b'Polishing & More!Operating a Dropper Activity Before children tackle more complex activities, they must first master the basics. This preliminary exercise is a chance to perfect an isolated skill. Glass Full description on p. 18.PL08 $15.00PlasticGlass Bottles & Eye DroppersUse Clear bottles for color mixing. Use Amber or Cobalt bottles for tasting exercisesall are 1 oz. and are appropriate for polish. Droppers are 3" long and when ordered with bottles they will be screwed together.Order Glass Droppers & Bottles as units or you canmix-and-match individual pieces.Glass Bottle & Glass Dropper SetClearJ88$1.75SAVE NEW DESIGN!Small Plastic Jar Set NEW! Amber (not shown)J89 1.75SAVE Useful for art, science, and polishing activitiestheseNEW! Cobalt (not shown)J93 1.75SAVEtiny jars have a wide mouth which offers easy accessDroppers to paste, paint, glue, and more. Jars are clear plasticGlass Dropper onlyJ72 .75 with foam-lined, screw-top lids. 1" dia. base x 1" deep;Plastic Dropper onlyJ70 .75 oz. Ages 3+.Glass Bottles Clear Bottle onlyJ82 1.25Set of 5J42$4.50 Amber Bottle onlyJ80 1.25NEW! Cobalt Bottle onlyJ83 1.25A BTiny Bottle Brush Bottles with narrow necks can be cleaned easily with this tiny brush. Ideal for removing gunk from eye dropper bottles, small Replacements for vases, or test tubes. The flexible design is good for cleaning Polishing Exercisescurves and bends. Soft cotton tip prevents scratching. Can be If there is a whole lot of polishing going on in yourused wet or dry. " tip; 7" long.classroom, you\'ll need to replenish your supplies.J54 $3.75Polish metal, silver, wood, and shoes/leather withSmall Plastic Bottles these polishes. There should be enough for a year.Use the One-Drop Squeeze Bottle before a child Set includes: has mastered an eye dropper. One drop at a time 6 All Natural Metal Polishes (PM10)means more control and fewer spills! This bottle has 2 Wood Polishes (PW12)Give them a removable dropper insert for easy refilling. Ideal for 2 Shoe/Leather Conditioners (P28)a squeeze! glue, the Dispenser Bottle has a removable cap. It\'s 3 Glass Bowls - 2" (G300) easy to unclog with a paperclip. Both bottles are 1 oz.!6 Wooden Orange SticksPL74$99.99 A. One-Drop Squeeze Bottle 3" highJ30 $1.25B. Dispenser Bottle 3" highJ21 1.25Caution:As with all household chemicals, use carefully. Adult discretion is necessary when allowing access toLever-Topthese products by young children. Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request. Plastic BottlesAvailable in three sizes for a variety of uses. The NEW!Jumbo Eyedroppers with Stand tight-sealing Lever-Top ! WARNING: CHOKING HAZARDSqueezing these jumbo plastic droppers helps strengthendesign is suitable for Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. finger and hand muscles. Easy to squeeze, at 4" long theypolish or paint.!are similar to a small baster and are perfectly sized for little1 oz.J11$1.50hands. Use in transferring activities or in science. Includes4 oz.J141.95stand. (4" x 4"; 2" tall) for storage. Ages 3+.8 oz.J182.506 Pieces J43$20.50 26 Practical Life - Polishing & MoreMontessoriServices.com877-975-3003'