b'PolishingShine On! A Primary Montessori classroom without polishing activities would be as dull as tarnished silver! Children feel a sense of accomplishment when they see an object fade behind a coating of polish and then reappear all shiny after a little rubbing, of course.Metal Polishing ActivityOur non-toxic polish brings this rewarding activity within reach of the small child. All Natural Metal Polish handles all kinds of metals safely, and its biodegradable! From making a cotton polish applicator to cleaning up, this color-coordinated set has everything necessary for getting started. Items may vary. Polishing KitsSet includes: For your convenience (and budget), we offer twoAll Natural Metal Polish (PM10)Glass Dropper & Bottle (J88)different types of polishing kits for each exercise.Elliptical Bamboo Basket (K16)3 Orange Sticks 2" Glass Bowl (G300) Cotton BallsOur deluxe Activity sets are complete and readyCloth Apron (W29) 2 Round Spongesfor your shelf. The Economy versions containVinyl Mat (X608)Rectangular Spongeonly the must-have components; add your ownPolish Box with Liner (P42)Presentation Suggestionsaprons and mats to complete each set. Items andPolish Cloth Set (PC12) colors may vary.Metal Polishing Activity PL17$82.00 Glass/Mirror Polishing Activity Metal Polish only (p. 25)PM107.95Rub off the polisha smile is waiting to be revealed! This easily mastered, step-by-step process will delight your children. Use a damp sponge to apply a thin coat of polish to a mirror (or window) until it looks cloudy. Let it dry. Carefully wipe the polish away. Everything fits nicely in the Polish Box.Set includes: Glass Polishing Tablet (P22)Acrylic Soap Dish (W79) Polish Box with Liner (P42) Glass Dropper & Bottle (J88)Bamboo Potato Basket (K27) Cloth Apron (W29)Polish Cloth Set (PC12) Sponge2" Glass Bowl (G300) Presentation SuggestionsVinyl Mat (X608)Silver Polishing ActivityEconomy Mirror Polishing Activity PL63$78.00This polishing set includes the same items asMetal Polishing Glass Polishing Tablet only (p. 25) P22 3.95Metal Polishing (PL17, above right) except it isJust the basics. Add your own apron and mat. icolor-coded in red. Set Includes: 3 Orange SticksAll Natural Metal Polish (PM10)PL18$82.00 Round Washable Basket (K02) Cotton BallsElliptical Plastic Basket (K26)2 Round SpongesPolish Cloth Set (PC12) Rectangular Sponge 2" Glass Bowl (G300) Presentation Suggestions Glass Dropper & Bottle (J88)PL59$28.95Economy Economy Glass/Mirror PolishingSilver PolishingJust the basics. Add your own apron and mat.Just the basics. Add your own Set Includes:apron and mat. Hand-Held Mirror Set Glass Polishing Tablet (P22) Acrylic Soap Dish (W79)Set Includes: Use in your glass or mirror polishingRound Washable Basket Glass Dropper & Bottle (J88)All Natural Metal Polish (PM10) Glass Dropper & Bottle (J88) exercise. These plastic-handled mirrorsElliptical Plastic Basket (K26) SpongeRound Washable Basket (K02) 3 Orange Sticks have contoured handles that fit easilyPolish Cloth Set (PC12) Presentation SuggestionsElliptical Plastic Basket (K26)Cotton Balls in a childs hand. You will receive 1 white-2" Glass Bowl (G300)Polish Cloth Set (PC12) Rectangular Sponge and 1 black-handled mirror. 8" long; 3"PL64$25.002" Glass Bowl (G300) Presentation Suggestions 2 Round Sponges wide overall.PL58$28.95 2 PiecesW09$4.95Caution:As with all household chemicals, use carefully. Adult discre-tion is necessary when allowing access to these products by young children. Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request.26 Practical Life - PolishingMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'