b'Cursive PrintPhonogram AlphabetsGive children the opportunity to write anythingthey want to write, well before their hand can hold a pencil. Used with a Movable Alphabet (p. 60), thesePhonetic Object Box 1double-letter cards represent 15 additional key sounds:This first Montessori independent reading activity ai, ar, ch, ee, ie, ng, oa, oo, or, ou, oy, qu, sh, th, andallows children to experience an ah-ha moment when ue. Each set includes 10 of eachthey discover they can understand someone elses double-letter phonogram andthoughts. After writing lots of words with the Movable presentation suggestions. 2" sq.Alphabet, children will be ready to read labels and laminated cards. From Maitrimatch them to small objects. Durable, waterproof Learning. Ages 3+. labels; 2" x 1". Items may vary. Ages 3+.! iCursiveL516$24.95Set includes:PrintL51724.9530 Assorted ObjectsPre-CursiveL51824.95 Plastic Box (B530) for Labels Plastic Box (B106) for ObjectsWord LabelsPresentation SuggestionsPre-Cursive LM03$28.50Phonetic Reading SetsThree-Part Photo CardsDesigned by a Montessori teacher, this well-thought out, truly phonetic, progressively structured reading program uses beautiful, clear photographs to engageAthe beginning reader. Children read the labels, matchPhonetic Word Cardsthe labels with pictures, and then use control cards toIntroduce the 23 simple three-letter words in check their work.this set after the child knows all the sounds of Proceed through the levels in order at the childs pace.the letters and has worked with the Movable Six subjects per packet. Multiple packets in each levelAlphabet and the Phonetic Object Box. make it easy to rotate materials and maintain interest.Gradually add the 28 four-letter words (with Sets include lesson plans. From Maitri Learning. Controlblends and double consonants) and the 11 two- card with label measures 3" x 4". Use with Three- or three-syllable phonetic words. 62 coated Part Card Pockets (L536, p. 57). Laminated to edge, notB D cardstock cards (3" x 2"). (Use Display B711, beyond. Ages 28. C p. 10.) From Miss Rhondas Readers. Ages 4+.E L605$9.95Complete Phonetic Reading C. Level 3: Traditional PhonogramsProgramFive Sets of LaminatedThree-Part Photo CardsContains many of the key phonograms used on the Save when you order all of the sets. Includes 216Green (double) Sandpaper Letters: ai, ar, ch, ee, er, ie, subjects (648 cards in all)! Includes: Level 1: Simplestoa, oo (book), sh, or, th. 11 packets (one per phonogram) Phonetic Words (L801), Level 2: Longer Phoneticof 6 sets of laminated three-part cards (198 cards in all).Words (L803), Level 3: Traditional PhonogramsL805$134.95(L805), Level 3: Other Phonograms (L807) & Level 4: Challenging Phonetic Words (L809). D. Level 3:Other PhonogramsL811$399.95SAVE Includes many other phonograms encountered in the English language: a-e, a (nasal, as in can), ck, ea, i-e, o-e, oi, oo (moon), ow, double consonants. 10 packetsPhonetic Object Box 2 A. Level 1: Simplest Phonetic Words (one per phonogram) of 6 sets of laminated three-part Each packet contains three-letter phonetic words with short vowel sounds. The cards in each packet arecards (180 cards in all). Phonogramsgrouped to avoid common letter confusions, such as bL807$124.95 Introduce combinations of letters/soundsand d. 5 packets of 6 sets of laminated three-part cards(such as sh or ee), by placing one of these (90 cards in all).E. Level 4: Challenging small objects with its word label in a set of L801$59.95 Phonetic Words phonetic objects. The word for each object Each word contains more than one phonogram/ contains one of the key phonogram sounds. Durable, waterproof labels; 2" x 1". Items B. Level 2: Longer Phonetic Words digraph and/or double letters from Level 3, includingmay vary. Ages 3+.!two packets of compound words. 5 packets of 6 sets Still completely phonetic, this level introduces theof laminated three-part cards (90 cards in all). Set includes:child to blends, such as cr, st, fl. 5 packets of 6 sets ofPlastic Box (B106) for Objects8 Assorted Objectslaminated three-part cards (90 cards in all). L809$59.95 Plastic Box (B530) for LabelsWord LabelsL803$59.95 Presentation SuggestionsLM04$13.50MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Language Development - Early Reading61'