Each book handles indispensable skills youngThis charming collection helps readers discover ways to children can use and practice in the classroomidentify and express appreciation and gratitude. Sure to and in the world. Includes picture glossary andinspire heartfelt discussions. Illustrated by Ellen Surrey. notes for teachers and parents. Paperback, 24Hardcover, 32 pages. Ages 6 - 9.pages each. For beginning readers. Ages 4-8. R173$19.954 TitlesR179$23.75 98 Education for PeaceMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'