b'Colored Pencils & Holders Triangular Colored EcoPencilsWith colors selected to match the various colors Young artists will enjoy the brilliant colors and smoothof the Montessori materials, these pencils and application of these quality pencils. Similar in size toholders make an attractive display. Eleven colors: standard pencils, the shape encourages a proper grip.green, brown, pink, gray, purple, black, blue, red, These pencils also feature break-resistant cores and areorange, white, and yellow. made of reforested wood. The broad range of colorsThe Wooden Pencil Holders are 2" tall, withincludes white and silver. i a 1" outside dia. and 1" inside dia. From24 PencilsA20 $7.95 LORD Company. Padded Blank Labels &The Colored Pencil Assortment includes a dozenPencil Trayeach of 11 colors of Jolly Kinderfest Pencils (detailsFrom the Phonetic Object Box to Function of Find We Are Colorful below) to match the Pencil Holders. Words, these pre-cut, blank paper strips are Colored Pencils & HoldersLM09$218.99 perfect for writing labels for reading activities. Colored Pencils (A46), aWooden Pencil Holders onlyLC15115.00 Convenient and saves prep time! Each set collection of 12 blendableColored Pencil Assort. onlyLM02103.99SAVE includes 4 pads of 250 paper strips (1000 pencils representing differentpieces); each strip is 4" x 1". skin tones, on p. 99. The Pencil Tray has three grooves for keeping pencils from rolling around. Hardwood with a durable finish; 3" x 1".A. Padded Blank LabelsL832$8.25B. Pencil TrayA176.50Jolly Kinderfest BPencils by the Dozen Children create their best work when they have quality materials. These pencils are the ideal colored pencil forAJumbo Grip Graphite Pencilsthe child who has a good pencil grip and is mastering a The shape of these jumbo pencils makes them easy to holdlight touch. The 3.8mm highly-pigmented colored core and encourages a proper grip. Textured dots create a softproduces rich colors and is bonded to the wood to help grip zone for secure, slip-free writing. With a 3.5mm core,prevent breakage. Available by the dozen.Sharpening a Pencil Activitythese pencils are slightly larger than a regular pencil.Specify color: dark blue, black, brown, green, gray, You provide the pencils, we provide the 12 PencilsA73$25.00blue (light), orange, purple, pink, red, white, or yellow. rest. This activity invites children to maintain 12 Pencils, same colorA60$ 9.99 their own environment independently, while Jolly Kinderfest Specify color: gold or silver.developing and refining their pincer grips. From sharpening the pencil over the dish to brushing Pencil Assortment12 Pencils, same colorA6010.99 the shavings into the trash, this activity is shelf-The same pencils as A60 ready. Ages 4+.!See p. 2.(above, right) come in this Set includes:assortment of 12 colors in a B Dual Pencil Sharpener (A50)Pencil Tray (A17) metal box: black, brown, darkReplacement Blades (A51)Dusting Brush (Q10)green, green, blue, light blue,Medium-Size Tray (T250)Round Bowl (G76) mauve, pink, carmine (deepA Presentation Suggestionsred), red, orange, and yellow. LM08$28.0012 PencilsA65$9.99 Dual PencilSharpener & BladesYoull never have to throw away another dull pencil sharpener! This durable magnesium alloy sharpener handles any of the pencils we carry. Dual Pencil Sharpener is 1" sq. x " high. The tempered steel Replacement Blades come in a slotted holder (not shown) for safe storage.Ages 3+.! See p. 2. More drawing & art materials online.A. Dual Pencil SharpenerA50$3.50B. Replacement Blades Set of 3A51 4.25Rounded triangular shape Hexagonal shape ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Language Development - Writing61'