b'Geography/CultureGeography is the study of place and how humans have adapted to all of Earths environments. Physical geography looks at the outward appearance of the environment. Cultural geography looks at what Maria Montessori called humankinds ability to continue the work of creation. Through meeting the basic human needs for food, shelter, and clothing, groups of peoples developed language, tools, transportation, rituals and celebrations, religion, music, art, and crafts. By celebrating other traditions with food, music, and stories, children can begin to see the uniqueness of other cultures, yet come to understand how much we all have in common.Our Big HomeAn Earth PoemYoung children usually think of their home as the structure in which they live. This book presents a more cosmic visionhome is our entire planet Earth. The beautiful poetry leads children toward the understanding that we share our air, water, and soil, not only with other people, but with all living things. The vibrant illustrations underscore the beauty and abundance of our shared home and our responsibility to careEarth Flagfor Earth. Paperback, 26Fly the Earth Flag to remind children of the pages. Ages 4+. relationships between all life on this planet, a R211$7.95 theme Montessori spoke of often. She stressed the importance of giving children the whole picture before Thank You, Earth the component parts. By exploring Earth, continent, A Love Letter to Our Planet country, state, city, and school in sequence, the child Stunning photography illuminates in vivid detailwill develop a sense of place within, and an affinity for, the diversity of plants, animals, and landscapes onour home planet. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. our planet, reflecting on basic concepts of science,100% nylon. 36" x 24".language, and ecology/conservation. Notes from theC856$27.95author encourage each of us to consider the many gifts Earth provides (food, water, air, etc.) and to share a thank-you through art, language, or action. IncludesI Wonder Whats Out There Cosmicideas and resources. 36 pages. Ages 48. A Vision of the Universe for Primary ClassesWonder SeriesNEW! PaperbackC499$ 7.95Bring the wonder of the Universe to young childrenHelp awaken childrens HardcoverC50517.95with this creative collection of ideas and activities.sense of wonder and By enticing youngsters to marvel at the sky, stars,awe with these engaging books. and space and relating it to their everyday lives, thisThe small format (just 5" sq.) book is a wonderful preparation for the later worksappeals to children, and the early of the Montessori Elementary cosmic curriculum. Anreading level gives children easy invaluable information resource with exciting activitiesaccess to big concepts. These Whole Worldfor young children. Includes a lengthy appendix withtitles highlight cosmic education books, references,themes and emphasize concepts Book & CD resources, andthat reinforce childrens developing The whole world isglossary. Written byunderstanding of a cosmic view of in our handsletsMontessorian Joannethe Universe. By Aline Wolf. From take care of it! TheAlex. From ParentParent Child Press. Spiral-bound popular spiritualChild Press. Spiral- paperback, 20 pages each. isong is reinterpreted as a celebration of Earthsbound paperback, I Live in the UniverseR32natural resources. The whimsical illustrations and64 pages.I Know the Sun Does Not SetR37up tempo sing-along CD will inspire and entertain.R02$10.95SALE I Know What Gravity DoesR33Includes online video, score, guitar chords, andI Travel on Planet EarthR35helpful endnotes about caring for Earth. Paperback,How Big is the Milky Way?R3636 pages. Ages 3-7. I Look Out at the StarsR34Book and CDR212$9.95Each Title$5.00Cosmic Wonder Set Find Children of the Universe 6 TitlesR41$25.00SAVE (R01),a comprehensive guide to cosmic education in the Montessori Elementary classroom, on p. 89.MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Geography - Earth & Space69'