b'ABCDBead Bar Stamp SetAfter working with the Montessori Bead Stair, children can use these stamps to reinforce their understanding of the numbers 1-10. Later, use for addition and multiplicationMath Works2nd Edition, activities. Children can ink the stamps on the raised bed ofE Montessori Math and the Developing Brainthe Stamp Pad, then stamp the bead bar outlines on paper.When a parent asks why there is no math homework Using the pencils that match the Bead Stair, they then fill inor what the Table of Pythagoras has to do with the appropriate colors. Set includes: 10 Bead Bar Stamps,standardized testing, follow up your answer by lending wooden box (11" x 4" overall), 10 colored pencils, andMath Equation Cards this wonderfully articulate book. Montessorian Michael black Stamp Pad (4" x 2"). Stamps and box are from GreatThese sets of equations for addition, subtraction,Duffy offers concise, complete explanations of the Extensions. Ages 4+.! multiplication, and short and long division are designedMontessori math materials, their purpose, and their Bead Bar Stamp SetMA156$122.00 for children to use with the Montessori Golden Beadsclassroom uses. He also addresses topics of concern to Stamps onlyMA15060.00 or Stamp Game. For each of the operations, there areparents, such as homework, recent brain research, and Box onlyMA15247.00 static (no carrying or borrowing) and dynamic equations.standardized testing. Additional material discusses Stamp Pad onlyA056.00 Color-coded by operation. From Maitri Learning. Cards forMontessori math and how it relates to Common Core addition, subtraction, and multiplication are 4" x 2";standards. Photos, charts, and diagrams make this short division cards are 8" x 1"; long division cards arean accessible guide for everyone. From Parent Child Quilted Checkerboards11" x 1". Laminated to edge, not beyond. Press. Paperback, 78 pages.Bulk pricing online.Children in Montessori Elementary classrooms willA. Addition 16 equationsMA41MA104$16.99love doing multiplication on these unique, handmade,B. Subtraction 16 equationsMA43 quilted mats. Unlike hard surface checkerboards, theC. Multiplication 16 equationsMA45 D. Short Division 14 equationsMA47 beads wont rolla definite advantage! Each matE. Long Division 20 equations MA49 Fleece Bead Chain Mats rolls and ties with a ribbon. From Great Extensions.These durable mats are made of a soft, 100% Please note: Lessons not included; please refer to your Each$13.95poly-fleece. They roll up neatly for storage; Montessori Elementary training. secure with the attached elastic band. Machine wash and dry. The Hundred Chain Mat accommodates the 1-4 cubing chains, as well as the Hundred Chain and the other squaring chains. The convenient Number Tag Mat allows A children to lay out the tags, count a bead chain, 36" x 9" and then select the correct number tag (tags not included).A. Hundred Chain Mat 36" x 9" B X702$24.9920" x 9" B. Number Tag Mat 20" x 9" The Checkerboard X70414.99Use for short and long multiplication of whole numbers (up to 100,000,000). There are 36 squaresThe Golden Mats Ain the hierarchical colors of green, blue, and red on aThese appealing mats reinforce the concept of the black background. 28" x 15". (Beads not included.) hierarchy of numbers and are a bridge between MA175$85.00 the Montessori Stamp Game and the Small Bead Frame, providing another path from the concrete to the abstract! Children manipulate the Montessori colored bead bars (not included) to explore addition, multiplication, and subtraction and to gain hands-on experience with exchanging (carrying and borrowing). Embroidery at the top helps children understand place value up to thousands or millions. A five-bar in the units column is five; a six-bar in the tens column is 60; an eight-bar in the hundreds column is 800; a two-bar in the thousands column is 2000. 2,865! Extensive presentations of activities included. Heavy, durable cotton; machine washable. From Azoka Company. Ages 4+. iA. Thousands Mat 21" x 9"MA121$42.00B. Millions Mat 33" x 9"MA12845.00The Decimal Checkerboard BTo facilitate the multiplication of decimals, there are 49 squares in the hierarchical colors of green, blue, and red for whole numbers and light green, light blue, and pink for decimal numbers. 23" sq. (Beads not included.)MA177$90.00MontessoriServices.com877-975-3003 Math Resources69'